Title: All Costs
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: November 10th, 2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

Tokyo, Japan. One of the places where Marie wanted to wrestle in for the longest time. She got her wish and it’s about to come true. Wrestling in Japan was a huge honor and with this being a pay per view for WrestleUTA, the mission was accomplished. There was something big at stake for Marie’s match at International Affair, and it was one thing that she’s been waiting for.


The Prodigy Championship was reinstated a couple of weeks ago and the only way to win the title is climbing up a ladder. This may not be the biggest title in the company, but Marie was waiting for the longest time to finally hold some gold, but she had to go through three others to win the title. Ron Hall, the Hall of Famer. Amy Harrison, the former BFF, and Lew Smith, the Dark horse of the UTA. It was not going to be easy, but Marie wanted to make the best of this.


Marie was sitting on the benches in one of the gardens in the city and enjoying a breakfast that she bought. She was eating while enjoying the view of the city. She swallowed the food that was remaining before speaking. The last of the food went down, signaling that it was time to speak.


Van Claudio: Ah, Tokyo. One of the places that I looked forward coming to for a long time. It’s a nice city and I’m glad we’re having a show.


She smiled a bit as the cool air was going on her face.


Van Claudio: It’s also the perfect town to make some memories in, which I plan on doing because once again, I’ve received a shot at a title!


She moves around on the bench and grabs one of the petals from the trees. She hoped that nobody caught her damaging a tree.


Van Claudio: This time around, I have a chance to become the Prodigy Champion. I was wondering if this championship was ever going to come back considering the circumstances that unfortunately happened, but any chance when something big like this opens, I have to take it.


She flips her hair again.


Van Claudio: With this being a ladder match, I can see why UTA management wants us to step it up. I look at my three other opponents this week. Two of them I’m familiar with while one I wanted to be in the ring against for the longest time, two of them I can see me having a hard time with while the other one I look forward to bashing her face.


She flips her hair.


Van Claudio: Starting with Amy Harrison.


She rolls her eyes at saying her name before going back to sleep.


Van Claudio: The last time you and I were in the same ring, you got a “lucky win”. I had you where I wanted you to be and was so close to defeating you, but nope. You had to come out of nowhere and put me in misery for the time being, however, I would laugh at the fact that you had your skull bashed in the gauntlet.


She smirks again.


Van Claudio: If you would’ve won it all, I would made myself puke. Then on the last Victory, I saw you face off against a nutjob that thinks he’s undefeated!  Out of all of these people that you could’ve faced off against to earn a shot, you faced off against a joke!


She shakes her head.


Van Claudio:  As for you even being in this match, why are you even here? You haven’t even done anything  to even be in this match! Amy, I would do yourself a favor. How about you NOT show up for this match because I refuse to let someone like you WIN a title before me. Not over my dead body!


She flips her blonde hair and goes to the next one.


Van Claudio: Onto someone that I question being in this match, and the one that has all this hype around him. Lew Smith, you’re the one I question being in this match.


She flips her hair again.


Van Claudio: Now you and I are no strangers to each other. Infact, you were the one that made me pass out a couple of months ago in a match we had. Everyone here was crazy over you! Saying that you would be the next World Champion!


She smirks a bit.


Van Claudio: You did “become” champion, but it was only for a brief hot moment. Ever since then, you cooled off and all of the hype went to new stud, Cayle Murray and haven’t been able to heat back up since.


She shrugs.


Van Claudio: You did well in your match against Perfection, but that was it and you haven’t been seen since. Lew, you’re better than Amy Harrison for a reason, you deserve to be in this match. Bring back the Lew Smith that everyone was talking about! Bring back the one that we looked forward seeing in ring!


She folds her legs like a lady.


Van Claudio: If not, then the only thing they’ll remember you for is being the biggest collapse there was!


She puts a smirk on her face before going to the last person.


Van Claudio: The final person in this list happens to be Ron Hall.


Marie’s face lights up as she mentions him, but she has to get serious.


Van Claudio: Ron, I’m going to be honest. Out of everyone that I faced off against, you’re the one I wanted to face off against for the longest time. You’re the backbone of this company and you’re apart of the Hall of Fame for a reason. It’s a true honor to face off against you in this big match….


Marie takes a deep breath before she has to say to get it out there.


Van Claudio: ….But I have to beat you in this match to get the championship.


She keeps a stern look on her face.


Van Claudio: I don’t want to make this personal between you and I because there is one personal feud in this match to begin with. You’ve accomplished everything that you’ve done in this place and got the honor for it. I have a lot of things to accomplish like winning my first title, and I don’t need someone that's already accomplished a lot to take something I want!


Marie sits down as she goes to see if there’s anything else to say.


Van Claudio: We may not be the most talked about match for this show and we may not have hyped it up the way we wanted to, but all four of us have one goal and that is to become the NEW Prodigy Champion, but out of everyone here.


She holds four fingers before folding it into one and points it to her.


Van Claudio: I want the gold the most. I’ve waited long enough and watched everyone else that came after me hold gold before I did. This has been a year in the making and I plan on walking out of the ladder match…..


She puts her hand to the side before finishing.


Van Claudio: …..The New Prodigy champion!


She takes one more breath


Van Claudio: I will bust my ass at all costs to get this title around me!


Marie takes one more look at the garden before walking back to her hotel room as the scene ends.

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