Title: Bravo.
Featuring: La Flama Blanca
Date: November 12th, 2015
Location: The World of La Flama Blanca
Show: International Affair 2015


We now bring you a message from La Flama Blanca.

This all started back at Ring King… One of the greatest nights in my entire career.  

That was the night where Eric Dane put his plan into effect. He more so than the rest of the lackluster crew of dipshits in The Chamber Match saw the real prize. Only Eric saw the potential.  

While the UTA Universe was more concerned with the Ace In The Hole match, Eric knew the power the ultimate winner of The Chamber could wield. No one saw how important The Draft would be. It was taken for granted and seen as a publicity stunt.

Not the worst idea the UTA ever had… not the best either. It was a great match that took things to a new level.

It most certainly was all that. But Eric Dane has been in this business for a long time, something he will never let anyone with ears or a brain forget. Eric knew if he won, he could assemble a roster of nobodies and talentless hacks.

He’d force the eyes of the UTA Universe on him. He surrounded himself with people he knew he could beat. He surrounded himself with the bottom of the barrel to make himself stick out and be that “Only Star” he always talks about.

Being the nicest piece of shit in a pile of cow dung is an achievement, I guess.

Well… you did it, Eric. Your only REAL competition is too focused with their mortal enemies to challenge for the UTA World Championship. Cayle Murray and your bestest bud Colton Thorpe are fighting for the Wildfire Championship.

Then you have Mikey Money, the world’s greatest entertainer in the world and that boring coward Will Haynes. Mikey Unlikely, one of the only reasons to tune into Victory. I can’t wait for Mikey to finally put an end to Will Haynes... but I digress.

Those four have more important things on their minds than the top prize here in the UTA. Those four want blood. Eric Dane made it so he was the ONLY viable option on Victory. Also very, very smart. Left all by yourself to get what it was you’ve wanted since the first day you arrived… the UTA World Championship title.

Everyone wants what I have… but no one can take it from me.

It wasn’t hard for you… look at the match that “earned” you your title shot. When the match was announced, I had to go on the UTA website to figure out who any of those people even were. Looks like you faced some real “stiff” competition.

Instead of facing Cayle Murray or Mikey Unlikely or someone from Wrestleshow or even Perfection… Eric Dane faced Skylar Montgomery? Eric Dane faced B.R. Ellis and some other drecks?

Come on now… What was that garbage? Dane in the mind and pocket of Michael Lorenzo? Fine… Eric gets the Main Event title shot at the Pay Per View.  

That was far different from the way I EARNED MY number one contendership. I defeated Chris Hopper, I defeated Zhalia Fears… and I defeated the man who beat Eric Dane in Will Haynes. I was the victor over three of the top stars in this promotion.

Then I went on to Black Horizon, where I took the UTA World Championship title from… Sean Jackson. Cementing my number one spot in the company. Proving to everyone that I am the BEST.

That made it all the greater when I walked out the winner. No one could discredit my rise, my wins. Eric Dane? I’m sure he don’t care how it happened, just that he got the results he craved. He became the number one contender… with one arm tied behind his back. Stunning...

A win's a win, no matter who it is over. Even if it’s against someone who couldn’t tie YOUR shoes let alone their own. But you made it that way. That’s how you drafted it.

I don’t blame you, Eric. You did what you had to do, to get what you have wanted so desperately. You knew letting Sektor take the “Heavy Hitters” would make your road to me, incredibly easy. Very, very smart, Eric.


If I had the power to pick who I wanted to face on a weekly basis… I might have taken the route you did. Get my buddies to have my back and pick the curtain jerkers to fill out the roster. People I knew I was better than to make me shine brighter...  

Make every Victory about me. Because that’s what you did, Eric. Might as well been called “The Eric Dane Show”. Birthday parties, conducting “business”; No matter how hard you tried… You STILL couldn’t steal the show from me.

You walk around like you ran the place and it pisses me off. This isn’t Defiance, Eric… This is the UTA.

Eric knows how to do business on both sides of the table. Not only has he been in and out of the ring for almost two decades but he’s been running a… somewhat successful wrestling company? I don’t know, I’ve never watched it and I won’t ever.

