Title: New Fire
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 11/13/2015
Location: Intercontinental Ana.
Show: International Affair 2015

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently”- Friedrich Nietzsche

We open to the rooftop of the Intercontinental Ana Hotel. One of Japan's most exclusive and premier resorts in all of western Asia. The sun is about to fade in the distance, darkness is quickly consuming the area. The lights from the city below, glow brightly.

On one side sits the bar, the man behind the counter is currently balancing his drawer as he prepares to end his shift. The rooftop is pretty barren as far as people go. The decor is spaced out in such a way, that you can tell the type of people who visit the resort prefer their privacy.

Across the rooftop a lonely figure sits. He is hunched forward in his seat, his back to the camera. He faces a steel fire pit that burns brightly against the dark backdrop. The camera nears the area, and as the light flickers off the side of the person's face, we now see its UTA Superstar, Mikey Unlikely.

Mikey wears a “Dynasty” hoodie and a pair of white cargo shorts. His blue and white Nikes are hard to make out below the chair. He just stares into the fire for what feels like forever. His eyes remain fixed but finally his mouth drops open. He closes his eyes and breathes in sharply. Slowly he relaxes as he exhales.

Unlikely: It’s beautiful isn’t it?

He stays staring, his eyes never move.

Unlikely: We understand how fire works, we know what causes it, we know what extinguishes it, and we know how dangerous it is. We’ve seen it kill thousands, and yet we can’t help but be enthralled. Can’t help but play with it!

He leans back a little and readjusts. His focus is obvious.

Unlikely: We have fire breathers, swallowers, and jugglers. We have pyrotechnics, planned explosions, and special effects. Hell people have parties that are centered around a bonfire in their very own backyards.

He reaches over to a end table next to his chair and picks up a drink. He sips it lightly before setting it back down.

Unlikely: There is literally a career path in the world we live in, where your sole objective is to fight this very thing that we use for entertainment. How dim do we have to be as a people, to play with something that can kill us? Something that can both take a person down, and also destroy everything that surrounds us, leaving very little trace we ever existed?
He crumples up a piece of paper, his bar receipt. He tosses it into the flame. It quickly is consumed by the dancing orange and red, leaving just ash behind.

Unlikely: It starts out small, just a spark, and boom! The entire thing blows up! One tiny ember can float through the wind, and land on the wrong material and it's all destroyed in minutes. There have been tales of fires engulfing entire forests, jungles, and cities. Eating and using everything in its path, to get where it wants to be.

He finally breaks his glare, and blinks a few times. He looks over at his drink. Lifting it slowly to his lips, once again just sips on it before replacing it.

Unlikely: The other incredible thing about fire, is the effect it has on the soil once extinguished. If you don’t already know… when a fire burns plants, wildlife, and other parts of nature, it returns those nutrients to the soil below it. The fire is almost a ‘rebirth’ for that area.

He shrugs, looks out the side of his

Unlikely: Will Haynes is that fire in this locker room that is the UTA. All he needed was that little spark, and sure enough he has done nothing but cause destruction. He is slowly and methodically consuming everything that the UTA puts in his way. No I don’t mean he is “tearing it up” I mean he is burning this place to the ground.

Mikey holds up his hand.

Unlikely: Look at what he did to WTFC.

One finger.

Unlikely: Look at what he did to The Spectre…

Two fingers.

Unlikely: Look at what he did to Doozer? A man whose last match involved Will Haynes…

Three Fingers.

Unlikely: He left Bobby Dean vulnerable and unsafe enough that he felt better with Team Danger, than with us! Since then Bobby Dean has once again disappeared.

Four fingers.

Unlikely: Alex Beckman… No he didn’t beat her, just annoyed her into retirement with his pseudo-success.

Five Fingers.

Unlikely:...And that’s just this year! Thrill Haynes does nothing but destroy. What does he have to show for all of this? A ten second title reign? A Legacy championship that was rightfully won from him by the ever amazing, and YOUR World Champion, La Flama Blanca?

He puts his hand against his own chest and lowers the other.


Unlikely: That’d hardly worth bragging over… Hell, I would be the REIGNING Legacy champion right now, if it weren't for that two bit entourage that Thrill rides around with, Coleslaw Jenkins. I should be going into the Pay Per View defending MY TITLE.

Mikey shakes his head.

Unlikely: But here once again, you will see Will Haynes fingerprints on another shot I had at glory. Another ruined opportunity! Another shot at greatness! Because long story short…Will Haynes needs me.

turning his body now, excitedly facing the camera.

Unlikely: Of course he would jump at the opportunity to tag with me! Of course he would want to be in my stable… Before I got here Haynes had been wrestling for MONTHS! still unable to break through. Still unable to set himself apart.

He half smiles and nods his head like he is onto something.

Unlikely: Enter a rapper turned wrestler, who has a spotlight wherever he goes. A bonafide star! Regardless if I was in the main event, or the opening match, the world watched! Imagine your favorite actor entering a boxing ring… Or your favorite musician, preparing for the olympics… the world's curiosity peaks every time someone steps outside their comfort zone.

Mikey shrugs.

Unlikely: This gave Haynes a chance, and chance to get noticed, a chance to propel his career based on someone else's accomplishments… and that's exactly what he did.

He takes a long cool sip of the beverage.

Unlikely: Any chance I had at greatness, Haynes made sure to extinguish. Any heat added to my name, he made sure he was right there with me. Any time i got the opportunity to face Dynasty, he put his face in the middle of it. So finally I did what any sane man would do… I began to put out the fire.

Mikey snickers.

Unlikely: I took my break to recover and to film The Wolfpac. I stayed true to myself, each and every week I tuned into UTA programming! I watched Victory, Wrestleshow, and Proving Grounds religiously. That's when I figured it out… That's when I watched Will Haynes still using me as a platform for himself.

He shakes his head and points directly at the camera.

Unlikely: When YOU people thought Will Haynes was mentioning me every week because he cared about me…you were fooled. He was talking about me, because it's the only way he could get you morons to give a damn about him!

Unlikely raises his eyebrows like he's stating the obvious.

Unlikely: So then I came back. Came back to finally put an end to the coat tail riding. Put an end to all the notoriety he was getting from MY NAME! To extinguish the fire burning through the UTA.

He stands up, and slams the drink back. No more sipping. He holds the now empty cup of ice at waist level.

Unlikely: At International Affair, I am not only going to put an end to Will Haynes’ career. I am going to begin a new timeline in the UTA. A new beginning. A fresh start for everyone. The Rebirth!

Mikey laughs.

Unlikely: ...Once that fire is extinguished, only one man will be left standing in the ashes… and that man is me.

His smile turns devious.

Unlikely: I am going to show the world there is NO QUIT, in the World’s Greatest Entertainer! I will expose Haynes in front of thousands in attendance. Millions will see him quit live on Pay Per View.

The glass makes a noise as he places it back on the end table.

Unlikely: And after I take down your “hero”, you people will be forced to accept the truth. That Mikey was right all along and each and everyone of you, made a terrible mistake when YOU turned your back on ME!

He walks off camera as the scene fades.

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