Title: Selling the WTFC Fight Club
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 11/11/15
Location: Athens, Georgia, USA
Show: International Affair 2015

Haynes: "Ya know I'd like t' keep this place, but that ain't really an option anymore."

With the flip of a switch the lights above the floor of the WTFC Fight Club are illuminated. Instead of showing off an impressive amount of free weights and Nautical equipment, the gym is barren. All that's left is the ring that Haynes had installed, even that is being sold off for parts. It's currently in a state of transit, being broken down to ship out.

Haynes: "I would'a liked t' hang on t' this property. Maybe get a' hold a' someone that could'a run it for me till I wanted t' take over. But I can't do that now.

"This was my retirement plan, for when I wanted out the game. But I can't do that now. My plan was stolen from me. The rug pulled out from right underneath my feet."

Haynes is walking towards the ring. Heading from the back where the light switch is. He shakes his head. He still can't believe the situation he's currently in.

Haynes: "And who stole it, Mikey? Who stole it? Who took it form me n' didn't even know it?"

Obvious answer time, boys and girls.

Haynes: "You did, Mikey. You did."

Haynes reaches the ring. He sits on the steel steps staring at the camera. Black t-shirt, tan pants, and trainers. His hair still short. He runs a hand over the back of his neck.

Haynes: "The reason I gotta get rid a' this place, n' take the money straight t' the bank is cause I get creditors knockin' down my front door ever since I got outta the hospital. Didn't think a' that when you're livin' in that glass house up on your high horse, now did ya chief?"

Haynes shakes his head. 

Haynes: "Of course ya didn't think 'bout the cost a' things, Mikey. Why would you? Hell you probably don't even know the price of a gallon a' milk. When you were in the hospital, followin' that Team Danger match, who do you think footed that bill, Mikey? You think your insurance covered all a' that? Nah, of course not. The THRILL reached int' his own pocket n' took care of it. Outta the kindess a' my God damned heart, Mikey.

"What Bobby did t' you, the way your neck hit that canvas - it was scary. I wanted you t' get back on your feet as quick as possible. I knew you had that movie shoot comin' up. Didn't wanna see you miss out on the payday. Miss out on your big break. So I helped out. That's what friends do, Mikey. Take note a' that."

Haynes looks off towards the door. No one there yet. He pulls out his iPhone and checks the time. The guy is running late to take these keys. 

Haynes: "Mikey, the more I look at things, the more I realize that there's only one single person you give a single damn about. YOURSELF.

"You don't care what happens t' anyone else, long as you get yours. Well buddy, you're about to get yours. Yours n' then some come International Affair.

"N' lemme tell you somethin' driving my fist int' your face is gonna feel good - real good."

Haynes nods his head. Postive visualization, just like at the latest Victory - Mikey's face Will's fist. Rinse and repeat.

Haynes: "Ya see, Mikey, right before you tossed me off the stage like a rag doll, Eric Dane dropped me flat on my head. Right on the canvas, really caught me good.

"Doctors ruled me out of Ring King right then n' there but I didn't wanna hear it. I was gonna try t' work my way back, get a second opinion.

"That second opinion never got heard, Mikey. You tossed me off the stage the next week n' that was that."

Haynes brushes his hands against one another, washing them of his Ring King title dreams. Some might say they were gone the second he stepped foot in the ring with Alex Beckman.

Haynes: "I spent that whole month tryin' t' get back. Any available time I had was dedicated int' gettin' back in the ring t' face you. I didn't care what anythin' cost. I didn't care who was payin' or what my insurance would cover. I did whatever I needed t' do t' get back t' these fans. Them International cats they deserved t' see me, deserved t' see one a' the best talents in the UTA today."

Haynes nods his head confident in himself. He has trained hard for this match, worked himself to the bone almost. There was no way he was leaving Japan with a loss. He wouldn't let it happen.

Haynes: "N' at International Affair, Mikey, them International fans, as well as those watchin' in countless places 'round the world they're gonna see exactly what type a' person you are. They're gonna see WHO you are when all the cards are on the table, Mikey. They're gonna hear you say the words.

"They're gonna hear you quit.

"It's gonna be great, Mikey.

"It's going to be great to shatter your ego LIVE on Pay Per View. "

Haynes smiles at the thought of Mikey saying the words.

Haynes: "Maybe then, you'll understand what it's like to lose everythin' you've worked for."

Haynes looks off into the distance, through one of the windows letting in some bright Georgia sunlight.

Haynes: "Mikey, your ego is the biggest thing you got goin'. Your head can't even fit in half the doors a' these arenas we wrestle at.

"You're makin' money hand over fist, which was a dream a' yours when we first got together. You weren't makin' crap back then.

"You've got the girl. N' honestly the two a' you deserve one another. For life. Ya really do.

"Ya got the friends. All them boys in Dynasty, runnin' 'round actin' like their somethin', when truth be told they ain't been nothin' in months. N' now without Sean Jackson to give them instant credibility, they seem like a watered down drink - least from where I'm sittin'.

"But Mikey, I got somethin' that you don't have. There's one thing you ain't quite taken from me yet. N' I showed you a glimpse a' that last Victory."

He taps his chest.

Haynes: "I got spirit, Mikey. Moxie. Balls. Courage. I ain't gonna let you or any other egghead that's on this roster scare me, not for two little seconds. 

"I'm driven, kid. Driven t' show the world that even though he's got the Hollywood money, even though he stole my girl, even though he bankrupted me, even though he's runnin' round with a group that defined this federation for months, Mikey Unlikely still bleeds red - just like the rest a' us."

Haynes smiles.

Haynes: "Must kill you t' be so normal, Mikey. You probably want green blood, maybe blue. But nah, red. Just like the rest a' us. N' hell Mikey, I'll prove what color your blood is at the Pay Per View. Count on that. 

"I'm gonna bust you open. I'm gonna take you t' the limit. I'm gonna make sure you have nothin' left, Mikey. When I'm done with you, done with my tactical revenge, my unique brand a' justice, you'll be left t' pick up the pieces a' your life.

"You'll be dazed, Mikey. Hell maybe even confused. You'll be wonderin' how lil' ol' Will Haynes was able t' come in n' embarrass you - the Movie Star - on an international stage."

Haynes closes his eyes, picturing it.

Haynes: "I wish it didn't have t' come t' this, Mikey. I wish we could just ya know - hug it out, E and Ari style, but those days have long since passed. You won't listen t' reason, so maybe you'll understand action, maybe you'll understand force.

"That's why I jumped you, Mikey, cause the time for talkin' is through. It's finally time for me t' get my hands on you. N' Mikey, it ain't gonna be pretty. Japan is gonna hate us when we're done, but who the hell cares.

"You're mine in a few days, Mikey. All mine."

Finally the door opens and in steps a large man. He has sunglasses on. He takes them off, allowing his eyes to adjust.

Haynes: "Looks like this guy finally decided t' show up. Take a good look around, the last time you'll ever see this place. Mikey, only a few more days - get them affairs in order."

The scene fizzles out as Haynes goes to complete the sale of the gym. 

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