Title: Harsh Reality
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: November 5th, 2015
Location: The Cruise's deck
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

FINALLY! Even though she did say her thoughts on this Wrestleshow regarding her first win, Sabrina had to say it again. Finally! After weeks of trying to get this first win, the road to get it was finally over. Now it’s time to start a new streak for Sabrina and that one was a winning streak. What better way to start a winning streak by going on a cruise. This sounds like a win-win situation for her.


Of course her opponent looks to make his mark. She happens to be going against El Trebol Jr. this week and it happens to be on Proving Grounds. Sabrina had her first match on this show, but we don’t want to bring up what happened.. El Trebol Jr. was having his first match on this show. Sabrina said that there was a harsh reality to this, but didn’t say what it was. She wanted the smallest member on the roster to find out.


Walking on the Princess Sapphire Cruise on the middle deck where she was staying because the top tier rooms were for the stars that were high in the UTA. She didn’t like it one bit, but it is what it is. She walked around as the ship rolled on.


Baker: I’m thankful.


She flips her hair back and keeps on walking while the wind is blowing her hair around.


Baker: I’m thankful for the opportunities we get. Who would thought in a million years that I would be coming on a beautiful looking ship like the Princess Sapphire to wrestle?


She smirks while the wind is blowing in her face as she keeps on walking along the deck.


Baker: I’m sure that the high rollers that are also on this cruise are looking forward to seeing us They are in for one hell of a treat. Not to mention a streak that will keep on going.


She walks over and puts her hands on the railing.


Baker: You see, I’m kind of glad that we’re wrestling on a cruise on the same show I had my first match and I know that my opponent’s happy that he’s going to have his first match on this show. I was the same way as well.


She flips her hair with one hand before putting it back.


Baker; However, I wouldn’t get “too excited” to be facing off against me. Matter of fact, Trebol, I think you need to be well aware of who exactly I am.


She moves her hand to further out to the left side of the railing.


Baker: You may see me as the one that’s all smiles, Trebol. The one that looks like a nice lady that you could get along with. The one that could show you emotion. I can think of more, but I don’t want to talk about this all night.


She moves her right hand out futher as she looks like she’s leaning ahead or jumping off the ship as she is looking around to see if anyone here is going to catch her.


Baker: What YOU should aware about is how I can go in the ring. Like I said before, I don’t want you to be fooled at all. I may be a nice person, but I’m one of the toughest females you would ever come across in ANY type of ring. I don’t let size of my opponent fool me.


She looks back.


Baker: Regardless if you big or small.


She smirks a bit at the comment.


Baker: Oh, but I’m not done with the statement of me being tough. When you step in the ring with me, you better be prepared for a fight. Zhalia Fears and Quinlan had to fight and they found out how tough I was. Kendrix was also surprised with how I was able to keep up with him.


She cracks her neck again.


Baker: Abdul Ahad found out about it the hard way when I faced off against him a couple of weeks ago. He was here for the wrong reasons while I came prepared for a battle. I came at him like a lion that was looking for her prey and teared him to pieces.


Her smirk turns sadistic.


Baker: That’s why you shouldn’t be “too excited” to be in the ring. Someone here called me “dark and ominous”. That statement could be true because nobody knows what to expect out of me. They might see a nice Sabrina one moment leading to a dark Sabrina. I do like to be unexpected and want the fans to be surprised.


She moves her hands back together with the sadistic side still there.


Baker: Now to the part of me saying on this past Wrestleshow that your debut’s going to be a harsh reality. I had my first match on Proving Ground and I ended up losing.


Still smirking.


Baker: You have your first match on Proving Ground and guess what’s going to happen when it comes to starting a streak? If you don’t know what I mean by now then you need to know.


She turns around and puts her back to the rail.


Baker: At Proving Ground, you will be on the losing end of this match. Your little green Power Ranger self will be on the start of a losing streak. I dealt with it for a long time and it took me a while to get out of, but with you, it’s different.


She eyes up and down.


Baker: You look like an embarrassment by dressing up like that. What is this? 1990s where people still think Power Rangers are cool to dress up as and I thought Halloween was over too!


She rolls her eyes.


Baker: Not only you’re embarrassing yourself by dressing up like that. I plan on embarrassing you to everyone that’s on board this ship and with you being the smallest one, I won’t be surprise if someone throws you overboard!


Her eyes open.


Baker:: OK that was too much, but still.


She leans forward and begins to walk again.


Baker: Anyways, Trebol. I hope you are ready for OUR MATCH this week on Proving Ground. I hope what I said gets through your head that I’m someone you DON’T want to take lightly at all. Abdul found out when I added my first win and you are going to find out when I GET my second win.


She goes to her room before looking.


Baker: I’m heating up. It’s going to be hard cooling me off.


Sabrina slams the door as she’s returned to her room as the scene ends.

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