Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: today dummy lol
Location: uta BANQUET HALL!!!
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

The scene fades in and Jack Hunter aka THE STREET FIGHTEDER and MASTER OF DESTRUCTIONATING is eating a medieval banquet but not just any banquet oh no there is no bread and meat but light tubes on light tubes on light tubes and hes eating them all because he's a really hardcore man guy okay?

Jack Hunter: "HAHAHAHA! welcome one and all to my great feast as i get ready to APOCALYPSIFY my opponenz and become UTA hardcore champeeen!!!""

Jack eats another light tube because hard core even symont doesn't eat lighttubes he just hits people with them what a pussy

Jack Hnter: "skylar moontgoobz and the dibbinezes i hope you are ready 2 be street fighted because this is gonna be the streetest fighted of your life!!!! you are not ready for the pain and punishingness i am bringing!!!!! look at this"

he eats another one then washes it down with gallonz of battery acid then he fucks yo bitch

JACK HUNTER: "do you see how hardcore i am u cannot compete with this hahahaha!!!! already i am 9-0 in the UTA and the NEW STEAK is well under way!!! I have beaten you four times already skymooft and you dibbinses well you have red necks but guess what i do not have a red neck i am eating glass light tubes and they didn't even cut me no so i dont bleed which means no red neck because blood is red and im not bleeding okay"

jack does the stanky leg

Jack Hunter: "you see i do not bleed but i do have lots of little bruises and i am going to make you bleed and have litlte bruises which means it is impossible for you to win HAHAHAHA!!!!!!1 i am going to prove the grounds for the uta hardcore championship when i kill u and win

da camera fades out and the link in park albums start playing as jack eats another light tube then fights.

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