Title: The Words Of Lisil: Darkness
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 11/12/2015
Location: Aokigahara Forest
Show: International Affair 2015

The scene opens in a dark creepy forest. The camera pans around showing a sign in Japanese lettering. Sitting by himself on an overturned log is Lisil Jackson. He is dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up and a pair of black sweat pants. He's looking down at the dirt almost like he doesn't even know the camera is there. 


Lisil says with a grim tone in his voice. 

"Dee suicide forest.... Dey say dat every year round hundred people come ta dis forest ta take dey life. Can't tink o' a betta place ta channel dis spirt..." 

Jackson says as the camera zooms in on the tiki statue in his hands. It's a tiki statue of what appears to be a well dressed man with a cane, a top hat, and a trench coat smoking a cigar. 

"I feel dem.... I feel dem round me.... I feel dee pain dey suffa... Dee spirits round me dey be cryin...." 

Lisil says breathing heavily almost meditating. 

"Do ya hear dem cry Brudda Judas? Does HIM hear dem cry?" 

Lisil shivers listening to himself. 

"Brudda... I did not want ta do dis.... I did not want ta go down dis pat.... But ya leave me no choice.... Ya forced me ta channel dis spirit..." 

The voodoo master holds up the tiki statue showing it to the camera. 

"Allow me ta introduce all o' ya ta Samedi! Dee spirit o' death! Ya see I neva channel dis spirit... Dis is dee darkest o' spirits. He is dee one who roams dee cemetaries at night... He is dee reapa o' souls!" 

Jackson says sighing to himself taking a deep breath before he slowly lowers the hood to his jacket. His face is covered in white paint in the pattern of a skull. He smiles almost cheerfully at the camera. 

"At International Affair dey won't be callin me dee Jamaican Inspiration.... Ya can call me Brudda Voodoo! I'm not goin inta dis pay per view ta inspire anyone. At dis point I'm lookin ta get vengeance! Vengeance fo what ya did ta ma spirits mon!" 

Lisil Jackson pulls a knife out from the pocket of his jacket. 

"And now Samedi... I give a gift to ya! Oh no... Not rum.... Not insence.... A mo personal gift!" 

The Jamaican says before he suddenly runs the blade over the palm of his hand cutting it open. He smiles as he lets the blood from his hand drip into a bowl sitting in front of the tiki statue. 

"A gift. O' my blood! And at Internation Affair if I have ta... I will spill ma own blood ta beat Brudda Judas!!! I warned ya brudda.... I warned ya dat ya had no clue what ya were doin wit dee statues.... Bondye, Brigette, and Loa, dey are dee spirits dat I follow fo inspiration... Samedi... He is a spirit dat I channel when someone needs ta be taught a very bad lesson...." 

Jackson says as he pulls out a bandage and wraps his hand up. 

"Ya may scream HIM dis and HIS word dat! And HIM is supreme.... But brudda... Even HIM won't save ya from dee wrath o' Samedi!" 

Lisil lets out a sinister laugh. 

"Exit light.... Enter night.... Take ma hand Brudda Judas.... Cuz at International Affair.... I'm goin ta drag ya ta neva neva land!!!!" 

The Jamaican stands up and looks up at the moon in the sky. 

"Even HIM won't save ya now Brudda..." 

And with those last words said the scene fades to black with Lisil Jackson raising his arms up almost appearing to be chanting. 

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