Title: The Time Has Come
Featuring: Brother Judas
Date: 12/06/2015
Location: In the Darkness
Show: International Affair 2015

"Time draws near, and no man is safe. For HE shall bring down upon any who ignore HIS word, a vengeance like no other. For HIS is the only ultimate truth."
- The Good Reverend

Darkness, not unlike that of which settles around most times when The Truth is present, fills the screen. A single match is struck, illuminating the face of The Good Reverend. A sadistic smile can be seen across his face.

He places the match into the opening of an oil based lamp, lighting the wick. As the lamp begins to glow, Brother Judas is slowly revealed to be standing behind the man that he follows.

The Good Reverend stares forward, the smile never leaving his face as he appears to look through the screen. After a few moments of silence he begins to speak in the deep southern accent that he is known for.

The time is upon you Brother Lisil. The time has come.

He lets out a light bout of laughter as he bends his head to look up as he continues.

For months, you have set there Brother Lisil and you have spoken your lies. You have spoken of spirits that do not exist.

He looks back down.

For months you have positioned yourself as a false prophet. You have spread your lies to anyone who would listen. You have ignored.... HIS word.

A more serious look now overtakes his face. Behind him, Brother Judas snarls.

Now, Brother Judas has been sent to do HIS will, and to rid the world of the false prophet. You can not save yourself Brother Lisil.

He shakes his head.

Oh no, there will be no salvation. There will be no safe passage for you as Brother Judas escorts you into the depth of darkness and rids you and your lies from the United Toughness Alliance forever.

He looks to the side and up admiring Judas momentarily before turning his attention back to the screen.

Once you have been escorted into the fiery abyss, Brother Judas and I can continue our mission to spread HIS word to all that shall open their ears. To bring HIS love in it's purest form and show that there is only one truth.

He pauses for a few seconds.

HIS truth.

The Good Reverend raises his arms to the side, turning around, his back now facing the screen as he looks toward Brother Judas.

It is your time Brother Judas.. it is your time to do HIS will! It is your time to escort Brother Lisil into the darkness!

Brother Judas lifts his arms as he looks to the sky letting out a mighty yell. As he does, a wicked bit of laughter begins to flow from the mouth of The Good Reverend. He begins to turn back toward the camera, continuing to laugh.

Oh Brother Lisil, for you know not what you have done. To reject HIS word has caused your eternal damnation. To speak your lies, have ensured your pain.

He begins to lower his voice as he bends his head slightly forward, his eyes still looking up.

Do not fear the reaper Brother Lisil, for it is you who has caused this. Do not fear us... for we are only HIS messengers, delivering HIS vengeance upon the wicked.

He begins to laugh again, a hearty chuckle if you will as he turns and begins to walk off. His laughter dies out and turns into a whistle as the sound fades away. We are left with only Brother Judas who stares deep into the camera, a snarl still on his face.

He steps forward, his head moving slightly to the side so that his good eye is shown. After a few moments of silence, he moves his head back up straight and begins to.. speak, pausing between each word. His voice is raspy and terrifying.






He curls his lip and begins to growl, an almost evil presence can be seen in his demeanor. Brother Judas grabs the top of his shirt, and rips it open displaying the scars that cover his chest. It is a horrible sight to witness.

He begins to breathe hard as he looks into the camera once again. His growl turns into the raspiness of his voice once again.






He lets out one more terrifying growl as the oil lamp goes out and the scene fades to black.

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