Title: Last Chance
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 30th October 2015
Location: St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia
Show: Wrestleshow #48

The scene opens to the sound of a click immediately followed by the view of the top of what looks to be the arch of a chair on a balcony overlooking the evening sea view of St Kilda Beach, Melbourne. However, before we can take time to admire the view and the accompanying sound of crashing waves, the seat becomes occupied.

The height of the lens is adjusted by the occupant and as he sits back into the chair we see Kendrix, wearing a white t-shirt with #freemikeyunlikely splashed across the center in red, lean in combing his hair back carefully using the lens as a mirror. Putting the comb into his chino shorts pocket he strokes his beard and crosses his leg on top of the other. He then proceeds to address his audience in a calm and, oddly enough, polite manner we have not previously been accustomed to...

Kendrix: Alright mate…

The lack of bravado in his greeting is telling but his confident, or some would say, smug attitude is still present as he leaves us a wink followed by his trademark smirk. He opens his arms out wide;

Kendrix: Welcome to St Kilda’s beach. JFK is down under in Australia...a beautiful country and Melbourne is a pretty cool’s just a shame this place is full of Aussie convicts!

He points his thumb back behind him in reference to the local Aussies walking along the beach before bringing the palms of his hands up and down in front of him;

Kendrix: Woah, woah...c’mon now...settle down, nothing to see here and all that.

That smug look comes across his face as he slicks his wet hair back, the drops falling onto his broad shoulders;

Kendrix: JFK knows what you’re all thinking…”Why is that handsome devil just sitting down in a chair...why isn’t he getting in a local idiot’s face and telling them how stupid they are?”

He says the above with a slightly improved redneck American accent (but it’s still pretty bad) and moving his shoulders up and down, tilting his head from side to side to accompany his imitation...before returning to his previous relaxed stance, only this time, his eyes narrow;

Kendrix: Well, a) JFK finds the Aussie convicts accents are worse than your stupid American ones...

He jerks his head back away from the lens with his mouth and nose scrunched up in disgust, as if an actual American human was crawling out of it;

Kendrix: And b) JFK has more important things to attend to right now.

He leans forward as he plants his resting foot down on the ground, elbows on top;

Kendrix: Now, JFK could quite easily...sit here and tell you that the Aussies are all arrogant, drunk, neanderthals...who love to get their arses handed to them at Cricket by the English...

He holds both hands depicting the 3-2 score in the recent Ashes tests with his fingers;

Kendrix: But JFK ain’t gonna do he said, he has much more important things to focus his good time and energy on.

Jabbing his index finger in the direction of the lens he continues;

Kendrix: Important you...Sean Jackson.

He lightly knocks on the lens with his knuckles three times before leaning his face in close, so that his mouth is all the camera is picking up;


Leaning back into his seat with a cheesy grin on his face he raises his arm up high above his head as he waves at the camera;

Kendrix: Oh, hi Sean...sorry bruv, JFK didn’t wake you up at the late hour of…

He checks his watch on his waving hand wrist;

Kendrix: ...8pm?

Looking at his watch he pulls an oddly confused expression with his lips sticking out before returning his focus to the lens;

Kendrix: JFK supposes that’s what old geezers like you do. Get your early nights with your cup of cocoa, rest your dodgy need your rest...the body gets achy and brittle the older you get, innit?!

He apologetically holds his hand to his heart while he raises the palm of the other out in front of him;

Kendrix: Now, Sean, please...stop those old mental rapist thoughts from building up your blood pressure...JFK knows he’s interrupted your bed time but he won’t keep you too long. JFK just wants you to hear him out, you can go back to sleep in a bit yeah? 

His eyes widen as he raises his eyebrows;

Kendrix: Mind you...not long, JFK guesses, until you’re asleep for good...when you die of old age you’ll be asleep for a long time! JFK is doing you a favour keeping you up bruv!

Letting out a slight chuckle to himself, Kendrix leans forward and ushers with his index finger for his audience to come closer;

Kendrix: Now Sean, Listen yeah?! JFK wants you to listen to him, and listen to him well. So crank up your ear piece to eleven and really digest…what the future…of the UTA has to say!

