Title: Staring At A Wall
Featuring: Jason Cashe
Date: 11/10/2015
Location: Michigan, US
Show: International Affair 2015

The last few weeks have been big for Jason Cashe. One could point out his debut appearance in UTA as the start of things. He hadn't hinted at coming, he wanted it to remain a surprise to those who didn't know him or knew him but didn't expect he'd show up in UTA. Sean Jackson and him had a history, short lived and one sided if you ask the right people. He was after all 2-0 against Jackson. Even Dan Benson had been defeated once or twice by Cashe but that was in the past. This appearance, this arrival wasn't about the past. It was about the now.

"I prevented a Cash In. How did that feel Jackson?"

Since that night, Cashe and Jackson have brawled backstage, taken verbal jabs at one another. Then things simmered down, at least since the match at International Affairs had been announced.

"You giving Benson another Golf Club to hit me with like the first time we scrapped? Tell him to get that Driver ready."

Attacking, embarrassing Sean Jackson wasn't the only thing Cashe had done in the business. It was just the start of big things. He went onto become the 4CW Extreme Champion in a "Warzone" match, a Cage with a Ladder on it's roof with the 4CW Championship hanging from above. The Extreme Title on the line via pins and 8 people involved in the carnage. Cashe chose "Moments" as his reason for being in the match, not Championships but pulling Bronx Valescence off the Cage with a UTI, they crashed through a table below and Cashe's arm was laid out over Bronx. He became a Champion once again. Former Three Time 4CW Champion was now in the Extreme Business.

"Will you handle the violence I WILL provide in Tokyo?"

Taking a few days off to heal up, he returned to the ring at Boardwalk Wrestling's "Ring Royalty" as a Special Referee. Brought in to help hold back Unstable from causing trouble, he was to officiate CJ O'Donnell versus Pat Gordon Jr in an Internet Title Bout. Surprising everyone, Jason Cashe helped CJ defend his Title and joined the Super Group, Unstable. This was becoming a Homerun Derby and he was taking big swings.

"You become to ball thrown over Home plate. I'm on a roll...You're head will see left field. Trust."

Slowing down wasn't in his plans even when he often didn't have too many plans planned out a head of time. He was very random with his actions and only sought after the "Highs" of life he has been addicted too for a long part of his career now. Give or take the last 7-8 years. Something he came to realize back in Action Packed Wrestling where he was an almost 2 Time Grand Slam Champion. Not even close to being done by anyone in their long history.

"This isn't APW, SCW, 4CW, or even WWA is it Sean? This is UTA. How far can I cross the line? Can I beat you until your last breath? Would that be frowned upon because as much as I love a good fight...I love feeling the life draining, faded from not only your muscles as they tense up and release but the pupils of your eyes show and tell that same story of emptiness. I want that with you, the orgasm of Professional Wrestling and I'm seeking it...Are you ready to go there Sean?"

The question was why Cashe needed to come see Sean Jackson again. He had beaten him, taken a Title from him. In some ways, he took the NeWA Championship that Jackson probably STILL claims he never lost. It had turned to the WWA Title and guess where that ended up at some dead dude's Memorial Tournament?

"No offense to the dead but soon you might see the cousin of death as I put your ass close to coma type of sleep. You got good insurance, family support? I know Dynasty ain't lending any helping hands these days. You alone while in a burp, fart combination I can get ALL of Unstable invading. Zip, zip, that's that...Body bag!"

All the recent success, fun that Cashe has been having didn't mean he didn't have a weakness. He was never the one to call himself the best at anything, he just finds ways to inflict and take what is given. Taking it to the jaw, he was more concerned with the fight than the wins and losses but beating someone like Sean Jackson, he found a guilty pleasure in knowing it bothered the "Mental Rapist".

"If you the mental rapist then for all purposes, I must be the Physical Rapist! Bend over because ONCE again I will make you my BITCH! Bet that!"

