Title: That Moment
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 10th November 2015
Location: The New York Bar, Tokyo
Show: International Affair 2015

We open in a high rise bar, the New York Bar. Don’t let the name fool you, we're not in New York. Instead, we are approximately 6,737 miles from there in a bar on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt, Tokyo...235 metres from the ground. It’s a classy and spacious bar and in the late evening it's diners are looking out upon the incredible view of a city under the lights.


Shifting from the dining area to the bar we see two people. A man and a woman, sitting on stools around 5 metres apart from each other. The woman, her hair long, straight and dyed orange dressed in a blazer over a zipped up red jumper, is speaking to Kendrix, sat to the right, dressed smartly in a dark brown shirt and black blazer, his hair tied back in a man bun with a glass of whiskey on the bar in front of him, in Japanese.  While she speaks, Kendrix looks at her with a confused expression on his face;


Kendrix: Alllrrriiiggghhhtt lovvvveee...put a sock in it, will ya?! JFK don’t understand a word you’re saying, yeah?! In fact, JFK would go as far to as to say that everything you’re saying is….


At this moment, he turns his attention away from her to directly in front of him;


Kendrix: translation!


Throwing a wink to accompany his weak attempt at recreating a famous movie scene that took place in this very bar, he looks back her way and gestures for her to leave with a few dismissive waves of his hand;


Kendrix: OK, you go now, yeah?! Shoo, shoo!


The woman, whose basic understanding of the English language is much better than Kendrix’s Japanese, is left sitting with her mouth wide open letting out a shocked sigh at his incredibly rude gesture. Grabbing her bag from the floor she hops off her stool and departs in a huff, leaving Kendrix on his own at the bar, pointing his thumb out in her direction;


Kendrix: Some people innit? Can’t even speak any English!


Rolling his eyes in disbelief he shakes his head disappointingly, grabbing the whisky in front of him and swirling the liquid and ice around the glass; 


Kendrix: Now, JFK knows what you’re all thinking…


Confidently nodding his head, he pulls a smug look across his face;


Kendrix: Not only, does JFK scrub up impeccably well...but you’re also wondering, where in the world is this devilishly handsome man today?


Swiveling on his stool he shifts his body to his left and then his right with his shoulders shrugged and arms slightly held out wide, as if looking around trying to find out himself;


Kendrix: JFK is in one of, if not the greatest, hotel bars in the world. The New York bar in Tokyo…


Taking a sip of his whiskey his face grimaces slightly having underestimated how strong the liquor can be out here. Averting his attention back in front of him, he puts the glass down;


Kendrix: And for all of you bellends back in the USA who couldn’t afford good schooling and don’t have google maps let alone passports, Tokyo is the capital city of Japan...numbskulls!


He sticks his tongue out inside of his mouth;


Kendrix: But more importantly than that, JFK is here to compete inside the Tokyo Dome at the UTA’s huge International Affair pay per view on Sunday.


Picking up his glass he gestures with it out in front of him;


Kendrix: For the first time in his young professional wrestling career, JFK will display his talents, as he has done across the globe these last few months as part of the UTA’s international tour, here in Japan…in front of 55,000 unnecessarily overly polite and respectful Japanese fans...


Biting his lip he brings his glass up just left of his face. Staring at it as he swirls it around he looks back out in front of him;


Kendrix: Against none other than a man who, let’s just say, JFK ain’t exactly seen eye to eye over the past few months…


Looking at the glass once more, he lets out a quiet chuckle before swigging the whole drink down and slamming it down on the bar. Motioning his arm up in the air toward the barman;


Kendrix: Oi, bruv! Hit me with another one of those bad boys yeah?!


Pushing the glass across the bar in the direction of the barman to top his glass up he looks back out in front of him;


Kendrix: Christopher Hopper…


Tilting his head and biting his lip, he slams his closed fist down on the bar. Regaining his composure, he tilts his head back upright;


Kendrix: Now, JFK could sit here all night and discuss what’s gone on the last few months between him and Hopper. JFK COULD SIT HERE...and talk about how Hopper SPOILED JFK’s Dynasty announcement party by beating him in the ring all those months ago.


