Title: [CD] HASH TAG the new streak!!!!
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: friday friday gota get down on friday lol
Location: da official utah night clubs


da scene fades in and its friday and jack hunter is in the nightclub covered in da bitchez obviously because hes jack hunter and his two favourite sports are STREET FIGHTEDING and SEXING!

He is in the club drinking lots of drinks and getting turnt up because rap music is playing which he doesnt normally listen to unless he is turnt up jack usually listens to the heavy metals but today he is listening to hip hop because he is in the club 50 cent!

Suddenly a bunch of police and dogs and the swat team come in and rats and they say "hey you cant smoke weed in here" and they try to get him arrested but instead they get STREET FIGHTED!!!!!! jack beats dem all up then pops another bottle then puts one of the dogs through a table then smokes some weed then does a backflip and some breakdances.

Jack Hunter: "amy hurrysan I told u so!!!!!1 i told u i was gonna win you and thats exactly what i have done hahahahaha!!!!! u puny women you never stood a chance against THE STREET FIGHTER and in the end you get STREET FIGHTED like the rest and now I recomend you go back to makin me sandwiches HAHAHA OHOOOHHH SICK BURN!!!!"

everyone in the club laughs cuz jack's great joke, YUNG GEORGE CARLIN

Jack Hunter!: "and now I am 7-0 in the uta after all my wins and THE NEW STREAK continues except minez is much better than Alex beckham junior because I AM NOT A GIRL HAHAHAHA!!!!! in fact this streak is soo good itz gonna get its own HASHT TAGS on the TWEETARS HASH TAG THE NEW STREAK jack hunter is on a role and soon i will have a hardcore title shot but i dont talk about that yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111"

jack Huntar: "whether ur name is colin thorpe or eric dean or bobby danger or kylie murray or la broncos flamer or duck dynasty or yoshi the dragon THE STREET FIGHTER IS COMING FOR YOU!!!!!! HHAHAHAHAHA!!! in fact some people have asked me "jack where u get all these bruises from are you gonna run out" but LOOK

jack pulls out a big bag and opens and it pours LITTLE BRUISES ALL OVER THE DANCE FLOOR!!!! 

Jack HUNTER!: "you see i have lots of little broozes left to give out!!! HAHAHAHA!!! i also have medium brosies that you haven ot seen yet and when i get my world title shot i will unleash a BIG BRUISES ON EVERYONE because i am undefeatable i have destructionated everyone in my path so far and i will soon be apocalypsing and hardcorizing everyone including ASHLEY THE HARDCORE GAYSTAR in fact i challenge u ashley to me favourite type of match a STREET FIGHTED MATCH with dragons and blood and rats and pee and rats and dragons and STREET FIGHTED!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! so tell me if u except this challenge please HAHAHAHA!!!!

okay time to get crunk"

Jack starts getting crunk as dinosaurs appear and do moves with him

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