Title: Late Night...
Featuring: Chris Hopper
Date: 10/30/2015
Location: Melbourne, Austrailia
Show: Wrestleshow #48

The screen fades up to what is obviously a hand-held video feed from an ipad or some small device. It seems to be showing a busy street with activity all around with young people walking around and cars moving slowly along the street. The view moves in a circle it seems and we see the face of the man holding the device..."Too Cool" Chris Hopper.

Chris is walking in a simply black T-shirt and hooded jacket, almost as if he had been training or jogging before starting up this video feed from his device. He looks around at all that is going on with a grin on his face.

Hopper:  Oh to be young again.

He emits a chuckle as he turns the camera to see a young couple begin kissing and moving into the alley way. He quickly moved the view back to his face.

Hopper:  Looks like they're having a wonderful time, huh?

Another small laugh.

Hopper:  I'm sure as I walk the streets of Melbourne tonight, I may find some of my fellow UTA stars living it up and enjoying the high life as only they know how.

He nods a couple of times in a quick fashion to back his statement and continues.

Hopper:  It is good to unwind and let some steam off, especially when you are on a world tour that lasts months on end. I used to go out like this a lot back when I first got started. It is a rush when the fans notice you in the club and the owners start covering your drinks.

He raises an eyebrow with a smile.

Hopper:  Those nights you woke up the next morning and just hoped you were in your own room and actually were pleased with who was in bed next to you.

Another chuckle that was loud enough for someone's head to turn as he walks by.

Hopper:  Now instead of going out and tying one on, partying the night away with friends and fans....I exercise and focus. I'm still a night owl for sure, but it is spent in a different way. You see, as age creeps up on us all, we must adapt in order to stay at the same level. Nobody can hold a top level ability in anything forever without working harder and harder as they get older.

He grins.

Hopper:  Or more mature, as I like to say.

He turns the camera to see a group just inside an open-air party area in the back of a bar he is walking past begin chanting for someone to "chug." We hear him laugh out loud and then turn the camera back to his smiling face.

Hopper:  You see, performing at a level against people like La Flama Blanca, Ranier, Kendrix, Jackson, Dane, Sektor, and etc means I have to be prepared and at my dead-level best every night. And if I were to join them and chug-a-lug....well then I would be sacrificing my goals for a little fun.

The grin disappears as he continues.

Hopper:  Growing old is rough, but the maturity and experience is what makes it worth it, right Dan?

He pauses as he sidesteps somebody while walking.

Hopper:  We both understand this fact. And I believe what is most important is that both of us continue to want to prove we have the abilities to perform at the highest level...

He grins again.

Hopper:  At the UTA level.

He kind of winks with his right eye before he continues.

Hopper:  I do not have any idea what you are doing in these last days before we clash here in the "down under." You may be out partying and living it up. I hope not.  I want you to be at your best when we meet at Wrestleshow.

The grin gets wider.

Hopper:  The fans deserve a battle fit for their eyes. Two old lions battling it out to prove they still belong.

He suddenly stops walking and points the camera up where we see a sign for the hotel he is staying. He turns the camera back to him.

Hopper:  Imagine that, I'm here already.

He smiles.

Hopper:  That is why I love this sport so much, Dan. I want to go out there and steal the show. When the curtain is pulled back and my music hits, this guy right here...

He points his free thumb at his chest.

Hopper: all business. My job is to give the fans the best possible show they could ask for while also winning.

He cocks his head slightly to the side.

Hopper:  Sometimes I may fail in that second part, but I always try to achieve the first one. I doubt you care as much about the fans as I do, Dan....but at Wrestleshow you better bring it because the show just could be me bringing an end to the match in a shocking and entertaining way.

He chuckles.

Hopper:  No matter what Dan, this Monday will be a great moment for both of us, especially when you see my arm raised in victory.

The grin disappears.

Hopper:  And Kendrix, you better keep your nose out of this. You already have your date with destiny at International Affair. Let Dan Benson have his moment this Monday.

The grin returns.

Hopper:  It is going to be my pleasure Mr. Benson. I look forward to testing myself against you one on one in the wrestling ring. I want it to be a treat for everyone, especially since I'm  not handing out candy over Halloween.

He chuckles again.

Hopper:  Until Monday, Dan.  I can't wait.

He starts walking into the building as the screen goes immediately black.


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