Shaking his head as he thinks back to that moment, the memory of that moment still grates at him;


Kendrix: JFK could talk about how he stood up to Hopper and took matters into his own hands after deciding to save the ungrateful UTAverse by interrupting one of his bore fest speeches. 


He holds his hand to his mouth as he lets out an overly exaggerated yawn;


Kendrix: JFK about how he piledrived him into the ground because he cost JFK his rightful shot at the Legacy title yada yada yada…


Motioning his hand to imitate a mouth blabbering on and on, he strokes his beard;


Kendrix: But JFK ain’t gonna do that bruv! 


He slowly shakes his head from left to right as the barman pours whiskey into his glass before walking away to serve another customer;


Kendrix: Because you see Christopher, unlike you, JFK ain’t petty and he certainly doesn’t hold a grudge. 


Shaking his head and sticking his bottom lip out trying to look innocent, he continues;


Kendrix: Oh no


Wagging his index finger in front of him his expression becomes focussed;


Kendrix: Now, JFK knows what you’re thinking Chris. That his actions towards you these past few weeks are contrary to what JFK has just said. Let’s face it, when you punched Claude in the face, costing JFK his shot at the legacy title….


Momentarily looking down he puffs his cheeks out in frustration before looking back up with a brave smile;


Kendrix: JFK was angry, he was upset. Do you blame him? In sight of his first title as a professional wrestler. HIS FIRST TITLE…in the biggest organisation in the industry….and you took it away from him, just like that;


Clicking his fingers up by the side of his head he throws his hand through his hair;


Kendrix: Truth be told, JFK was angry for a while...and he knows what you’re gonna say… that you cost JFK a title shot because he cost you yours that very same night...but c’mon Chris, you got it all wrong bruv…


Slapping the top of his head to show how Hopper got the wrong end of the stick;


Kendrix: That same night, after you hit Bronson Box and CBR with an Icebreaker each...JFK didn’t come out of the back with a chair to interfere in your match...not at all! JFK came out so he could unfold the chair for you to sit on and give you a much needed rest!


He opens his mouth and eyes wide, feigning a surprised look on his face;


Kendrix: After all, you had just taken a lot out of yourself, an old man like you performing two huge Icebreakers simultaneously...that’s got to take a hell of a lot of energy out of that tired body of yours these days?!


Rolling his eyes, he continues;


Kendrix: But you didn’t see it that way did you Chris. Your mind was playing tricks with you. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens to many old people. The older you get, the more senile you become, innit?!


Throwing a sympathetic look across his face he pierces his lips together;


Kendrix: You actually thought that JFK was coming out to harm you instead of help you. That’s why you came running at him like an animal. JFK had no choice in that moment but to defend himself.


He holds the palms of his hands innocently atop of his chest;


Kendrix: So you see, Chris….all the pain you’ve suffered at the hands of JFK…is really all your fault. What started off as a bit of banter...escalated into full out war! Fighting each other all over the world, hell, we even got locked up cos we were fighting in airports and airplanes!


Chuckling to himself as if recalling fun memories he covers his mouth in an effort to stop;


Kendrix: This little tiff we’ve been having got to the point where all JFK could think about was how he wanted to destroy you. JFK has been so angry these past few weeks that he actually wanted to break your neck one final time and retire your arse so that you would never compete in the UTA again…


Looking away momentarily he strokes his beard in thought and takes a sip of his whiskey prior to returning his focus;


Kendrix: And Chris, JFK knows you think he did all of that cos he’s not ready to face you one on one in the ring. You know what, maybe you were right? Maybe…deep down inside JFK did all those things in an attempt to put you out of commission before we face off at International Affair. Maybe deep down, JFK attacked you on countless occasions...because he didn’t think he could beat you one on one.


