Title: EL PRESIDENTAY!!!!!!1
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Location: the white house
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

Da scenes fade in to the washington DC the capital of US America were we find jack hunter aka the street fighter aka the greatest wrestler of all time HASH TAG THE NEW STREAK standing outside the WHITE HOUSE chillin.

Jack Hunter: "WELL WELL WELL ladies and geltmens what a time to be alive!!!!!1111 not only is Jack Hunter the undefeated UTA wrestler 12-0 record HASH TAG THE NEW STREAK But he will also soon be HARDCORE CHAMPION WHEN HE HARDCORIFIES skylar mountainfry and the bibbinzes but thats not all!!!! look at this shit lol

The STREET FIGHTEDER pulls out a piece of paper and it is this piece of paper

Jack hunter: "I am ahead in the polls HAHAHA!!!! and this means I am going to win the election so i will be the EL PRESIDENTAY of the American UNITED STATES because thats what happens when you win the poll you become PRESIDENT so fuck you oblammer and fuck you DONALD Turnip there's a new prez in town!!!"""

Jack does a backflip and a bit of electric boogaloo to celebrate then pulls out the constitution and starts talking like abraham linkin.

Jack HUNTAH: "so dibbinzes and skymoof whatcha gonna do brother when the president runs wild on you?!?! Im goin go american on all your asses and beat you down oval office style!!!! I am going to FREEDOMINATE like an american eagle drinking budweiser and there is nothing u can do to stop me because i will be president and you cant punch the president because that means you will be arrested or deaded!!!!!1111 

a big cow walks past for some reason then mike bell arrests it successfully this time lol

jack hunter: "boys i hope u are ready for these little bruises because the HARDCORE PREZ is comin and you gonna get STREET FIGHTED!!!"""

Jacky H does a little rap then starts rewriting the constitution to make all guns legal and also street fighting then he does more raps and goes off to find tupac and osama.

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