Title: Not Responsible
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: November 6th, 2015
Location: Bondi Beach
Show: Proving Grounds ep.6

The Princess Sapphire was sailing along the Pacific Ocean, making some stops here and there for the people to explore the islands that the ocean has to offer. For being on a cruise, you cannot just sit on the ship where everyone’s going to be bunched up in places. Sabrina hoped they would stop at an island because being on this cruise was driving her nuts because her wrestling match was not for a couple of days.


Eventually, the cruise would stop near Bondi Beach. That was one of the places the cruise has to offer and it was one of the places that Sabrina wanted to check out before heading back on the ship. The people on the ship were getting off with some of the UTA workers coming up behind her. One of them pushed Sabrina out of the way.


Baker: Goddamn! Next time, say excuse me instead of shoving me!


That person was already long gone and Sabrina kept on walking and finally got to the beach. She looked around as the beauty around her was glowing. She walked on the sand, pulled out the towel that was giving to her, laid it down and sat on it.


Baker: What can I say? This place looks beautiful, but I’m sure my opponent won’t even get to see the beauty of it this.


What if he was actually on this island? What if Sabrina saw him? She had to think of a place to hide in case she saw El Trebol Jr.


Baker: You see El Trebol Jr., I saw what you had to say about me right after I cut everything I had to say about our match while giving a warning on how your first match could end up at Proving Ground.


She looks at the water where the people are running in and playing around roughly, she leaned to the side and cracked her neck.


Baker: It seems like that went through your head leading to the comment with you referring me to a doll. Trebol, I may look like a doll, but I’m far from being your typical Barbie doll that smiles all the time. I’m far from you typical American Girl doll that has a history behind her.


She stands up.


Baker: What didn’t you get regarding the point? Yeah, I may have “named dropped” a few people that I went against because I wanted YOU to watch those matches that I was in to get an idea, but nope. It had to turn into me being a doll which would then end up being the top “UTA Sweetheart”.


She rolls her eyes. Sweetheart. That was something new.


Baker: Again, like the doll reference, I’m far from being the “UTA’s Sweetheart”. I don’t walk around having the fake smile and I don’t walk around befriending everyone that comes in my way. I’m far from being one nor will I ever be one.


She has a smirk on her face.


Baker: There’s also a reason why I smirk and not flash a smile. When I smile, a lot of you take it the wrong way. My smirk’s the one that you should be afraid of and it’s one of the reasons why the Baker’s shouldn’t be taking so lightly.


She moves herself on the towel before.


Baker: The smirk that the Baker’s like to give is a smirk that represents danger. Danger knowing that we will come after you. You say it’s atrocious and scary, but I say it’s pretty damn scary.


She stands up.


Baker: What’s wrong? You’re afraid of me and want me to play the “nice Sabrina” for once and welcome you in your first American Promotion? Do you want the “Nice” lady from Columbus, Ohio to give you the proper welcome?


She cracks her neck again.


Baker: My answer is…..NO!


She moves her towel to the side.


Baker: If you THINK that’s going to happen, then you have another thing coming. I’m not in charge of the UTA welcoming committee because if I was, I would send you back to where you came from!


Sabrina keeps on standing still.


Baker: As for the comment with throwing you into the Ocean, I did say that and I really mean it! Sure it wasn’t nice, but I don’t give a damn. I refuse to let someone come in this place pretending they could walk over me.


People are coming up and walking back to the cruise.


Baker: Trebol, you better hope and pray that I’m in a good mood on Monday after all of the stuff that’s happening on the cruise because if not, your first match is going to be hell for you.


More people are walking up towards the ship as they brush past Sabrina.


Baker: Don’t think for a moment that it’s going to be easy for you because it won’t be. When I got rid of Ahad, I had a mission to start a winning streak and I didn’t care who I had to face off against to get it rolling! I don’t care if I have to break someone’s neck!


She’s the only one left on the beach as she goes back towards the ship.


Baker: At Proving Ground, you will find out the HARD way, Trebol. You will find how hard it is to EVEN be in a promotion like this to start a winning streak!


She keeps on walking up on the ramp and finally turns back. The ship announcement comes on.


Announcement: The ship will be leaving in five minutes! Anyone not on the ship will have to book a flight to the destination they want to take! We’re not responsible for anything!


Sabrina looks up and smirks.


Baker: Like that announcement just said. I’m not responsible for anything that will happen to you! You came in this match and took me lightly because at the end of our match, it’s going to be me looking at you and waving a number “two” in your face, signaling that you’re my second victim!


The cruise starts to move along as Sabrina goes back to her room. Some strong thoughts were said. El Trebol needs to watch out.


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