Title: We's the Keng of Herdcore
Featuring: Luke Dibbins
Date: 11/6/15
Location: The Dibbins Trailer
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

The scene opens to the Dibbins family trailer, the one trailer in the entire county that has a working toilet (it's one of them fancy indoor ones too). Luke Dibbins is seen sitting on the grungy, dirty, nasty ass couch that is on the makeshift porch that they have attached to the trailer with several misshapen pieces of 2x4.

A banjo plays softly in the distance.

Luke:  Howdy-doo ev'rybody ah hope thet yo' fools is ready t'see me an' mah li'l brother cousin Dukey as we make our way t'th' herdco'e tag team titles. Them belts is a-gonna be ours, an' eff'n yo' folks doesn't like it, yo' kin all blow me like Maw did, cuss it all t' tarnation gonna be us winnin.

Ah have been trainin' wif th' bess bull riders in th' South in o'der t'prepare mahse'f fo' th' herdco'e tag fight thet me an' Dukey is a-gonna be in, as enny fool kin plainly see. This hyar is a-gonna make not only our night, but it will dadburn sho'nuff make our year. Eff'n yo' don’t reckon we kin does it, then tune in an' yo'’ll see. Especially thet dummah Skylar. Thet is a gal’s name, how yo' gonna walk aroun' wif a gal name? Less'n ya are a gal wit' a 'stache.

Luke shakes his head, a cigarette ash falls on his sweat and food stained wifebeater. He doesn’t even bother brushing it off, and instead, lets it absorb into the sweat pools on his shirt.

Luke: Hey Chattanooga, ah call ya that because you ain't Jack! Ah knows yo' reckon yer a hunter, but yer nowhar near as fine of a hunter as me an' mah brousin are. We were born an' raised huntin', on account o' our Maw an' Paw threw us outta th' house at 12 an' made us brin' home whutevah we killed, cuss it all t' tarnation. Thet’s whuffo' ah knows thet yer a-gonna be th' hunted Chattanooga, we is gonna hunt yo' down an' then th' real fight will be between me an' Dukey on who gits t'claim yer hol'!

We will see ya in th' rin' fellas.

The scene fades out and shit.

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