That’s what it comes down to… you are the man who signs the checks over at Defiance. That’s why you’ve made all the moves you have here, because that’s the mentality you have. That’s the brain of a wrestler turned promoter hard at work.

Eric knows how to put it all together. He knows exactly what to tell these mouth breathers to make them buy his bullshit. You can lie to their faces and tell them you care, but we all know you fucking don’t. You didn’t choose your roster for any reason other than to make yourself “stand out”.

Eric has been able to have bellends like Colton Thorpe drink the Kool Aid. Listen to all his nonsense. Some people see that as the old veteran taking the young buck under his wing. Teaching him the ropes and showing him the way. Bullshit.

What do I see that as? Do you really want to know?

I’ll tell you… A sleazy salesman trying to talk up a potential client. Get inside Thorpe’s head and play him like a fiddle. Hoping Thorpe signs with Defiance when his UTA contract is up. Selling Thorpe the world, selling him things only the UTA can give him. It’s worth the try though.

Make that relationship strong and then when Eric leaves… so will Thorpe. You can’t say I blame him. Colton Thorpe is the current UTA Wildfire Champion. Thorpe is a young talent that can one day be a top title holder in any promotion. He’s someone you can build your promotion around.

It’s a smart move on Eric’s part. It’s all business, and everyone is out to use the other guy to their advantage. Why do you think Eric is here in the first place? It’s not because of his personality, that’s for damn sure.

It’s so the boss can make a buck. It’s so James Wingate’s stock can go up a half a point… bringing in talent he thought could put asses in the seats. Eric Dane was the only way for James Wingate to acquire Team Danger and Bronson Box. The REAL stars James wanted.

James Wingate knew by hiring Eric Dane that he could undoubtedly raid Defiance and he did just that. James loves to poach what he can from around wrestling, in the hopes it will fill arenas and make him a lot of money.

Once you read between the lines, you can see the big picture. So finally, Eric gets what he’s wanted for six months… his shot. His time in the Main Event. His first and last in the UTA.

I will NEVER forget what happened on Victory. Eric Dane thought he could sign the International Affair contract before The Champ? I soon corrected him and then that BOZO laid his hands on The Champ. He put The Champ through a table. Then...

Eric Dane did the unthinkable. He picked up MY title and held it high in the air. That… is the closest Eric Dane will ever… EVER get to MY UTA World Championship title again. You can bet on that.

After International Affair, I will add another name to the long list of those who tried and failed against me. I will put one more legend I bested on MY LEGACY. This match is for the greatest prize in this sport and...

The UTA World Title is staying right here with me. The very thought of Eric Dane walking out into a Defiance arena with MY title… makes me sick to my stomach. I would rather die than see this title show up on Defiance programming.

It will be the darkest day in the UTA’s history. To see Eric Dane walk around with MY championship? To see him throw what I’ve worked so, so hard for in the trash? I will do everything in my power to ensure that… that day never happens.

I am La Flama Blanca… The Best of The Best. The Headliner. The Luchador. I’m the longest reigning UTA World Champion of all time. As far as I’m concerned there was no UTA before La Flama Blanca arrived.

I’ve made the UTA what it is today. I’ve put the United Toughness Alliance on my back and brought them to the top. I AM the UTA. I AM the FRANCHISE player, I AM the FACE of this company and I AM… the greatest of this or any generation.

I dictate what happens here in the UTA. I am the present and future of this company. I haven’t peaked. I’m in the prime of my career. Eric… he’s still hanging on to what he did ten years ago. Remember this Eric...

This is MY title. This is MY company. This is MY home.

Now… Japan has been sold out for weeks. The Tokyo Dome is going to be electric. Eric Dane is going to beat the shit out of me and I’m going to beat the shit out of him. Eric is going to be in for the fight of his life. We are really going to see who wants it more.

There’s so much on the line… This is one of the biggest matches in my career. Probably in both of our careers. He will find out that I’m the better man because I AM the better man. I know it and more importantly, he knows it.

I’m going to defeat Eric Dane, smack dab in the center of the ring. When Eric comes to, the only star he’s going to see… is me. I’ll be holding my title high above my head and his comeback tour… Will be over.



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