Title: [CD] A new Manager say wha?
Featuring: Xander Hayes
Date: 11/13/2015
Location: someplace

The white walls of the room fill the space as it pans back and the titled walls are seen with different things said along the walls, as a brown all is also seen. A small desk is now seen with a paper taped to a small flag pole with words written like a child would for a lemonade stand is seen with the words Manager Inquiries today seen on it and a man with neon green hair is seen with his back to us. He turns and faces the camera as a smile is seen as he waves and laughs a bit.

Xander: Hello all hehehe.. Yes your eyes are not fooling you, it is I X and I’m back hahahahahaha.. Now as you can see I’m in my office.

He makes air quotes as he snickers.

Xander: Yes I have returned to the Alliance to something of an understatement. See while I was gone I’ve really kept out of touch with the wrestling world. Not really paying much attention to anyone here. After my last match and something that was stolen from me I went into my happy place heh. See and now I’m back to cause some damage to the people I hold responsible for the atrocity that happen.

X shakes his fist as he laughs a bit.

Xander: Now for many of you, you’ve never seen hide nor hair of me and. Well that’s ok because I’m nothing really except a guy that’s a nuisance to most people that might remember me but it seems someone still is more loved than I.

X mock cries as he wipes some water on his face from a water bottle. He smiles brightly and laughs.

Xander: Now for those playing the home game my name is Xander Hayes also known as X. Yesh just X. Now who am I? Why am I back? I know none of you care and that’s fine. I’m just a no body in this ordinary world and I’m just trying to survive hehehe.

X then looks up and nods as the camera pans around and we see a Brain stuffed mouse in a chair as X snickers.

Xander: Welcome, Brain is it?

Yes I am X.

Well yes I am looking for a manager. See someone from the UTA stole my old manager from me and well I was in shock.. And well I’m back and need to find a new manager till I get my old manager back.

Right Brain.. But how would I know what you’re thinking? I mean I just met you..

No I don’t want to take over the world.

X then stands up and grabs the stuffed animal and throws him out of the room and replaces the mouse with a green dog with a helmet on.

Xander: Welcome K-9..

X looks around trying to understand what the dog is saying as X then stands and grabs the dog and tosses him out and snicker.

Xander: Sorry about the folks it seems I don’t really speak alien hehehehe.

X then stands up and sets another stuffed animal across from him and laughs as he sits down, we see it’s a penguin.

Xander: Welcome Linux.. Wait a second.

X then leans over and starts to whisper with Linux and laughs a bit and nods as he shakes his head and grabs the penguin and sets it behind him and then turns to the animal and starts to scold him.

Xander: Look Linux I know you’ve been my manager before back in Destron but hell you know that Teddy is my main manager and you just couldn’t keep up.. You made me lose the tag team belts, so just sit back there and if I need you, I’ll let ya know k..

X then turns around and pulls an old Mountain Dew bottle and set’s it on the desk and he snickers.

Xander: Welcome Fluffy, it’s so nice to meet you this wonderful day.

Well yes… But I.. Look… Ok, ok, ok…

X smirks as he starts to laugh and stops as he becomes serious.

Xander: Well Fluffy what do you think about my return to UTA?

Right and your thoughts with well you know who?

Hmmm ok. You sure? Right, yes I see.

X starts to laugh as he grabs the bottle and hugs it and looks around as a knock is heard on the door.

Man: Um excuse me are you ok in there?

Xander: Ya I am, just trying to let the kids out at the pool if you catch my drift hehehe..

Man: Ok well it’s been a few minutes and other people need to use this also, so don’t forget that..

 Xander: Yea, Yea give me a few more moments’ k?

Man: Ok..

We hear the man walk off as X starts to laugh..

Xander: Welp I guess I’ve been caught on my office.

The camera pans back we see it’s the handicap stall in some random location as X is heard laughing like a lunatic.

Xander: UTA be warned the insanity has returned and I’m in you.. I’m here along with Fluffy and we will get what we want, and Teddy will be back in the fold. The insanity must grow….

X then snickers as we fade to black.

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