Title: Can I Do This?
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: November 8, 2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

"I can't fucking do this."

The sound of disappointment saturates his voice. After not only losing his match against Kendrix, but having the Ace in the hole briefcase stolen as well, how could he possibly turn it around against a man he has never beaten?

"Maybe Don Owens was right all those years ago, maybe this was never meant to be."

Fade in on a hotel room in Tokyo, Japan. Standing inside the room while looking out onto the balcony, Sean Jackson blinks repeatedly and takes a deep breath.

"Sure, I've finally won a few world championships. I've even managed to convince myself of being one of the greatest of all time..."

He bites his lower lip, signaling the stress running through his body.

"But what have I done to deserve that distinction?"

The Texas native closes his eyes, lowers his head ever so slightly, before slipping a hand thru his hair.

"I couldn't beat Blanca..."

Even though his eyes open, the former Dynasty member's head stays lowered. The feeling of defeat and shame flooded over him, he had trusted his brother to do the right thing, to wait his turn and when it didn't happen, Sean lost everything.

"I didn't even see his plot against me...."

Frowning, the inner corners of his eyebrows are drawn in and upwards as the lower lip pouts.

"And because of that, I should have walked away..."

His head snaps up as a flash of anger races to the surface. With his eyebrows squeezed together and eyelids tight and straight, the former world champion's nostrils flared...

"Leaving the bullshit behind me."

But he didn't, instead allowing the lure of Ring King to cloud his judgement.

"I should have told the world to kiss my ass as I walked out the door, but I didn't."

Stepping out onto the balcony, Sean feels the warmth of the sun streaming down on his face.

"Instead, I chose to enter my name into the Ace in the hole match. I chose to enter my name because I knew I would win, I knew I would get the chance to end Eduardo's world championship reign..."

His legs were stiff, still sore from the intense workout from earlier in the morning. It would be a sensation better accepted with championship gold, but that was beyond his control at the moment.

"But because of one man..."

The anger changes to contempt as a single corner of his mouth is drawn inward and up.

"That being you Jason Cashe...."

The feeling portrayed by Sean Jackson is unmistakable. Had it not been for Cashe, the former Dynasty member would be standing on top of the UTAverse for an unprecedented third time.

"A golden opportunity was wasted."

For the second time in his career, and in a second company, Jason Cashe had ripped a world championship from his grasp.

"So now we find ourselves in Tokyo, Japan. In front of what promises to be thousands of fans, looking forward to a match which includes a little something extra..."

A grudge.

"A war involving two men that legitimately hate one another. A blood feud forged by a man hell-bent on feeding his own jealousy..."

The only man who connects Sean Jackson and Jason Cashe together.

"That being Dan Benson."

As the native of Texas makes his way to the railing, he leans over the railing and watches as thousands of people carry on in the rush-hour pedestrian traffic.

"I can't fucking do this, can I?"

Even as the question leaves his lips, his eyes are fixed and the eyebrows slightly raised. The Mental Rapist may look like he was concentrating on the crowd below, but his attention was solely on his opponent and special guest referee.

"The odds are always going to be stacked against me, isn't it?"

While still looking at the sea of humanity below him, the former Dynasty member cocks his head to one side.

"Dan Benson finally comes back, after walking out all those months ago, and is rewarded with being the referee in our match..."

Mr. Ace In The Hole smirks.

"But I'm sure you didn't have anything to do with that, did you Cashe?"

With the way everything is shaking out, the former world champion should be intimidated, but isn't. Sure the odds were stacked against him, but he overcame the odds at All Or Nothing just as he overcame them at Ring King.

"You just so happen to show up in Cairo, purchase a ticket..."

Finger quotes.

"And shock the world by preventing my cash in. Then suddenly, Benson gets announced as the referee in our match."

The Texas native curls his index finger to touch the thumb forming an almost perfect circle as the other fingers are stretched outward.

"Yeah okay, I can see where you would think that plausible. But to think for one second that I'm buying the coincidences is a mistake on your part."

There is a reassuring smile forming that screams of not buying any of it.

"Now granted, I have never wrestled in the Tokyo Dome. I have seen plenty of matches on video, but never experienced it on my own. But Jason, if you think I don't see the red flag in all this, that I've got the blinders on because just getting here is a major accomplishment...."

Slowly the former Dynasty member is convincing himself that he can do it.

"Then you are sadly mistaken. I have studied the culture here over the years, waiting for my chance to walk down that ramp, to enter that ring in front of those legendary fans...."

That a victory over Jason Cashe, in the Tokyo Dome would be the medicine to erase the misery of not only losing to Kendrix, but losing the briefcase to Dynasty.

"And I'll be damned if I disappoint them by falling victim to the likes of you and Benson. Those traditionalists who pay good money to see the pure side of this sport, the true meaning of two men battling it out for supremacy in the ring..."

Mr. Ace In The Hole abruptly stops, his eyes widen.

"All flushed down the toilet because you and Benson are jealous of what I've accomplished."

A slow nodding of the head ensues as he has Cashe and Benson all figured out. In true to form UTA fashion, someone is looking to screw Sean Jackson over once again.

"You both came here for a reason, I get that. Benson thinks he can finally avenge his past and you..."

There is that million dollar smile.

"You are nothing more than his tool. A man who honestly thinks he will leave Tokyo unscathed. Well Jason, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you don't know Dan like I do."

Cunningly, he starts to drop it down like an ace high royal flush. Or maybe Cashe has forgotten how this triangle got started in the first place?

"He is coming here to be something more than just a referee. He is coming here to make an impact, to leap-frog his way to the UTA World Championship, and what better way to accomplish that than at the Tokyo Dome..."

And if he has, then the Texas native was all too willing to remind him.

"Showing the two of us up?"

Sean tilts his head downward towards the camera, showing his disapproval of this triangle version 2.0.

"Well newsflash Cashe, there is no way in hell this will be version 2.0 of anything. In that other company you had the advantage of coming in and beating me three times..."

The Mental Rapist holds up three fingers. It was three matches that he had never been able to let go of, even to this day.

"Of doing something that Dan Benson could only dream of."

Without thinking, the former Dynasty member folds his arms across his chest.

"But that was then, and this is now. Earlier I started with saying that I couldn't do it, that I should have walked away when I had the chance. Well Cashe, not only am I going to beat you, I'm going to give the people of Tokyo a show."

Now beaming with pride, Mr. Ace In The Hole sends a message to his opponent by winking.

"While they sit politely in their chairs, following the harmonious symphony of our match, completely lost on them all will be my extraordinary drive to humble you..."

Bringing both fists side by side, the former world champion gives the universal bone breaking sign.

"To break you."

Once again he turns his attention towards the railing, and the people traversing the human highway on the sidewalk.

"Look at them, an organized chaos taking place under my nose. They act so pristine, so proper. But under that facade, they want blood, they want carnage..."

Indiscriminately, the Texas native begins pointing at people still walking by the hotel.

"They want a little shock to their culture, every one of them."

After placing both hands on the railing, one last time he turns his attention towards the camera and his opponent for International Affair.

"Can I do that?"

The former Dynasty member slowly nods his head.

"You're damn right I can...."

A slight pause.

"All I have to do is slap Benson right in the mouth..."

The scene begins to fade.

"As soon as I'm finished with you."



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