Title: In Search of Japan's Most Deadliest Creature
Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 11/14/2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan: Shinjuku Ward
Show: International Affair 2015

What is that God awful sound?

It sounds like a porcupine is having sex with a cat that has a smoker’s cough.

That awful sound that is keeping the wonderful passengers awake is everyone’s favorite, “Vacation Aficionado” Scott Stevens. I mean you can’t blame the guy catching a red eye from Chicago and to travel non-stop on United Airlines to come to Tokyo, Japan for Wrestle UTA’s International Affair pay-per-view, the guy is bound to be exhausted.

Voice: (translated from Japanese) Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, and we are preparing our approach to Haneda Airport. We will be arriving in ten minutes.

The captain informs the passengers as some wind turbulence rattles the plane and Stevens snaps to.

Lady: (translated from Japanese) Thank God, if I had to listen to that for another ten minutes I will have killed him.

The Japanese lady says to herself as Stevens begins to awaken from his slumber. As Stevens begins to wipe away the sleep from his eyes he begins to stretch out in his seat and let’s out a yawn and as he does a book that was resting on his lap falls into the aisle.

Stewardess: Sir, you dropped this.

The stewardess tells the Texan as she reaches down to pick up the book.

Stewardess: How to capture the world’s deadliest creatures.

The stewardess reads the title of the book to herself before handing it back to Stevens.

Scott Stevens: Thank you.

Stevens says as he places

Stewardess: Are you a hunter?

The woman asks with great curiosity.

Scott Stevens: No ma’am, I’m a vacation aficionado if you will.

Stewardess: Which entails what exactly?

Scott Stevens: I travel the world and tell people about great vacations they should visit, and great tourist attractions they should see and do while they are on their trip.

Stewardess: And what brings you to Japan?

Scott Stevens: The King of Monsters.

Stevens says with a smile as the captain announces over the speaker to prepare for descent.

Location: Tokyo, Japan: Haneda Airport

After fourteen consecutive hours in the air we have finally landed in Tokyo International Airport, commonly known as Haneda Airport, which is one of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area, and is the primary base of Japan's two major domestic airlines, and the middle of the airport stands Scott Stevens.

Scott Stevens: Ladies and gentlemen, it is I, Scott Stevens, your vacation aficionado to the stars and I’m here in lovely Japan to bring you one of the best tourist attractions when you travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Stevens says with a smile as the people in the airport look at him funny as they pass by to connect with their flights or take out their smart phones to record what is going on.

Scott Stevens: Japanese culture combines influences from Asia, Europe and North America, and traditional Japanese arts include crafts such as ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, swords and dolls. You also have traditional performances of bunraku, kabuki, noh, and rakugo; and other practices from the tea ceremony, martial arts, origami, and Geisha, and because of that, mainly when you first think of Japan you think of badly dubbed Ninja movies, and you can see many of those ancient temples when there was ninjas, and shoguns, and people lived by the Code of the Samurai, and an example of these temples and traditional housing that use of tatami mats and sliding doors made of wood is the Shrines of Ise. However, we didn’t travel to Japan to see ancient temples and look at a collection of swords because we are here for something bigger and deadlier.

Stevens informs the viewing audience.

Scott Stevens: You’re saying to yourself what could be bigger and deadlier than ninja assassins except for the atomic bomb that hit Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and it is true that the atomic bomb is bigger and deadlier than any sword could ever be, and that is a great tourist attraction to go to if we weren’t in Tokyo.

Stevens tells the audience his location in Japan.

Scott Stevens: Since we are in the capital of Japan, what is the biggest yet deadliest thing at the same time?

Stevens asks and takes a moment for the question to set in.

Scott Stevens: Times up. If you thought sports than you would be incorrect.

Stevens says with a shake of his head.

Scott Stevens: I can see why you would think this because of the famous Tokyo Dome that will house Wrestle UTA’s International Affair pay-per-view, and the other events that take place within it’s structure. You have to think big, and when I mean big I mean it’s bigger than any puroresu match that has taken place or will take place. It’s bigger than any mixed martial arts and kickboxing events. It’s bigger than a Yomiuri Giants baseball game, and it’s bigger than the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.

Stevens says sternly before holding up a finger to silence the audience from guessing further.

Scott Stevens: And it’s even bigger than Japan's national sport of sumo wrestling.

Stevens says towards the camera as he picks up his luggage.

Scott Stevens: Follow me ladies and gents if you want to see the greatest attraction Tokyo…..scratch that, Japan, has to offer.

Stevens motions with his head for the camera to follow him towards the train terminal.

Location: Tokyo, Japan: Shinjuku Ward

Six hundred yen and thirty minutes later on the Keikyu Line, we arrive in Shinjuku station. The doors to the red monorail slowly open, and the Texan lowers his head to avoid hitting his head and steps out.

Scott Stevens: We’re here.

Stevens says as he grabs his luggage and starts making his way through the train station to the exit.

Scott Stevens: You see this place is the center of it all.

Stevens says as he makes his way through a dozen or so

Scott Stevens: Shinjuku is a special ward located within Tokyo. It is a major commercial and administrative center, housing the busiest railway station in the world, the very one we are in.

Stevens informs the masses as he makes he way out of the train station and takes a left.

Scott Stevens: But it is also home to that.

Stevens stops and points to a giant Godzilla bust in front of Toho headquarters.

Scott Stevens: Did you actually think we wouldn’t come to Tokyo without visiting the King of the Monsters?

Stevens asks as he makes his way over to the bust and stares up at the one hundred and seventy foot tall sculpture.

Scott Stevens: Beautiful, isn’t it?

