Title: Hunting fer Herdcore!
Featuring: Duke Dibbins
Date: 11/2/2015
Location: Dem Back Woods
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

The sound of Banjos can be heard playing in the background.

We are in the backwoods of West Virginia, The scariest place this side of south central. The sound of running water is heard. Not the steady stream of a nearby river, no this one is coming in spurts.

OSV: Ey Lukey! Watch it wit dat ting! We gotsta Max our sent! Butt kniot dat much damn!

The camera rotates to the two Dibbins boys. Duke is sitting on an overturned bucket. Luke stands behind him. We’re unable to see exactly what is goin on, finally a yellow stream comes up over Dukes head and lands on his shoulders. He looks at the camera.

Duke: Whend ya go huntin ya gota max your sent with your-in! Da Probslems wit dat is da damn deert piss isss too spensive. So da Dibbins outsmarteded dem! We got are pee for free!

He snickers! Outsmarted the man!

Duke: Now Deres one tink you kneed to no! Da Dibbins R on da hunt! We bee true hunters! So wen weed herd we wer in a fight for da returd herdcore tag titles weed knew we need to put errrbody in are crossedhairs!

he poses as Luke just finishes his stream and shakes it off as the two switch places. Duke unzips his fly and lets er rip!

Duke: Jack Hunter! Ya Tink you are da hunter cause urs names hunter? hu?h? Skylark Montana?You tink yer herdcore! Bringd da bes tag team match ya get, cause dem dirty Dibbins, been huntin dees woods foreva! We aint worred bout no street flight! ‘cause we bringing da whoopin from da woods!

The Scene fades as the Dibbins continue to piss on one another. In the background a deert makes a deert noise! Fuckin Deerts! HA!

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