The mention of his "bitch" reminded him of Niobe Martin. He had been seeing her for a little bit now. Successful in her own right, she had been the Fate Champion. Formerly the Underground Title, it had become a new Show in 4CW and Niobe was at the top. He liked her on top..

"Sorry ladies but the Two Tooth Missing Charisma is taken now! No more making all the female fans into Faucets. Creaming as I fill the pie. Feel me?"

"Shut up! Who are you talking too!?"

The female voice had to belong to Niobe Martin. The smile on his face showed he was messing with her as she enters the living room of their Hotel room. Sitting in a recliner facing a blank wall, Cashe looks back as Niobe passes behind him. She slaps him upside the back of his head as she enters the kitchen.

"Sorry Lady Girl, I seen you coming! You know I had to throw out some bragging, pads the ego. It's a guy thing.."

"Are you cutting that for UTA? When is your flight?"

She opens the refrigerator as she asks him. She knew of the match and it's location but she wasn't sure or couldn't remember when it took place.

"After Adrenaline. So Wednesday night, more Thursday morning. The flight is for 2 AM Thursday. I've only been to Tokyo once before, I'm hyped!"

"Seafood or Kinky Porn?"


He twists around in the recliner to face her more as he questions what she asked. She giggles and makes things a bit more clear.

"What will you do first after landing? Seafood or Kinky Porn stuff?"

"Whaaa!? Me? I dunno, not really into the Asians. Sexual anyways. Just doesn't do it for me so it'll probably be a food spot. Hit up one of the Wrestling Dojos over there for some of that rare training. Fuckers can COMPETE in Japan! Can't pass up on that right.."

"Uh Huh...So this is going down Wednesday right? You ready for Unstable?"

That question came with an obvious answer. She knew the answer and he didn't feel the need to acknowledge it. He stared at the blank wall he had been sitting in front of just letting his thoughts flow, his words on occasion break free verbally.

"Wow...silence huh? I feel bad for this Sean Jackson guy...You don't give so much attention and focus to someone you like."

She left the kitchen and disappeared back in the room of the Hotel. Cashe stayed staring at the wall. Again his thoughts playing out in his head, remembering the excitement of Fright Night where he became Extreme Champion. He snickered a bit as his words came out, his tongue rolls over his dry lips. He had a clear case of cotton mouth. Odds are he had been toking on the sticky and green.

"I don't dislike Bronx ya know? The guy I pulled off the top of that cage, did you see it Sean? You should. See I don't hate that dude, I kind of liked him the moment he left Galveston Island Wrestling. That wasteland of corrupt politics and C-Rated Actors playing roles in a business that should remain ACTION and violence."

Running his fingers through his head of hair, he smooths it back. Smacking his lips, he sits up in the recliner, kicking down the foot extension.

"I don't like you though...Sean, I never have. The very moment I seen you as WWA World Champion. The moment that I knew you were the prize for winning that Tournament I didn't like you. It wasn't because you were holding a Title I wanted, I've never truly CARED about Championship reigns unless having it means someone I dislike can't have it. That's my truth, I'm an asshole like that.

I did that to you but only after I came to realize that you were just a piece of punk shit! You and your arrogance, your high and mighty freakin' attitude! You thought like so many before you that you were the IT of this business and that hasn't changed but what has changed is you apparently FORGOT that someone common, someone with regular struggles, someone who came up rags to riches, EARNING their place in this business while you just assumed it was yours...You forgot that I beat you. You forgot that I was your better in every move you made when we fought.

How many people came to your aid? How many tried to help remove me Sean? How many will come out during IA? I'm ready for it, I've never needed or sought help because I have TAKEN and handed out ass beatings at every The difference between me and you is that while you've schemed and plotted, I've fought and survived the plots. You plan, you plan WELL for this match because it will take...Ohhh boy, it will take something special. Something out of the box type shit to beat me Sean. Not because I am looking to pin you...I'm not, I'm looking to break you.

