Title: My Training...Started Here...
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 11/11/15
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo
Show: International Affair 2015

Fading in from black and camera drags close to the ground, capturing what appears to be a forest of moving legs. The noise pollution, dominated by hundreds, maybe even thousands of Japanese voices, clips the mic on the camera. Following a pair of legs, shrouded by white gi trousers captures the corner of the recording cameras view, which comes to the crossing of a busy road, cars and mopeds zoom past as people make the risk of crossing, as if they are either late for work or for an appointment. The white gi figure waits at the crossing patiently. A voice overdubs all the noise.

???: Alot of people die crossing these roads because they do not have the patience to wait.

Car horns beep at the rushing amounts of people, the camera jars and raises above chest height, it bounces like it's being rested heavily on a shoulder and the camera focuses in on the range of heads bobbing up and down, side to side. The colours of each individual's hair sway between one another as panning in from the left is a long blond-haired man, still waiting for the crossing to change.

???: Any road for that matter. It's funny. How one can put themselves in so much danger if they rush into things.

The man looks left and right. The hair moves enough to reveal that the man is indeed Lew Smith, The Ominous Angel. Standing still at the crossing, numerous people walk around him and the cameraman as he continues to wait.

Lew: Many people have been waiting to hear from me. Thinking that time is running short for me to take action, to show myself between training, leisure and wrestling. Time, when it bides, it beholds the greatest of bounties to those who wait.

Lew looks up at the crossing which finally turns over. The vehicles stop and he makes a move along with the hundreds surrounding him.

L: To those who take things with impatience will be their downfall.

Lew crosses the road amongst the crowd and continues to head down the footpath. The camera following behind Lew now, the back of his head the centre of the shot.

L: It's only in certain situations where timing is everything, linking it to wrestling of course, if you wait until the very end to make the match winning strike, like I did with La Flama Blanca for the UTA World Championship, it could grant you everything. But there are times where the opponent is not prepared, flipping that system entirely. Where the swiftest of decisions could lead to the win.

Lew turns down a smaller pathway, the camera follows.

L: Which, in turn is dangerous.

Lew stops and looks around at the signs, which the camera follows up on.

L: Some lucky few make it across the street...where others...

A loud beep and silent bump can be heard in the background from the roads.


Lew hangs his head as minor screams of panic can be heard echoing, the cameraman dares to turn but follows Lew instead down various roads and alleyways for around twenty minutes.

L: Here, this is where it all started.

Lew turns up to a quaint little dojo in the city.

L: Well, maybe not EXACTLY where it started's country of origin.

Lew turns to the camera, finally acknowledging it.

L: My karate, Wado Ryu. The man that made it all possible for me, Tatsuo Suzuki. Born in nineteen twenty eight, died in two thousand eleven. One of the men responsible for bringing Wado Ryu to Europe, most notably, England. I remember the day I received a lesson from him amongst hundreds of other students in a medium sized hall in Fleet. That man was an inspiration to me. Took time out of his day at the end of the session to get a photo with me. The first, last and only time I ever saw him in person...and it's captured in a photo.

Lew smiles.

L: And that's when I was a kid, I knew he was important but never knew he was THAT important.

Lew's smile drops.

L: Which brings me to the point of being here. At a dojo, in Japan. It's bringing what I give to the UTA full circle. My whole karate experience started here, again, not specifying where we are right now, but a style that was created, taught and spread across the world, to be learned by an Englishman, who brought it to a wrestling company who now gets to use it back in it's home country for a title shot. It blows my mind. It absolutely does.

Lew turns and faces the dojo for a short time.

L: There's a reason for my media hiatus, if people want to call it that. Things have...changed slightly.

Lew signals the camera man to follow him again.

L: Due to a few complications at home, we're now waiting for Hayley's passport to be renewed. So, Jordan has decided to stay with her in England whilst that gets sorted...which will be for a few weeks knowing how long the bloody system sort renewals. So, I am alone here in Japan. For now, anyways. I have been assigned a cameraman to follow me, nearly everywhere I go. Mainly the first few days I'm here. We arrived not long ago and sorted out hotel rooms and whatnot so at least I get to document my arrival and settlement but, this is most important of my updates.

Lew nods and tries to call for a taxi.

L: So, whilst I attempt to get us back to the Tokyo Dome Hotels, I suppose I should continue to get caught up with my schedule for this trip. As we all know, International Affair is right around the corner. A incredible event, jam-packed full of neat surprises. A huge number of matches, nearly all titles on the line and the revival of a dead championship, which was patiently waited for by the slightly lower-tiered wrestlers like myself to strive for. It's no secret, my quality has been wavering a bit since the start of the year. A few wins to shoot me up to ten on the UTA Power Rankings, according to the website, only to be dropped down, disappointingly, by my own misguided sense of "skill" to number twenty one. Although, I do admit, time and time again there was something missing from myself when I went into those matches and every outcome was very much deserved. Ten losses in a row does not cut it and there's no excuse...

Lew is continuously unsuccessful so he decides to wait it out a little.

L: My kind that the UTA has given me and three others a nice incentive to push for a title. Once owned by the incredible Alex Beckman and one of my opponents facing me in the ring that night. The UTA Prodigy Championship. Prodigy, noun, a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities or an outstanding example of a particular quality. Now, does that sound like a title that's deserving of my name?

Lew calls for a taxi again.

L: No. Purely based off my performance of my last ten matches? No. But being one of the wrestlers in the UTA that everyone talks about, whether it's mentioning the history of VCW or I'm there in the ring, winning the UTA World Championship and having it ripped from me or just generally winning against the odds, being humiliated by the heel scum of this company or not even showing my face around the others. I...AM STILL...TALKED ABOUT. And not one other wrestler has that other than me. And that's something deserving of a title.

Lew stares deep into the camera as a taxi pulls up, the driver nods and waves for them to get in.

L: In ya get buddy.

The camera is lowered and scooches across the seats, as Lew gets in too. The camera raises up again and focuses on Lew.

L: Tokyo Dome Hotels, onegai shimasu.

Lew leans back and rests his head on the seat, sighing loudly.

L: You can go ahead and turn off the can film the Skype call with Jordan and Hayley tomorrow.

And with that the camera faces down to the cameraman's feet as it fades to black.

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