Stevens asks as he admires not only the culture impact the statue represents, but all the power and respect the creature commands.

Scott Stevens: I brought you here today to not only show you a great piece of cinema and pop culture significance, but to also show this is what I want to become after my match at International Affair. Where you are eliminated determines which title you will vie for in the pending future, but only the lone survivor gets a shot at the ultimate prize, and that is the world heavyweight championship.

Stevens says as he turns his attention away from the statue and towards the camera.  

Scott Stevens: All champions command power and respect, but the world heavyweight championship usurps the other championships. It’s the one that is looked upon with most prestigious and relevance, and the person that holds onto that is essentially the King of Champions, and I want to become that.

Stevens says sternly as he calmly places his hands behind his back and looks back up at the statue.

Scott Stevens: I know the task to become world champion is difficult in itself, but to just earn an opportunity is just as a formidable task when the competition that I face Sunday night have had tremendous amount of success in Wrestle UTA. You’ve had one that has ten matches and won five of them, and the other two have been champions, especially Stephen Greer’s replacement who has been the King of Champions not once, but twice so to say my chances of winning are slimmer than a bus full of anorexic women is an understatement.   

Stevens lets out a sigh as he continues.

Scott Stevens: Let’s be honest with one another shall we? When you look at the four individuals in the four way elimination match up with Quinlan, Zhalia Fears, Perfection, and myself, am I even favored to come close to the world championship?

Stevens shakes his head no.

Scott Stevens: Perfection is the heavy favorite to win the shot for an opportunity at the world heavyweight championship because he is him.

Stevens says as he points to the Godzilla bust.

Scott Stevens: Perfection has been the world champion not once, but twice, and because of that he commands fear because at anytime he can become a three time champion. Regardless if you like the guy or hate him his success has brought him unparalleled respect amongst his peers because he’s one of the few who can call themselves world champion, and only one outside of my fellow Texan, Sean Jackson, who can claim they’ve held the championship more than once. He is without a doubt the Godzilla of our match.

Stevens says as he turns towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: But if he’s the favorite to win it does that mean I’m the next favorite to win it all or become the runner up to Perfection?

Stevens asks and after a few seconds shakes his head no once again.

Scott Stevens: The person people are saying that’s the sleeper pick to win the world title shot or be the runner up to earn the Legacy title opportunity is Zhalia Fears, the first ever Prodigy champion. When she won the championship no one expected her to win it in the first place and she survived the odds to become the Prodigy champion and she would hold onto it for a good while, and who’s to say she can’t do it again given the opportunity?

Stevens says with a shrug.

Scott Stevens: Now that the guaranteed winner and runner up have been determined does that me I’m the favorite to earn a shot at the Wildfire championship?

Stevens asks and shakes his head no.

Scott Stevens: I’m still the odd man out as Quinlan, the man formally known as Sanctus, is favored over me…!

Stevens shouts in frustration before taking a moment to calm himself before continuing.

Scott Stevens: Go out and doubt me just like you’ve all done since day one because it’ll be that much sweeter when I’ve proven all of you wrong.

Stevens says with a grin.

Scott Stevens: People think I’m just some pushover who is going to show up to the pay-per-view and be the first one eliminated. The people of UTA don’t think I can cut the mustard and have the same success of a John Sektor, a Cecilworth Farthington, or an Alex Beckman but they are wrong because when I say I’m going to do something I fucking do it! I told you all that I would go to Alcatraz Island and emerge victorious and I did just that. I’m telling you all right now that I’m walking into International Affair and walking out the number one contender to the world heavyweight championship.

I have nothing to lose because regardless of where I fall I still have an opportunity that will lead be back to the world title. However, I’m not suppose to win remember. I’m just the guy from HOW who wrestles when he feels like it while my opponents put in the work and deserve every opportunity at the championship. I’m the favorite to win because the pressure isn’t on me because I know if I’m not the victor I’ll be contending for the world title sooner or later, but my three opponents this could be there only shot left. Quinlan can’t buy a win half the time to put together enough to earn a respectable shot at any title. Zhalia Fears hasn’t sniffed a championship since she won the Prodigy championship and that was almost one year ago while Perfection last championship reign was more forgetful than memorable.

I, on the other hand, am the wildcard in this match. Most people in the company don’t know who I am and the ones that know me by name wonder how I’m still employed because I haven’t had a match in weeks, but that leans in my favor. While everyone thinks I’ve been on vacation and sipping margaritas while I work on my tan, I’ve been keeping myself busy by wrestling, and winning championships. I’ve prepared for this match and the opportunity at the top prize in UTA by competing against top level competition and beating that competition.

Doubt me all you like because it’s fuel to a blazing inferno that’s going to engulf the helpless victims that happen to be my opponents.

Stevens says with confidence.

Scott Stevens: Even the King of the Monsters can be beat.

Stevens says as he looks up at Godzilla.

Scott Stevens: He’s beaten the biggest and the baddest from Rodan to Mothra to King Ghidorah, but he’s never beaten King Kong.

Stevens says with a smirk.

Scott Stevens: It took someone out of the King’s comfort zone, it took someone he wasn’t familiar with to topple him. Does this sound familiar ladies and gentlemen?

Stevens asks with a grin on his face.

Scott Stevens: I’m the one who’s not within your comfort zone and the one you aren’t all that familiar with, and that in turn makes me King Kong and at International Affair I will climb the Empire State Building and as I ascend to the top I will topple all the Godzillas that stand in my way, and next time you see me we will broadcast live from Skull Island with me being the new number one contender to the world heavyweight championship.

Stevens says confidently as the image fades to black.

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