Title: UTA Just got more hardcore...
Featuring: Jarvis Valentine
Date: 11/1/15
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

.:Debut of a Name:.

The scene opens to show a twelve story building with balconies. It is about a hundred feet away from the Missouri River ,down town, Omaha ,Nebraska. The sun is bright with the perfect air temperature at seventy degrees. You can hear the cars running by the near interstate and the tug boats in the Missouri. 

The camera focus's on a twelfth floor complex. The camera zooms up to the window to sudden be shown inside the apartment complex. It is a big living room, everything modern. Windows line the exterior walls to show Eply Airfield and downtown Omaha. 

We see a man walk out from what we can presume is his bedroom. He is a man just turning thirty, but looks like he could be in his late forties due to his previous life styles. He has cuts across his face and is a little bigger in size. He is wearing common blue jeans and a Nebraska Cornhusker T-shirt. 

He precedes to walk to the closet next to the front door. He reaches in and grabs a Kansas City Chiefs hoodie before closing the closet door and opening the front door. He steps through the threshold before looking back to make sure he has everything that he needs. He nods his head in satisfaction before locking and shutting the door behind him. 

We watch him walk down the hallway with random plants in recessed areas. He reaches the elevator and pushes the down button. A few dings are heard before you hear the elevator arrive and stop. On cue, the doors open to the elevator. He steps into the empty box, turns and hits the bottom button to go down. As soon as he pushes the button the doors close on cue just as they opened. Dings are heard once again has he descends the 14 floors into the parking garage. 

The doors open once again to the box. He walks into a semi dark concrete garage. You can see several spots with cars in them, and some without. He walks at a steady pace passed the first five rows before he turns inbetween two cars and leans over the box of his two thousand and thirteen Z-71. He pats around and moves a bag to make sure all his stuff was ready to go for the trip. He then walks towards the driver side door and puts the key in the door to unlock it. He opens the door and steps up on the running board before swinging his rear end in and getting settled before closing the door. He puts the key in the ignition and turns it to turn the truck on. He opens the center consule and grabs an airline ticket out. The ticket has a name of Jarvis Valentine. He nods his head in satisfaction and puts the ticket in his inside jacket pocket.

Jarvis takes the gear shift and pulls down to reverse. He backs up to be lined up to go among the two lines of cars on either side of him before putting the gear shift in drive and slowly moves forward as the scene fades to black. 

.:Airport thoughts:.

We open to see Jarvis handing a lady his plane ticket. He smiles and says thank you as Jarvis walks to the ladies left and walks down the terminal to the plane he is about to board. 

He walks through the door and gets greeted by one of the flight attendants before turning to his right and walking down the small row. Jarvis gets to his seat row and notices it is by the window. He smiles and makes his way to his seat. 

Jarvis looks around and notices not many people have boarded yet so he pulls out his phone and unlocks it with his code. He then opens his camera and switches it to video. He holds the camera out in front of him.

Jarvis: Can you guess where I am going? If you said to a nice ship for a bad ass night of wrestling, then you were correct. 

My name is Jarvis Valentine. I live here in Omaha, Nebraska, and I have had a very successfull life. And now I plan and hope to make my wrestling career a success as well. 

See I have been wrestling now off and on in the indy scene for around five years now. And now I have a chance to make a name for myself and prove myself to all the fans of UTA and me. 

The fans are what fuel me to strive to be better. And that my friend is what I expect doing. 

My first step is my match with Kodo. Kodo from what I have been able to gather is a very angry man that wants nothing to do with anyone. So my question is, what are you even around here. If you do not like people or want to be around them, then why be around here? 

I am very excited to wrestle you Kodo, but let me tell you something, we are about to be in international waters my friend. If you could not tell by my face, I like hardcore. International waters mean I can be hardcore on your ass. 

I remember growing up and watching great hardcore and xtreme matches and just being in awe. Thats my goal in wrestling is to give those hardcore fans what they deserve in hardcore. 

So Kodo, be ready. Because things well get hardcore one way or another my friend. And now on to the rest...

To the winner of tonights Hardcore Championship match, beware. Because I will be coming for you. These fans deserve a hardcore freak like no other. This title has been gone since 2004, and now it is making a come back with this new generation of hardcore guys.

But I promise, I will come for you, and I will take that Hardcore Championship, and the next person to wear that belt will have to take me to hell and back. I will represent that belt the way it should be. 

UTA, welcome to the new "Mr Hardcore"! 

Jarvis hits the stop button and closes the camera app. He scrolls to his twitter app and opens it up. He types in a new tweet and uploads the video he just made and hits tweet as the scene fades. 

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