Title: Who wants it more?
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: November 13th, 2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

Training in Japan was the hardest thing Marie’s done during her five years of wrestling. This wasn’t her father’s place back home in Montreal where she would get away easy. It was said that training in Japan would make you crack because it was so hard. There were a lot of people in the same building Marie was in and would end up crying because it was difficult. She didn’t want to end up cracking as she had to stay strong for this match.


The training sessions finally ended as everyone was tired, smelly and beat up from the hard work that these people put them through. Training to be a champion was one of the motives she had since she got to Japan. Her blonde hair was wet from the work out with her face being red. she grabbed her towel and began to speak.


Van Claudio: I’ve been in Japan for a couple of days, and never would I expect training to become a champion would be harder than I would expect it to be.


She takes a sip of her water before going back to speak while raising an eyebrow.


Van Claudio: I wonder what my opponents are doing in order for them to get prepared for a ladder match.


She takes another sip of the drink she has in her hand.


Van Claudio: You see, unlike the three of you, I spent my time watching matches that had a ladder in them and studied them. This is my first time I’m in a match like this and I have to know the awareness of it!


She moves the bottle back and forth in her hands.


Van Claudio: I didn’t need to climb a mountain,  I didn’t need to look back where I started from and I sure as hell didn’t…..didn’t….


She thinks about a jab to say about Amy Harrison.


Van Claudio: I didn’t have to be a sleaze ball and go on my knees in order to get in the right mind for this match.


She smirks at the comment.


Van Claudio: Amy, for someone that likes to talk a lot, you’re delusional as hell. If you ever become the champion in this promotion, everyone here might walk out!


She keeps that smirk on her face.


Van Claudio: You aren’t even the right person to be a champion in this place at all. Have you even trained for this upcoming match? Have you even got off your ass and went to the gym? I bet you didn’t!


She flips her hair.


Van Claudio: Don’t be even thinking about making title gestures around that waist you have. The only gesture you should be making is an “X” sign when a ladder comes in that ugly face of yours and breaks it. That’s the ONLY thing you will be gesturing.


She takes another sip of water.


Van Claudio: Lew Smith, you said that you trained in Japan a couple of years ago.


She sits down with a towel in hand.


Van Claudio: I can understand why you were trained here. You wanted to become the best and you wanted to be on top of the world. However, if you STILL want to be the “most talked” about, then maybe you should prove it once more!


She shakes her head.


Van Claudio: I know that you’re better than this. I know the REAL Lew Smith. The one that was on top of the moon and the one that NEARLY won it all, but you let controversy get to you. That’s what happened to you, but yet, I’m the one that has the “inconsistencies” that everyone likes to point out!


She rolls her eyes at the comment.


Van Claudio: Lew, this is your only chance to prove to everyone that you trained with in Japan to get that recognition once again because if not, everyone will see how much of a fluke Lew Smith really is.


She moves the towel to the side before going onto the next person.


Van Claudio: Then there is Ron Hall, who decided to cut a candid interview with a reporter from Japan about his upcoming match. He’s the favorite to win this it seems and it was mentioned how I “like” him.


She turns red, but stops for a second.


Van Claudio: Yes, there is a difference between business and pleasure. Business comes first and pleasure comes after, but I’m not all about sleeping around. I said one thing and it has to turn out like that!


She shakes her head before going to speak.


Van Claudio: Once again, it was mentioned that if I bring it like I did with La Flama Blanca a couple of months ago, I could match him. Ron, out of everyone that is in this match, I plan on bringing it the most. You don’t have to worry about Amy having someone come in to help her.


She stands up.


Van Claudio: You don’t need to worry about Lew’s “inconsistencies”. The only thing you need to worry about is me coming after you full speed ahead!


She moves the chair to the side.


Van Claudio: I already said that you don’t need another title to your storied career. You’ve already accomplished more than anything else in this match. Like I said, there is a difference between business and pleasure.


She flips her hair.


Van Claudio: You will see the business side of me in our match, not to mention the dangerous side on top of that.


She sits back down.


Van Claudio: Out of everyone in this match, you three don’t seems as passionate about the championship that we are going in. Am I the only that breathes for this title? Am I the only one that wants it in our match?


She thinks for a good moment before speaking back up.


Van Claudio: I guess so. None of you guys are driven, none of you guys have motivation to be champion. I want all THREE of you to open your eyes and see what’s at stake for this match. Do you want OUR match to the sleeper or do you want to show up?


She takes one last breath


Van Claudio: I know I will be showing up, but I can’t say anything else more for the rest of you. I wish all of you the best of luck in this match, with the exception of Amy. There could only be one winner for the Prodigy Championship and that’s me!


She smirks one last time.


Van Claudio: International Affair will be the day that Marie Van Claudio rises to the occasion and FINALLY wins her first title in the UTA while the rest of you will leave empty handed!


She stands back up and heading to the showers. A determined women is in Marie and she wants that title!

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