Title: Sailing the High Seas
Featuring: Perfection
Date: 11/4/15
Location: Princess Sapphire Cruiseship
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6


Perfection is walking the deck of the Sapphire Princess which will take him to Tokyo for his appearance on International Affairs. He wears a pair of Diesel jeans and a blue Ralph Lauren polo that is hugging tight to his skin. It’s not his choice however to be on this ship, he’s been booked on the Proving Grounds card and the aggravation is very visible on his face.

“There are better things I could be doing with my time other than being on this damn ship! I could be sport fishing, golfing…I can think of a thousand other things I’d rather do than be on this hell hole! Sharing a vessel with thousands of other people?! Are you kidding me?”

The idea of having to be on this boat other than his yacht is miserable. Perfection sighs in disgust.

“Luckily I have the Grand Suite with Balcony stateroom to separate me from the rest of the rats but even that leaves me still…unsatisfied. Not just on these middle-class accommodations but with the UTA in general. I mean think about it, Ungratefuls, how would you feel having to open a pathetic show like Proving Grounds?!”

James spits on the deck.

“I’ve been cast away like a rotten piece of meat! I’m doing the underlings work for them by opening this show! I’m half expecting Lorenzo to take away my personal locker room as well when we get to sit down again and then add me to the community filth!”

Raising his arm he plants his hand against the wall and leans against it using his other hand to point at the camera.

“How would you like it, Ungratefuls?! You wouldn’t. Especially after everything you’ve done for the company…they shove you down the very bottom! You’d walk away, you wouldn’t have the testicular fortitude, Ungratefuls, to eat it because you wouldn’t be focused on the bigger prize like I am!”

His hand pushes off and both go open.

“And once again, to get the bigger prize, I have another challenge put in my way. It’d be far too easy to just let me go into the pay-per-view fresh…no…I have to wrestle on this ship then get to Tokyo to gear up and take another step towards MY belt! I want you to see if any other wrestler on our roster has to do that. I’ll save you the trouble…they don’t!”

Making a fist with one hand he pounds it into his open palm.

“Hour changes, poor food, the possibility of catching SARS or Bird Flu with all the asians on board...and then having to put my body on the line…all to get in that ring and do it again a few nights later. This is the treatment I get!? And now it’s the treatment I plan to pass down to you, Yeshua, when we meet on the pool deck at Proving Grounds! It’s THEM, management, who will cause you to spend the remainder of our trip in the medical bay, Yeshua…not me.”

Perfection shakes his finger in a ‘no’ pattern.

“No, THEY could have done you and me the favor and cancelled this match! I would have went and prepared myself for the task to come at International Affairs and you would have had a nice couple weeks vacation. It would have been a win, win for both of us. Yet, they want to toy with me…THEY are hoping you break my neck and I can’t make it to Tokyo!”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigar.

“But, that’s just hope. That’s a myth, something Neanderthals believe in to get through the thing they can’t face. The truth they wish to ignore…the truth that THEY can’t…stop…me! Not by putting you in that ring with me, not by putting three people in a ring with me!”

With his free hand he reaches into his other pocket and pulls out a cigar lighter and begins to puff igniting the end.

“They, James Wingate and company, want me…want us…to open up Proving Grounds? Fine. I can do that, then they can watch everyone leave the seats after I put you down for a three count, Yeshua. Show over, nothing left to see once I set the standard…because I am the standard!”

Perfection exhales a small amount of smoke.

“You get to witness that up close and personal, Yeshua. You get a firsthand experience into what it’s like wrestling the top competition in our industry….wrestling ME! You get to wrestle a star and you get to lose to a star, it might very well be the most iconic moment of your entire career.”

He takes his hand not holding the cigar and places it over his heart, a sarcastic showing of sincerity.

“All courtesy of, ‘Yours Truly’. Have to take the good with the bad…if I didn’t have a match coming at International Affairs I would have spent my time breaking you piece by piece, Yeshua. I would have used you to make a long, painful point of my frustration with management just like I have the ones before you…and you wouldn’t have enjoyed it one bit!”

A grin passes his lips as his head lowers a bit.

“However, instead of putting you through that, Yeshua, I’ll just make quick work of you. I have a bigger match to focus on and a casino on deck with my name written on it…those are priorities over beating you pillar to post for twenty minutes! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still make you Ungratefuls pop from your seats, just for a shorter period of time.”

Another puff of the cigar and he seems dissatisfied with the taste.

“Or…you can do the right thing, Yeshua…lock yourself up in your little cabin and I’ll walk out to the ring and take a win by default. I’ll even put a couple thousand dollars in credit to your on-board account.”

Shaking his head he smiles at the camera.

“Nah…that’d be too easy.”

He tosses his cigar on the ground and crushes it with his foot.

“And I prefer doing things the hard way.”


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