Title: You Need JFK
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 12th November 2015
Location: Unknown
Show: International Affair 2015

The scene fades in revealing a simple black steel chair set up in the centre of the shot, a chroma key set-up in the background. The green background quickly switches revealing a familiar setting to regular viewers of the UTA’s flagship shows of Victory and Wrestleshow. A beach with palm trees to the left of the screen and mountains to the right in the distance. The sound of waves crashing against the beach are heard as Kendrix walks into shot, his hair untied and blowing in the wind. Wearing the latest dynasty t-shirt and his ring tights, he takes the pair of shades he has resting on his head and exaggeratingly holds them out in front of him before placing them carefully before his eyes. He folds his arms and rests them on his chest...a pose, all too familiar from UTA television;


Kendrix: Alllrriiiigghhhhtt maaattteee! JFK is here to tell you, the disgusting and smelly UTAverse, that if you wear ray can be like the King of Cool, Chris Hopper...and JFK’s untalented and unfashionable mate back in London, Dave, who to be fair, like Chris Hopper...also owns the same shitty shades...and is a bit of a bellend as well!


He takes off the shades, looking at them disgustedly. Throwing them to the ground he stamps and twists his foot to break them. He then pulls a t-shirt that has been tucked into the back of his tights and opens it up in front of him to reveal the latest #FreeMikeyUnlikely t-shirt;


Kendrix: Instead, do something worthwhile and inspirational with your dull, unfulfilled and let's face it, WASTE...of a life...and buy a hashtag free Mikey Unlikely t-shirt by visiting the official hashtag free Mikey Unlikely website appearing on your screens now.


The website address flashes aggressively all over the screen;


Kendrix: All proceeds go to the hashtag free Mikey Unlikely petition and JFK can categorically confirm that he will not receive a penny of your lazily earned cash.


As he denies the above he somewhat un-reassuringly nods his head up and down with a huge grin on his face. Looking to his left, he holds his hands to his hair, trying to stop them from blowing into his face, he motions to a stagehand;


Kendrix: Bruv, turn that bloody fan off, yeah, you’re messing JFK’s hair up!


As the fan is turned off Kendrix ties his hair up into a man bun as he takes his seat on the chair. He then points over his shoulder behind him;


Kendrix: And turn that shitty background off!


Almost instantly, the screen behind him turns green as stagehands walk behind him across the shot. He hands the #FreeMikeyUnlikely t-shirt to one of them as he dismissively ushers them away from him. Sitting comfortably with his leg crossed over the other he holds his arms out to his sides;


Kendrix: See that, did it in one take, innit?!

Placing his resting foot down on the ground he leans forward with a cocky smirk across his face he holds his index finger up in front of the camera;


Kendrix: That’s all it takes when you’re as good as JFK. He’s always been a fast learner, innit?!


Pointing both index fingers at himself he arches his back up straight;


Kendrix: And to put things into much needed perspective, JFK started his professional career with the UTA back in January this year. JFK hadn’t wrestled professionally at any other company before. And in the space of a year, JFK has progressed from the bottom of the pile and through the ranks to main event status at a pace the likes of this company has never seen before.


He arrogantly pretends to brush off the dirt from his shoulders before leaning forward in the direction of the camera once more;


Kendrix: Now, there is no other “rookie”...


He uses his fingers to sarcastically quote his last word;


Kendrix: Who has scaled the heights of this business in the time JFK has. JFK has seen supposed“stars”...


He again sarcastically accompanies his words with his fingers and rolls his eyes;


Kendrix: Come in, shouting their mouths off, saying they were the best things since sliced bread...before leaving with their tails tucked between their legs because, quite frankly, they just couldn’t hack it in the UTA.


Shaking his head as he raises an eyebrow sympathetically he arches his back up straight;


Kendrix: Then there’s those who have been in this company when JFK joined back in January. Those professionals who like to continuously talk a good game...but have basically seen their careers go around in circles.


Holding his index finger by his head he circles it around;


Kendrix: Much like the newbies who have come and gone, they talk a good game, but JFK has an ounce of respect for them;


His eyes and mouth open wide in apparent shock at handing out an ounce of praise for a change;


Kendrix: Because at least they are still plodding along. But they know deep down as much as JFK does, that they are going absolutely nowhere fast in this company;


Leaning forward he points his index finger down to the ground, his eyes remaining focussed on the camera’s lens;


Kendrix: They know deep down, but of course, they’ll never admit it. Now JFK isn’t going to sit here and name drop all of these people...he’ll be sat here all night otherwise,. Quite frankly, JFK is off to see some Japanese strippees later;


Holding his thumb out at nowhere in particular he strokes his beard before wagging his finger toward the lens;


Kendrix: But luckily for you all JFK is more than happy to announce the one name he will drop for you bellends right now. The one person, who embodies and symbolises all those superstars who are going absolutely nowhere...and that man’s name is none other than Christopher Hopper;


Nodding his head he chuckles to himself as he holds his arms out wide in presentable fashion, arching his back up. looking away momentarily in an effort to compose himself he focuses back in front of him;


Kendrix: Now now, Christopher...JFK means no disrespect to you. Your career has been one success story after another. You are a man who is instantly recognisable, not only back in the US, not only here in Japan...but the entire world.


Crossing his leg on top of the other once more he clasps his hands together and rests them atop of his resting leg;


Kendrix: And that kind of stardom, that kind of legendary status you’ve acquired usually doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years, hell, even decades. And you, have earned everything you have ever achieved in this game. You have earned that status.