Eyes widening, he nods his head in agreement with himself;

Kendrix: JFK’s not going to sit here and do what he usually does to his opponents pre-match and make fun of you…lets be honest, we’ll be here all night if that were the case;

He wags his finger at the lens;

Kendrix: JFK is gonna talk to you in a way that you, for some misguided and uneducated reason, doubt that he can;

Looking down and stroking his beard twice in apparent thought he looks up with a stern look in his eyes;

Kendrix: As a man! Seriously maaattteee...JFK is going to talk to you man to man. JFK is going to be open and honest with you, yeah?!

Exaggeratingly opening his mouth and eyes out wide, he portrays a shocked look on his face;

Kendrix: You know, Sean...when JFK first joined Dynasty, he honestly thought he knew everything there is to know about the industry. But after spending just an hour in the presence of yourself, Claude, Eduardo and Mikey…he knew that he was in the presence of men who had actually seen and done it all. 

A rare show of humility comes across his face as he nods intently;

Kendrix: From that moment on, JFK knew he had a lot to learn. As the weeks and months went by he watched and learned all he could from you all. And as we've all seen...the results speak for themselves. JFK knows it, Dynasty knows it, the UTA roster knows it…

Leaning forward, closer to the camera, his eyes focus deeply on the lens;

Kendrix: And you know it, Sean. YOU KNOW…that JFK has a tonne...of respect for you and everything you’ve achieved in your career. You have had one of, if not…THE...biggest impact on JFK’s career to date. You were like a father to JFK.

Looking over to his left, he strokes his beard in thought before removing his hand and wagging his finger in front of him as he fondly chuckles;

Kendrix: You remember the time we teamed together to destroy that Welsh prat Rice Townsend? We took him out before the timekeeper even had a chance to ring the bell! JFK remembers, standing in the middle of the ring watching you smash your knee into the back of Rice’s skull.

Continuing to chuckle as he reminisces on the good times he turns to face the lens;

Kendrix: And JFK thought to himself, "wow, you’ve actually just teamed up and won a match with Sean freaking Jackson!" JFK is being honest bruv, he was slightly star struck in that moment.

He leans away from the lens, arching his back straight as he sits on the edge of his seat;

Kendrix: Unfortunately Sean, positive memories like that are few and far between. When JFK says he’s learned from you…he mainly means he’s learned what, NOT…to do. That’s’ right, JFK remembers. When he joined Dynasty you weren’t exactly the talkative type were you? JFK remembers YOU…sulking in the back like a little bitch for weeks on end. And why? Because you LOST…the UTA World Title…to a man who beat you cleanly?

Exaggeratingly gritting his teeth as if revealing a factual, yet awkward moment for Sean, he continues;

Kendrix: It was a first blood match Sean…Eduardo drew your blood first…you lost! Thems were the rules, yeah?! But instead of taking the defeat LIKE A MAN…and shaking the hand of the better man who would go on to become the greatest UTA World Champion of alllllll tiiiiimmmmeee…you showed your lack of class and behaved like a child…

He slowly and methodically shaking his head from left to right in disappointment;

Kendrix: Instead of handing your written resignation into Dynasty, giving us your two weeks’ notice, like a man, like a true professional so we had time to find a replacement…you decided to make a HUGE STATEMENT…when you attacked LFB with your ugly looking briefcase. 

Wrinkling his nose up and arching his head back slightly in disgust he doubles back to reiterate his last point;

Kendrix: Oh, by the way…when JFK says “huge statement” it’s contrary to what popular opinion suggests, you know, that you’re seen as some kind of hero, a rebel, who broke free from Dynasty.

Wagging his finger to point out the error of everyone’s opinion, he continues;

Kendrix: Oh no, the huge statement you made was that you'd quite simply...given up. You made a HUGE judgment. The moment you walked away from your brothers, you became a marked man. You’ll say that’s a good thing, it means you have something everyone wants…look at LFB, he’s THE marked man and rightly so…cos HE’S…the UTA World Champion…but he has Dynasty to back him up.

