Title: Herdcore Sturdy!
Featuring: Duke Dibbins
Date: 11/4/2015
Location: The Traila
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

The sound of a banjo can be heard playing in the background.

The scene opens to the inside of a trailer. The tight space is filled sparsely with very old, worn, furniture.  The brown couch has stains all over it, the Television has tin foil antennas, and the enormous rebel flag hangs on one wall.

Toilet flushes far off, and down the hall, into the living room walks Duke Dibbins. Duke has on a wifebeater and a pair of white old, faded briefs. there seems to be a yellow stain.


Duke: Aaaaaaaaright! Whew dat wasd a biggest duecey old Dukey dropped in a hot min-nut!


Lays out on the couch.
He grabs a beer from the end table and takes a swig.

Duke: Nottin like a lil las night berrr! Worm an Smooths, just likes i likes em!

The Dibbins hears a knock on his door, gets up to answer. A delivery man wearing a brown uniform.

Duke: Was dis?

Delivery man: Package for “Dibbins Brousins”?

Duke: DAS ME!

He takes the package and slams the door in the face of the UP’s man. He rips the tape open and sees a note on top. its a box of VHS tapes.

“Dear Dukey!
I urdered dees on da Brownberry, saids dey was Herdcore, taught we shuld see whats what!”

hmmmm… Duke pulls out the first tape and reads the label out loud.

Duke: “A Hardcore Gangbang: XXX” - Souns lik a good un! Time to sturdy urp!

Duke pops the VHS into the VCR, sits on the couch. Lets out a loud fart, starts laughing before his face becomes taught and embarrassed.

Duke: New I couldn trusted dat fart! Got SkidMarks now!

The Movie starts, Duke goes wide eyed before reaching into his underwear.

Duke: Ya Gota B Kittin Me!



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