Title: Yes I Can
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: November 12, 2015
Location: Toyko, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

From an above shot, panning down. A lone person is highlighted amidst a flow of rush-hour pedestrian traffic heading in all directions. As the camera gets closer, that person is former Dynasty member Sean Jackson.

"During my entire wrestling career, I've never experienced the Tokyo Dome. I have been here numerous times on business, but never once getting the pleasure of wrestling in front of the greatest fans in the world."

Now worming his way thru the flow, the Texas native continues speaking.

"Now granted, I've listened to the chatter of every so-called legend in this sport. Giving their take on the differences of culture, of the wrestling atmosphere..."

As he continues speaking towards the camera, most of the people go about their own business, while others do little poses by smiling or throwing up the two finger peace symbol.

"As if they deserved to be here more than me. Well allow me to clue you in on a little secret people, nobody deserves this more than me. Not Eric Dane, not La Flama Blanca, and sure as hell not Jason Cashe or Dan Benson."

At six-foot and two inches tall, the UTA star towered over everyone around him. He stood head and shoulders above everyone on that cobblestone walkway, not giving a damn whether they knew him or not. But one thing he knew for a fact, after this pay per view, everyone would remember his name.

"Like the engineers who built these buildings for example, they put to plan a complete modern work of architectural genius. They constructed this city with pride and hard work, not taking a single short cut. They wanted their names attached to the very best product available, a product put in place by blood, by sweat, by tears where their worth was paved by paying the ultimate price. Well just like these buildings, the legacy of Sean Jackson will also be paved by paying the price, where within the Tokyo Dome the blood and tears from Cashe and Benson will be remembered forever."

Turning the corner, he finds himself a stones throw away from the famous Shibuya Crossing. Slowing to a stop, the former world champion is completely oblivious to the people walking around him as a particular high-definition billboard captures his attention. A slight smirk begins to form as the image promotes UTA's International Affair with Sean Jackson, Jason Cashe, and Dan Benson in a referee shirt taking center stage.

"Are butterflies in your stomach Cashe? maybe a lump in your throat? Imagine it, fifty thousand fans in their seats, clapping in approval when they see something amazing. Well news flash Jason, if anyone is expecting a scientific match from me, filled with wrist locks and hip tosses...."

Yeah, that draws a smile.

"Then they are going to be sadly disappointed. I didn't come here to be your friend, nor did I come here to shake your hand. If anyone thinks we will be going out for sushi and karaoke after the match is over, then they too, will be sadly mistaken. You stole something from me in Cairo and I haven't forgotten about it."

Ever since that night in Cairo, the Texas native hasn't been able to let it go. He has dwelled on that night like no other, especially with Dynasty stealing the briefcase during Wrestleshow 48.

"I still remember that night like it was yesterday. I had Blanca right where I wanted him, the perfect opportunity to walk down that aisle, cash in my briefcase and..."

Of course he never got the chance, which is why he stops seemingly mid-sentence. After taking a slight pause, Sean continues.

"Once again, become the UTA World Champion. But no, you just had to stick your nose in my business. You just had to poke the hornet's nest one last time. Well Jason, you know you can't stop me, right?"

The Mental Rapist once again makes his way towards Shibuya Crossing, his eyes still focused on the high-definition billboard with every step.

"You know that no matter what you try, I will always get what I want. It didn't matter that you chased me all over twitter, trying to make it sound like you wanted me in the ring. You stayed on social media because it was safer, you stayed in 4CW because it was easier, and because of that, your ego wrote a check your body couldn't cash. So now it is time you learn who the better man really is. It is time you are exposed as a fraud, for having the mis-guided ego that prompted you to come here, to steal my thunder..."

From the corner of his eye, there's an image on another high-definition billboard sign. It is of Mikey Unlikely and his latest movie Back To The Future. Rolling his eyes, the former Dynasty member directs his attention back to the original sign as it is changing to another image of...

"which ultimately brings about your downfall. For you see Cashe, I'm not the same guy you faced in that other company. I am a man on a mission, to regain something stolen from me, and you can rest assured I won't stop until I get it back."

La Flama Blanca and Eric Dane. Then like a knee shot to the back of the head, it dawns on the former Dynasty member. The real reason Cashe struck in Cairo.

"Hold on a minute, is that why you came here?"