After holding his arms out wide presenting himself he leans forward once more and points at the lens;

Kendrix: You Sean, are a marked man for a number of reasons…one being you have that briefcase…and not only does Dynasty not want you to take our property away from us…no one else in the locker room wants you to be the guy to try…Why?

A questionable look arises across his face before his eyes narrow intently once more;

Kendrix: Because you’re the last person in the locker room who DESERVES…to be near the title. You’ve created a rod for your own back. Not just because of everything you’ve done to everyone else during your time with Dynasty…but it’s clearly over everything you’ve done your entire career…just look at how Jason Cashe has already stopped you from cashing in!

Holding his thumbs up at the lens, he silently mouths “Thank you Jason!” before returning to his previous focus;

Kendrix: Walking out on Dynasty was a fatal error and lapse in judgment on your part Sean. Perhaps the bumps and knocks on the head over the years have finally caught up with you? Who knows? Frankly, who gives a shit? Long story short, the moment you turned your back on Dynasty…you became weak.

His smug grin returns;

Kendrix: And you know it. Everyone is after you and you’re all alone! That’s why ever since you walked out on your brothers you’ve been nowhere to be seen. Hiding out in the back, running off to Victory, having meetings with Team danger and Eric Dane, like they’re gonna save you from what’s coming your way?

Chuckling at the very thought as he relaxes back into his seat and crosses his leg on top of his planted foot, he composes himself;

Kendrix: You’re weak Sean. Instead of calling LFB out one on one, you hide behind your briefcase. Instead of calling him out for a match you plan to cash in at a point where the champ…cannot defend himself?

Disappointedly shaking his head from side to side he tuts along;

Kendrix: What have you become Sean? How very manly of you! a) That’s not gonna happen and b) if you somehow find your tiny nuts to even TRY…Dynasty are gonna be watching your every move. In fact…Little word of advice, you know, brother to brother and all that…

He points to the lens and then back at himself;

Kendrix: JFK would say your last chance to cash in is gonna be at Wrestleshow Forty Eight...In fact…JFK would say your last chance to cash in that briefcase…is gonna be before our showdown at Wrestleshow Forty Eight...Because mark my words Sean...JFK is gonna make sure you won't be able to carry that thing around with you after he's done with you on Monday night.

Wagging his index finger he then places it to the side of his head, jabbing it a couple of times;

Kendrix: JFK is no longer star struck. JFK knows the real Sean Jackson. You’re nothing more than a coward and a bully. You’re running your mouth about taking on the youngest and least experienced member of Dynasty to prove you made the right decision in leaving us?

He laughs in disbelief at the pure cowardice of the man he used to admire;

Kendrix: Jesus Sean, you actually think because JFK has only been in the bigtime for ten months…that the “kid” this “pawn” doesn’t stand a chance against a multi time EX…World Champion like you? Newsflash bruv, Sean Jackson won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last supposed “King” that this “pawn” will beat in the middle of the ring!

Holding the back of his hand up he uses his fingers to count to three…in the most offensive way possible;

Kendrix: And there’s the difference between you and JFK bruv. JFK knows all there is to know about you…while you clearly either haven’t learned a thing...or are just stupidly underestimating Jesse Fredericks Kendrix…THE FUTURE of the UTA!

Holding his arms out at shoulder height he raises his head skyward, as he closes his eyes before re-opening them, lowering his arms and pointing at the screen one final time;

Kendrix: Mark JFK’s words Sean, come Wrestleshow Forty Eight, in Melbourne, Australia...JFK will stop at NOTHING…to prove to THE WORLD…that Sean Jackson made the wrong call in turning on his brothers. JFK is gonna show the world, that like Sean Jackson…Payback is a BITCH!

Throwing his trademark wanker gesture he gets up from his seat and walks out of shot, leaving his opponent with one last message;

Kendrix: The future has spoken, Sean…remember...It's your last chance to cash in, bruv!


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