He holds his hands up in front of him and genuinely claps them together before folding his arms and resting them on his chest;


Kendrix: If JFK ends up achieving just half of what you’ve achieved in this game...then JFK will be content.


Pausing momentarily to contemplate that thought he tilts his head slightly and grimaces... believing that he actually could do better;


Kendrix: But to be honest Chris...JFK ain’t actually seen any of these great moments you had in the past. Don’t get JFK wrong, he’s not denying that you’re a multi time champion and a legend of our He’s just saying that since he’s been in the UTA...all he’s seen is a man given opportunity after opportunity...and failing miserably every single time!


He exaggeratingly bites his lip in apparent embarrassment for Hopper;


Kendrix: JFK’s heard you many many times running your mouth and talking up a great game. But when it comes to cold hard results, when it just haven’t cut the mustard in the UTA.


Placing his resting foot onto the ground he leans forward, resting his arms on top of his legs, focusing on the lens, motioning for the camera to zoom closer;


Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! You’ve been in the UTA for how long now? Almost a year and a half? And what exactly has a legend like yourself achieved in that space of time?


Sticking his lip out he exaggeratingly looks over to his left and then over to his right before returning his gaze in front of him, scratching his beard in thought before the light bulb moment hits as his face lights up, pointing his index finger by his head;


Kendrix: Oh, that’s right...absolutely fuck all! How can a man of your stature in this business, with your history and talent...not achieve gold within that amount of time? That’s a long time bruv!


He arches his back up straight, holding the palms of his hands out in front of him in calming fashion;


Kendrix: Woah, woah! Before you get all angry and raising your blood pressure to unhealthy levels for a man of your age, JFK knows...he hasn’t actually won gold himself yet.


Laying his hands out flat he quickly motions them up and down in further calming fashion;


Kendrix: But the point is Chris, JFK has just started his career. So you can’t exactly use the same measuring stick now can you. The only time we can is when JFK has finished his then you’ll probably be dead!


He grits his teeth together before mouthing out “it’s true” silently;


Kendrix: All JFK has seen up close in the a legend….in decline.


Leaning forward he points intently toward the camera, his eyes more focused than they’ve ever been;


Kendrix: Don’t beat yourself up about it old man, it happens to the very best. The ageing process is inevitable. But what annoys JFK about you is that despite you knowing this, you still have the gall to outstay your welcome. Instead of realising you can’t cut it in the UTA and walking away like others make up this idea that you’re here to see if you can still hang with the younger stars like JFK.


His eyes squint in disbelief;


Kendrix: Instead of walking away from the spotlight and leaving it to the younger make up this idea that your presence here is justified can help make us? That getting a match with Chris Hopper, WINNING...a match against Chris Hopper...will make JFK?


He arches his back up straight with a dismissive chuckle, holding his arms out wide by his side;


Kendrix: Christopher, Christopher, got it all wrong bruv. JFK has done just fine making himself. JFK doesn’t need Chris Hopper to make him. A win over you would be another huge statement, possibly the biggest and will certainly make EVERYONE...sit up and take note, that The here. However, on the flip side...Chris Hopper CERTAINLY...needs J...F...K!


The smug look returns to his face, pointing his thumbs towards his chest;


Kendrix: That’s right. Christopher Hopper needs Jesse Fredericks Kendrix. You see Chris, ever since JFK shut you up during another long and boring speech to the idiot fans in Puerto finally became relevant again.


He taps the side of his head with his index finger;


Kendrix: Think about it. You stopped becoming relevant ever since you went back on your word in that ridiculous speech of yours after you somehow beat Perfection. YOU WERE GONNA RETIRE...and then didn’t because the fans cheered your name...going on to say that the Ring King tournament was your last chance. That you were actually going to win the tournament and take on the UTA world champion…


Laughing in disbelief at the audacity of the man, he twirls his index finger by the side of his head;


Kendrix: You got knocked out in the first match against CBR. Then instead of going home and retiring you continued to stick around. It was pathetic. You lied to everyone, including the fans. Dynasty were so disgusted with you that we got tired of beating your arse all over the UTA. It’s tiresome after a while Chris.


He opens his mouth out wide, yawning, covering his mouth with the palm of his hand;


Kendrix: YOU’RE A LIAR! You said you do this for the love of the sport, for the fans, to help the next generation, blah, blah, blah. Maybe that was the truth years ago. But it’s clear to JFK that you stick around to make stupid ray ban adverts, collect your paycheck and hog the spotlight...JFK’s rightful spotlight!


He puffs his cheeks out in anger, his face turning red.


Kendrix: When you should have be the best. Cos that's what it's always been and ALWAYS...will be about...being the best!


Biting his lip in an attempt to control his anger, he explodes;


Kendrix: NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE ANYMORE! Even your own family want you to stop for the sake of your health! Cos they know that you're one beating away from that fucked up neck of yours from finally snapping;


Managing to curtail his anger he holds the back of his hand to his mouth before removing it to continue;


Kendrix: So Chris, come Sunday night in the Tokyo Dome, at International Affair. YOU...will be lucky and should be forever share the ring with JFK, the hottest talent the UTA has right now. It's an opportunity for you to win your credibility back with a win against The Future...of this business.


Arms out wide by his side he throws his trademark smirk across his face;


Kendrix: But unfortunately for you Chris. You and JFK both know that your time at the top is up. JFK will prove to the world that the money, time and spotlight the UTA throw your way should be heavily invested in himself instead. JFK will finish what HE...started with you and TAKE...the spotlight he deserves from you...and you will never get it back.


As the camera zooms in closer, he leans in one final time, not blinking one bit;


Kendrix: The Future has spoken...The Future is now.  

Fade out.

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