That brings a chuckle, followed by a slow shaking of his head. Of course this would involve another company and it's world championship. Could Cashe be thinking that lightning would strike twice?

"Because you still think I am that guy from a company long since forgotten. Well let me enlighten you Cashe, because I give you credit for those wins, as well as taking the world title from me, and forcing the doors to close forever...."

Thank God for Wrestle UTA.

"Because of that history, I now stand in the middle of Tokyo, Japan with you still chasing me like a lost puppy. I may have the losses, but it is you and Benson who are struggling with the nightmares they created."

Breaking into a smile, the former world champion holds his head up high, jutting his chin to show arrogance and an aura of superiority.

"The moment I took off for greener pastures in Wrestle UTA, my career went straight into the stratosphere, while you and Benson slunk back into obscurity. I made the biggest splash in this industry by pinning their champion, and you slipped back in the shadows, leaving a self-loathing Benson plagued with his own woe is me mentality."

Once at the Shibuya Crossing, the Mental Rapist stops as dozens of vehicles begin to make their way over the white striped lines in front of him.

"I know, I are going to tell me I'm wrong. That this is all my imagination, that I have no clue what I'm talking about. But that was no ghost I saw in Cairo Jason, that was you in the flesh, attacking me from behind."

Of course Cashe attacked from behind, only a man confident in his capabilities would have come at the Mental Rapist head on. The fact Cashe jumped him from behind, spoke volumes at how cowardly the man from 4CW really was.

"You came from the blind side out of fear, because you knew I had the tools to end your career. So now we find ourselves one week away from me collecting on your mortgaged career."

As the vehicles clear the crossing, Sean and the hundreds of pedestrians around him begin their slow march over the crossing.

"Yes Jason, your mortgaged career. By jumping me in Cairo, you took out a loan your body simply can't cover any longer. The image of you standing over me, in a position of power was nothing more than an illusion...and by the time I'm finished this Sunday, it will be a move you will forever regret."

His hand comes up and immediately begins to stroke the chin. The thought of what will soon take place inside the Tokyo Dome will make that bitter memory from Cairo disappear...

"The same goes for you Benson, for none of this would have been possible without you. I know my existence, however grotesque you might make it out to be, has caused you misery. Simply put, it is your own inadequacies that made you reach out to Cashe in the first place, to get him to fight your battles for you. Which come to think of it, has always been the recurring theme with you Dan, and now..."

A memory of seeing both Cashe and Benson laid out at his feet, their blood mingling together inside the ring.

"You find yourself in a position where it is make an impact, or fall on your face once again. Tell me Dan, do you remember the last time you were employed by Wrestle UTA?"

Sean smiles.

"I do and between the two of us, you fell on your face because of your own personal demons, and the need to drive your career over the cliff..."

And the jabs continue.

"Bringing that train wreck to an end. But yet, here you are again, once again living vicariously thru Jason Cashe. I know, it is always a somber day in the Benson household when the family realizes you aren't man enough to fight your own war."

Remarkably, the Mental Rapist didn't seem too concerned with bringing Dan's family into the equation. He was convinced Benson would screw him over, so why say it?

"But then again, the same could be said about Cashe. Which means anyone with half a brain can see the connection between the two, and pretty much understand that this match will be won by a quick count, or some other method in screwing me over."

The Texas native rolls his eyes.

"Again news flash, that garbage won't work because mentally, I've already beaten Cashe and Benson. The drive to work hard, to overcome everything they can throw at me, will always be greater than anything they can dream up. What I'm trying to say Cashe is this, I believe in myself and in my capabilities to bring the fight right at you both."

He had every right to sound confident. If anyone knew both Dan Benson and Jason Cashe, it was Sean Jackson.

"Unlike Rhys Townsend, I have what it takes to beat two guys in this business. The fact I am facing you here in Tokyo, in an uphill battle isn't an accident, it is on purpose. Because of past screw jobs, my instincts have been sharpened with the need to be suspicious of everything, and no matter what you throw my way..."

He has good reason to be suspicious.

"I can either say I can't do it and give up..."

A snarl begins to form as his eyebrows go tense, and he squints his eyes.

"Or I can step into the ring and prove that I can."

Yeah, that's the ticket as the snarl is replaced with contempt towards two men who must fall at International Affair.

"And believe me, this Sunday, I have no problem showing that I can and will beat you. One way or the other."



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