You worry about a stolen Briefcase? Don't be, forget about it altogether because after this match you won't be able to cash it in. Dynasty will have been given a gift by the hands of a man that is going to cross lines, break the glass ceiling in order to take you as high up as we can go before dropping you right on your god damn head!

This victory....

This will solidify my place FOREVER over you when people speak on the names that have shined in this business. Three and Ohhhh.....That's the reality Sean."

Standing up from the recliner, still eyes on the bare wall, Cashe eyes it like it was Sean Jackson himself standing there staring back at him.

"Can you feel it? Coming in the Air not Tonight but in Tokyo..On November 18th the air will be filled with a different thickness, a different smell, taste. For on that night it won't just be Jason Cashe versus Sean Jackson. It won't be "The Troubled One" versus "The Mental Rapist" but it will be Houston versus Dallas in an Asian scene. The fans there won't be disappointed as they sit calm as we tear into each other. Cheering only in claps, not as wild as the fans here in the States but far more expecting of a showdown and they will get that and more!

This will be a defining moment. You will either find a way to surprise me or I will tear you apart. Biting, scratching, clawing my way into your chest, trying to reach the heart that beats inside you. Only then when I feel it beating, thumping it's final vibration will I stop coming at you in this match...Heh..

You want me gone? Beat me. Show me things are different because I don't believe you CAN. You think Dan Benson changes things? I seen you on Twitter complaining, hell why you crying? He hit ME during our match last time. He might dislike you but I also stepped over him to get to you. I took out BOTH WWA's stars in one night remember? Who does he hate more, ask yourself.

The guy can't comprehend that it wasn't that I couldn't "carry" the WWA Championship but rather I wasn't going to sink with the sinking ship. I PAWNED that Championship and only got 300 bucks for it! You had it last and what happened to the company Benson?"

His head turning slight to the right as if looking from Sean Jackson to Dan Benson.

"Fact is I stomped you and I bitch slapped Sean Jackson. THAT Happened regardless if either of you want to accept it as fact. Hell Benson if you want to get yourself lumped the fuck up, please see me AFTER this match with Sean. Don't get involved, do your JOB! Because I don't even NEED to bring up how you coming into UTA became your magic trick. You disappeared fast as hell when you got here so where do you get off talking about where I come from? UTA like 4CW is among the ELITE in this business! Fuck HOW, fuck SCW, fuck Galveston while we're at it and a BIG fuck you to MWA and the Freedumbs of the world!"

A tight fist pump in the air as he calls out his declaration! He smiles, showing the gap where his top front teeth are missing. That smile fades as he peers at the bare wall, back and forth between the two imaginary people he is speaking too.

"Come International Affair, SOMEONE is going to feel pain. Someone is going to potentially bleed. Someone is going to cry out and the fans in Tokyo, the people watching at home...They will see someone get fucked up! Plain and simple. Roll the dice, see who scores and who rolls snake eyes. I'm not a betting man but Sean, I'd never bet on you."

Slowly, his stare moves back to the "Dan Benson" side of the wall..

"Benson.....Don't fuck up...Or do...either way I get entertained. I'll beat my hands up against both your faces if need be! Make your smile bones looking a lot like mine if ya play the right cards, piss off the right nerves. Who KNOWS what will happen! We heading to Tokyo! Wooo! I'm excited! See ya there boys!"

His expression had changed from serious to this happy and hyper bounce. He was full spirits lifted, ready to go. To him, he had climbed on a Bullet Train and it was making a stop in Tokyo. Turning from the wall, he almost skipped towards the bedroom, shouting out to prepare Niobe for some fun time.

"Baby! We about ta do the WILD THANG!! Da-Da-Na-Na!!"

The Tone Loc song from the 90s is what he was mimicking as he enters the bedroom and drops his pants. The cameras fade to black as he swings the door shut behind him.

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