Title: Time to Change
Featuring: Ashley
Date: 30/10/15
Location: HCW UK Wrestling Center
Show: Wrestleshow #48

Time to Change

Location: HCW UK Wrestling Center

(a gym that has been converted to a wrestling school & gym)

Ashley enters the center for training. He goes into the locker room to change into his wrestling attire. He walks out of locker room and sees long time friend and ex gang member, Jay Shotter,

who now works for HCW: U.K. as a trainer. Ashley walks over to him.

Ashley: “Hey blood, what’s griming?"

Jay smiles.

Jay: “Nothing Bud, just getting new blood trained up. You ain’t supposed to be training today. So, why are you down here?”

Ashley: “Well, I joined a new company.”

Jay: “Hang on a sec, you joined a new place? What's wrong with here?"

Ashley: “Chill, I’ll still be here. I’ll be doing both."

Jay: “So what company?"

Ashley: "UTA. I wanted to join a company where no one knows me and I’ll get to face people I’ve never faced.”

Jay: “Geez dude, you about hardcore wrestling. You make people bleed, all that shit, why not join a company that’s more about the wrestling.”

Ashley: “Cus I am sick of the crap that people keep saying to me on the streets. You cannot wrestle, only won cus of this and that. The haters gonna see a different side of me. I am going to cause more pain and destruction than they’ve ever seen before, but I won’t be using weapons anymore. I’m going to start using submissions and making people tap in the middle of the ring."

Jay: “Different side, you going all good guy?  We all know you ain't that type of guy."

Ashley: “Trust me, I will become the top dog. The fans will boo me or they can cheer me, I do not care, remember it all about me.”

Jay: “Well we better get training now then?"

Jay and Ashley head into the ring



Ashley is sitting down on the floor, with his back against a brick wall, under a light, he has his hood up and his head down

Ashley: “UTA, everyone in the back, it’s time for you all to see a true gangster, none of the fake ones you see on your tv.  I’ve sold drugs, been in fights, almost died on these streets."

Ashley starts laughing

Ashley: “You put me against someone who has a nickname like bunny? Really? By the end of this match,  I’ll have it cooked and ready to eat it, hahahaha.”

Ashley: “OG Thumper, I don’t just do wrestling, I beat people up and I’ll make you feel pain you’ve never felt before.”

Ashley: “I am the hardcore gangster - no one does it like me."

UK slang

Blood means hey friend

Griming means going down

Cus Means Beacuse

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