He resignedly arches his shoulders back and his arms out wide, mouthing clearly "there it is"


Kendrix: JFK’s being honest here Chris, let's face the facts…you’re a giant of a man. You stand at 6 feet 9 inches. That’s 7 inches on JFK. You weigh 289 pounds, that’s 71 pounds on JFK. You’ve been in this game for over 20 years, a multiple World Champion…the accolades JFK could hand out to you are endless. You are a legend of the squared circle, absolutely no question about it. If JFK had a hat sir, he would take it off to you.


He brings his hand to the top of his head and tips an imaginary hat in front of him;


Kendrix: We’ve been in the ring one on one before. And while JFK took you to your limits, you had the better of him. It wasn’t through your physical attributes, you didn’t over power JFK or beat him with your technical abilities;


He holds his hand to his heart and taps his chest twice;


Kendrix: You beat JFK because you had the experience, the know how and the sheer will, desire and heart to win.


Sincerely nodding his head he takes off his blazer and hooks it around the back of his chair before turning back around, leaning his arms on the table, clasping his hands around his glass;


Kendrix: So there you have it. JFK has done all that he’s done to you these past few weeks. Because JFK was trying to make sure you wouldn’t make it to International Affair.


Looking down at his glass he swirls it around in his hand before looking back up in front of him;


Kendrix: It’s all true. Every word JFK has said today is the truth. That’s how JFK felt. But JFK was also telling the truth when he said...he’s no longer angry, he doesn’t hold a grudge…and mark his words…JFK CERTAINLY…doesn’t feel inferior to Chris Hopper anymore.


That trademark smirk returns as he takes a sip of his whisky and slams it down in front of him;


Kendrix: You see Chris, JFK has had many impressive victories during his young career to date. In the space of 11 months JFK has taken down the likes of former Wildfire Champion Pin Smith, the War God himself Bronson Box and the Hall of Famer Ron Hall. JFK has impressed so much that the greatest group to ever grace our business invited him to join them.


Confidently nodding his head in agreement with himself his eyes are staring deep in focus;


Kendrix: To impress those men and to defeat those names doesn’t happen overnight. It all happened under a year. And now… everyone knows what JFK has known all along, and that is that he is THE FUTURE…not just of the UTA...but this entire business!


He accompanies his last word by pointing his index finger down onto the bar;


Kendrix: So right now, what you see before you, is the hottest property that the UTA has. Up until now people looked at JFK as "potential". But last week at Wrestleshow 48...JFK not only made a huge statement…he took the next step on his way to becoming the best wrestler in the world.


Arching his body back up straight he holds his arms out wide by his side, palms facing in front of him;


Kendrix: JFK beat a hell of a legend, much like yourself, in the middle of the ring…one, two, three…


He counts the count on his fingers;


Kendrix: Sean Jackson…You see Chris, all the doubt, all that second guessing himself went out the window as soon as JFK beat Sean Jackson. JFK proved to the entire world that not only does he BELONG…in the main event, not only IS HE…the main event…


Placing the palms of his hands to accompany his last points he pauses for a moment to let out a chuckle;


Kendrix: That was the moment Chris. JFK proved, not only to the world...but to HIMSELF…that he can beat anyone that steps up to him...ANYONE...and make no mistake about it...JFK will beat you!


After slamming his fist down on the bar he rolls his eyes;


Kendrix: Now, JFK knows what you’re gonna say. Dynasty came out to help, blah blah blah. The point is…Sean gave JFK his best shot, he had JFK knocked out cold, COLD…but JFK got back up. 


Holding his palms to his chest once more he aggressively taps it twice;


Kendrix: JFK found the will, the desire and the sheer get back up and he found the way to win. JFK will admit, he’d never used those qualities before, preferring to beat all those names with just his unique talent and ability.


He slowly and methodically undoes his top two shirt buttons as he speaks;


Kendrix: Unfortunately for you Chris, that’s bad news. Cos finally, after all this time we’ve been at each other's throats. After all the threats and the attacks...JFK knows that you will be the next legend who can’t handle…The Future.


Downing his whiskey and pushing the glass away in front of him he smugly nods;


Kendrix: After all, JFK’s already beaten one washed up old fuck! Come International Affair… he’s gonna beat another one!

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