Title: [CD] International Affair will be WAR
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 11/9/2015
Location: Tokyo Japan

Japan, the land of the Rising Sun, has been home of some of the finest wrestlers, martial artists, as well as illegal pit fights thought the years. In Japan wrestling is taken seriously, almost like a religious following. One man in the UTA knows this all too well, yes Dan Benson one time was part of Japanese legacy.


(We open up at a small hazed filled gym. There is a wrestling ring setup in the middle of the floor. There are two unknown Japanese wrestlers showing off their puroresu skills. During the squabble in the ring we see Dan wearing his ref. gear, white and black stripped shirt, black pants. Outside of the ring is rookie UTA referee Mickey O’Conner.)


O’Conner: Good job Dan, make sure you keep your emotions out of the match and focus on the rules of the ring. Whatever decision you decide can make or break a matchup.)


(We see an irish whip into the ropes, as one of the men bounce off the rope right into a rake of the eyes by his opponent. A small grin comes across Dan’s face as he watches on.)


O’Conner (Yelling): Dan, get down here I need to discuss something with you.


(Dan calls the match and the Japanese wrestlers exit the ring He follows and meets up with O’Conner)


Dan: Whew, that is a hard job you have there in the ring.


O’Conner: What are you doing? There was a blain tent rake to the eyes there and you just stood there watching on.


Dan: Oh? Isn’t that a legal move?


O’Conner: NO!  As long as you have been wrestling even you should know it is illegal.


Dan: Huh, nobody ever told me it was illegal.


O’Conner: I have never seen you do that.


Dan(grins): Exactly!


(O’Conner hands Dan a book. The title of this book is “Greco-Roman Wrestling (Throws & Takedowns) by Geoff Thompson”): Here I want you to read through this this evening and we will meet here tomorrow.


(O’Conner heads away from the ringside area, Benson tosses the book down then approaches the camera)


Dan: As you can see I am doing my share in preparing for the big match between 4CW’s extreme champion Jason Cashe and UTA’s Sean Jackson. In my opinion neither one deserves the credit they are receive.


(Dan holds up his left hand)

In one hand you have Jason Cashe. He is nothing more than some pile of trash from some knock off wannabe fed. He thought he was ready for the spotlight. However, the weight of the WWA World championship was much too heavy for him to carry. He couldn’t bear the stress knowing I was after him, and he ran back to a league that was worthy of his limited one dimensional style. I don’t blame him one bit returning back to an organization with a bunch of talent who is within his league.


(Dan lowers his left hand, then raises his right hand.)


In this hand you have Sean Jackson. A coward much like Jason. Jackson ran from the NeWA with the world championship right after I arrived there. Doing that he shattered my final dream of ever becoming the NeWA world heavyweight champion.  So I went on pursuit followed him to the WWA. He embarrassed the organization when he dropped the championship to Jason Cashe. Long story short, I faced Jackson, and he couldn’t defeat me, he faced Cashe and couldn’t defeat him. Why is he even involved in this match?


Hell for that matter Jackson has never competed in Japan before. What is that? A former world champion who hardly even toured the world? I have competed in the Tokyo Dome in front of a crowd of 45,000 fans at WfWA’s International War. In an attempt to unify the WfWA North American Championship with the WfWA World Television championship came to a crashing halt when R.J. Harris came in and messed it all up. But that is another story for another time.


My fingers in Japan go even deeper after becoming AWA All-Asian champion defending that in places such as Korea, and again in Japan.  Hell, even my basic training before my professional debut was two years getting my ass beat up in the back dojos week in and week out. Does that burn you just a little bit Jackson? Maybe you are slightly envious of me? Who knows maybe I will jump to the top of the UTA and become champion of the world. Who knows Jason, maybe I’ll take a good ol tour of 4CW and capture that championship. Would that make you envious?


My feelings aside, I wish you both good luck on your match.


(Dan bends down and picks up the book.)


Make sure you follow the rules, or I will ‘Shock’ your world. Now I have some studying to do.


(The camera scene fades to darkness as Benson walks away from the ringside.)


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