Title: Koalas
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 10/31/2015
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Show: Wrestleshow #48

Melbourne, Australia.

Such an amazing place. Wide open lands. Animals galore. Danger off the beaten track wherever you go. And here we are spending our weekend visiting the sights and enjoying the scenery.

Sure I have my match this Monday night, but how often do you make it out here? For some of the boys, maybe it is quite often. For me though, yeah…

Traveling. Man, I love it!

“Penny for your thoughts, Zhal?”

April looked over at me from across the aisle. We were part of a dozen or so passengers on this outback tour. The tour guide doing his best to point out what we saw, or did not see at the time. Of course my hope was to see a Koala or two. Out in the wild. Free. Not stuck in some zoo.

“Just thinking. And listening to Mr. Brack up there.” I pointed to the tour guide who was phoning it in at this point as his attention was on the busty blonde from Sweden, or maybe it was Norway? Ah, whatever. “Where to after this?”

“Hotel. Then let's hit up one of the bars or clubs? They have those here, right?”

April, bless her heart, was never one to comprehend how lifestyles were similar in all countries of the world. Well those that tried not to be a separate entity.

“Think we can see Crocodile Dundee?” I laughed when she said this. One of her favorite actors, or really characters I suppose. We spent three hours of our flight discussing those movies before making it here.

“Doubtful,” I hated to burst her bubble but it was true. “Depends if we go down to South Wales, if that is even where he lives now.”


Shrugging I leaned back and looked out past her at the gorgeous view.

In seventy two hours I would be wrestling inside the stadium. Since learning of my match and opponent, I had done a bit of research and heard a few things here and there from my colleagues-in-arms. Apparently Sexton Hardon was all about Wrestling and a few other activities.

They could never tell me though what kind of person he was… inside the ring, at least. This is pro wrestling. I want to wrestle. I want to entertain. I am not scheduling a date or looking for a hookup at the stadium. So will Sexton be professional or is he more like Bobby Dean?


DoNotWant. Laughing at that meme that blew up after our match. Personally outside that, never saw a problem with Bobby. He could easily sit  back at home and watch the UTA instead of trying to compete each night. He chose to compete. This shows that he is serious about the business no matter what old fogies like Eric Dane may say to him.

So what of Sexton? Is he into wrestling, to wrestle. Or when he found out that this was a intergender match instead of grappling with another sweaty dude, he will have a woman up against his hips -- did he prep his tights? Oil up real good?

“Hey April,” I looked back at her, not shocked to see her attention forward on the same blonde. “What do you think of this Sexton Hardon?”

“What? Huh?” Pulling her attention away she had that look of confusion, “Who?”

“Sorry. Context. My opponent Monday.”

“Oh, him. That uh, well… I don’t really know.” She shrugged and focused back forward before adding in, “Love the name though. Sexton Hardon.” And added in with an overly emphasized purr.

That was more or less what I expected. It is difficult to prepare for these guys and women that come into the UTA for their debuts. Sure I could look up some past tape from his previous matches in GCW, but these are different playgrounds. I want to know what he is like in the UTA environment.

I guess come Monday, I will.

And then it is time to focus forward again. International Affair. At last I know who the other three competitors will be, and even then a change has been made. So where it was Stephen Greer, Perfection is taking his spot, leaving him, myself, Scott Stevens, and Quinlan.

Number one contender's fatal fourway match. By elimination where the first eliminated is made the Prodigy Championship contender, second the Wildfire, third the Legacy and the final person standing, the UTA World Champion.

In for a heck of a match with those three. Guaranteed spot or not, I am to be that last one standing and get my shot back at La Flama Blanca. This time, this time… it will be different.

“Zhal!” April called out snapping me from my own thoughts, while she pointed a few feet from us near a group of trees. “Lookit!”

I smiled as my lips curved up end to end. There they were. The Koalas. Quickly grabbing my phone I took several shots of them and suddenly found my focus no longer in seventy two hours, but on the here and now.

That now, being right now as against the better judgement of the driver and tour guide I hopped out of the carriage and made my way across the field.

Sexton Hardon can wait until Monday.

I want to hug those Koalas. And am not returning to the hotel until I have!


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