Title: Showing Jesse The Way Part 2
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: October 30, 2015
Location: Somewhere over the Pacific
Show: Wrestleshow #48

From Dublin to Melbourne, from Sektor to Kendrix, Mr. Ace In The Hole prepared himself for the push to Tokyo, Japan. After an up and down start to the year, Sean shocked the world by first winning the Ace in the hole briefcase and then attacking La Flama Blanca in his home country of Mexico. It was an act of violence perpetrated by a monster with one thought in mind...

Regaining the UTA World Championship.

But first, he has business to take care of.


October 30th

Bombardier Global Express XRS private jet

somewhere over the Pacific.


Powered by twin Rolls Royce jet engines, the Bombardier Global Express jet sliced thru the clear blue sky at 30,000 feet. With a November 2nd meeting against Kendrix looming, Sean Jackson wanted to arrive in Melbourne Australia early enough to get acclimated to the conditions. Knowing who he was up against, Mr. Ace In The Hole stared out the window, his attention towards the newest member of Dynasty.

"Jesse, Jesse, Jesse..."

Clean cut and wearing an expensive William Fioravanti Bespoke suit valued at $20,000, the former Dynasty member looked every bit a champion, even if he didn't have a championship belt in his possession.


But knowing a certain little briefcase and three little seconds could change that dramatically, that million dollar smirk begins to form.

"Don't make me do this."

Leaning back in his seat, the Texas native momentarily shuts his eyes, a certain memory coming to mind.

"Don't force me to assault you like I did John Sektor..."

His eyes re-open, the smirk now a full-blown smile.

"Don't force me to obliterate you like I did Rhys Townsend."

Of course, the Mental Rapist is ignoring one crucial detail to that match. He didn't face Townsend alone.

"Don't force me to crush your skull like I did Blanca. Because in case you haven't figured it out yet, playtime is over. It ended the moment that bastard stole my world championship..."

His eyes begin to fill with rage as the smile slowly disappears. For on the night of Black Horizon, Blanca created a monster that the UTA nor he found themselves prepared for....

"And then dared to claim he was better than me."

A monster that had Jesse Fredericks Kendrix in his sights.

"Well Jesse, nobody is better than me...

It was a fight where Blanca's need for all the belts, turned a brother's love to hatred. A black horizon to a dark abyss where no one wins.


Black Horizon hurt, it put tiny bruises on his soul and now that monster wanted everyone else to hurt...

"I know you remember the beating I handed Rhys Townsend in Orlando. Every blow, every stomp, the knee from hell that put him down forever."

Including those still associated with LFB.

"Oh yes Jesse, you stood there on the apron and had a clear view of it all. You saw his pain, you heard his suffering, and in three short days..."

Taking another deep breath, the former world champion continues the lecture.

"You will experience the same thing."

Since the beginning of time, parents have told their children that monsters didn't exist. That monsters weren't under the bed, or hiding in the closet. Well all that nonsense comes to an end on November 2nd in Melbourne.

"You will experience it because Blanca has you convinced he is worth suffering for. He has you convinced that his cause is just, that protecting his championship at all cost is noble. That through your blood, he can stay on top."

There is a high level of motivation in his voice. Having been a member of Dynasty, Sean knew exactly what Blanca was telling Kendrix.

"Well, I'm sure your passion will be compelling. That you will step into the ring with a goal to sacrifice everything for Dynasty..."

The Mental Rapist pauses.

"But in reality, you will be sacrificing it all for Blanca and in the end..."

He continues to spell it out for the younger Kendrix. No longer caring if the kid understands the message or not.

"It will have been for nothing. For when you fight with monsters, life gets drastically shorter. That is why Blanca is in no hurry to face me, deciding to serve up the sacrificial lamb in hopes it is enough to satisfy my lust for blood."

Mr. Ace In The Hole shakes his head.

"But it won't satisfy a damned thing Jesse, because it won't be his blood. Oh I'm sure he will be there to offer encouragement, to tell you he feels your pain..."

Congratulations Blanca, you woke a sleeping demon buried deep in the psychological mind of the Mental Rapist.

"But that will be the extent of his help. Trust me, he won't waste a single drop of blood for you. He knows to step thru those ropes, means a lifetime of misery and suffering. He knows his hands are full with Eric Dane in Tokyo, and pissing me off further is a signed death warrant..."

He doesn't mince words when it comes to dressing down Blanca's predicament. In Sean Jackson's world, there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action against him. At this stage of the game, Eric Dane has known his place and kept things somewhat friendly....

"Which leaves you to pay for his sins."

Would La Flama Blanca do the same?

"And believe me, if you make the trip to Melbourne, you will pay it in blood. I will take whatever action necessary to inflict as much misery, as much pain and suffering as humanly possible. When it comes to my convictions Jesse, I don't discriminate on who my victims are."

The loss to Blanca was difficult, a pain too difficult to let go as the Mental Rapist had his heart ripped from his chest. They were friends, supposed to be brothers, and yet a championship belt came between them. He would have sacrificed everything for his brother in the days leading up to Black Horizon. Now he only had evil intentions to fill the void.

"I am on a mission, and that mission is to destroy HIS version of Dynasty. I am a monster who refuses to fade away and for you or Blanca to pretend otherwise is a fatal mistake. I offered you a way out and you refused to accept it, so now..."

Still seated, Mr. Ace In The Hole has spelled it out as plainly as he could. Soon the time for talking will be over, and the time for action will begin.

"I won't be responsible for my actions. Your hero La Flama Blanca created this monster, and now it is time to deliver its kiss of death..."

He looks down at his knee, the delivery tool of that kiss.

"With as much malice as possible."

A female member of the crew approaches from off camera and slightly bends in from the waist up.

"Can I get you something to drink Mr. Jackson?"

Turning his head slightly in her direction, the former world champion responds.

"I'm good, thank you."

Nodding while smiling, the female attendant begins to walk away. As she does, the Mental Rapist quickly changes his mind and politely places his hand on her arm.

"On second thought, I'll have a bottled water."

At first, she was taken a bit off guard with his hand on her arm, but quickly recovers and the smile never wavers.

"As you wish Mr. Jackson."

She then walks off camera and his eyes divert to the window where he still sees nothing but water.

"Just remember Jesse, I tried to show you the way and you ignored me. You instead chose to accept Eduardo's version of events, and make the stand against me. Because your intent is clear, so is mine...and mine consists with ending your career. It is unfortunate because I like you, I always have. But business is business and personal is personal...."

His gaze is back to the camera.

"And because of personal reasons, you need to understand why your career is ending. So I will explain it in this way. One day a lion, a fox and an ass went out hunting. After scoring a kill, the lion told the ass to share the bounty and upon dividing it up in three equal shares..."

The million dollar smirk returns.

"fell victim to an attack from the lion. After ripping the ass to shreds, the lion then turned to the fox and asked him to divide the spoils. The fox wisely brings all three parts together, only taking a very small piece for himself and offers the main portion to the lion..."

Leaning towards the camera, the Mental Rapist continues with the story.

"The lion, impressed with the fox, asked how he came about deciding how the bounty would be shared, and the fox replied smartly. From the ass."

Letting that last statement linger, Sean ends the pause with one final warning.

"Right now, Blanca is the fox and he is playing you for an ass. You step foot in the ring at Wrestleshow 48, and you will suffer the same fate, guaranteed."



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