Title: My Time to Shine
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: November 12th, 2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

Amy Harrison has got the biggest opportunity of her UTA career coming up. With UTA arriving in Japan for the big International Affair event, Amy has been put into a fatal four way ladder match for the vacant Prodigy Championship. This is Amy’s first shot at singles gold, and something she’s determined to call hers.


Amy is walking through the streets of Tokyo, taking in the sights. To say the least, Amy is standing out from the crowd, getting some looks from people passing by, which Amy notices.


Harrison: Well, it's nice to know that some people are taking notice of me. But then again, I don't blame them.


Amy looks back at some others that passed her, giving her a look


Harrison: But it's not just people here that have noticed me. For once, the UTA has FINALLY taken notice of how good I've been here, not as someone being a wheel spinner, not with someone trying to drag me down, but actually competing in matches and WINNING matches!


Amy lets out a smirk on her face.


Harrison: And I tell you, it's about damn time!


Amy keeps walking and then sees a bench and then sets herself down on it.


Harrison: You see, we’re now at one of the big UTA events of the year, with this International Affair show taking place not too far away from this place, and I just happen to be apart of it, in a fatal four way ladder match for the Prodigy Championship.


Amy nods at the thought of being in the title match.


Harrison: Now, I've just been looking at this match, and I can't decide if UTA are trying to hurt me or are they trying to help me? I see this match, and there are two different ways that I can see it.


Harrison: First off, it's a fatal four way match ladder match, which means that I don't have to do anything, and don't even have to be involved in the match, and I can still lose.


Amy puts her hands out, as if comparing the weights of the two issues, but shows them as pretty even.


Harrison: On the other hand, I don't have to do anything, except let everyone beat each other up and then I can just run in and take the title when they’re all out.


Harrison: Secondly, there's going to be three others in the match, hence the concept of a fatal four way, there has to be four people in it. If you can't understand that, then I feel sorry for you.


Amy shakes her head.


Harrison: Anyway, since there are four people in the match, including myself, that means that I have to go up against three other people. But when you think about it, have you seen who those other three are?


Amy shakes her head, as she thinks about who else is in the match.


Harrison: First you've got Marie Van Claudio. You know, the woman that was holding me down? She stopped me being a tag champion because she was the other half of the team, and then lost to me in a one on one match, so she shouldn't be a problem.


Amy lets out a smirk, thinking about her former friend.


Harrison: Then you've got Ron Hall, the cowboy hat wearing has-been that can't face the fact that his time is up here. He may be a hall of famer, but I proved that he should pack it in some time ago, so he should be easy too.


Amy shakes her head.


Harrison: And then we have Lew Smith. Alright, we haven't faced each other in the ring yet, but let's face it, if we did, I would have beaten him too handily, so that's that sorted.


Amy just shrugs.


Harrison: Anyway, it doesn’t really matter who else is in the match or how many are in. I’ve been given the platform that I can actually prove to people who Amy Harrison is!


Harrison: It’s good to know that, for once, my talents are actually being appreciated here. There happens to be someone that runs this place that actually has at least one working brain cell in their head to see what I can do.


Amy rolls her eyes back.


Harrison: When I first came here, I had two goals in mind: To prove that I’m the hottest thing the UTA has seen, and that I can take down anyone that I see fit. I may have been known when I first got in here as the woman with massive………..attitude and ego and for spinning a wheel, but you got to get your foot in the door somehow.


Harrison: Since then, I’ve taken down everyone that they have put in front of me. Ron Hall, Marie Van Claudio, Bobby Dean, Jack Hunter, they have all fallen before me in defeat, and I’m far from done.


Amy can be seen with a determined look on her face.


Harrison: This is my first real shot at getting my name in the bright lights, my first real chance at becoming champion here, my first real chance to prove all of you haters out there that I may have looks that kill, but I’ve also got the skills to take you out.


Amy then feels cocky, and gives out a look that's saying “You know I’m right”


Harrison: So, for anyone out there that still doesn’t know what to expect from me, listen up. I want you all to pay close attention to this ladder match. You can watch all the bodies crash down, all the ladders being smashed into the competitors and all of the brutality that you can usually expect.


Harrison: But you better pay close attention to the end result, where you see me climbing up that ladder, snatching that title high above the ring, and then you can see what a real woman looks like. And what a real champion looks like.


Amy then gets up, makes the belt gesture on her waist and walks off, as the screen fades

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