Title: On the Bike
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 11/13/15
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

Haynes: "My flat screen was like part a' my family. It was like a child. I babied the hell outta that thing. Been with us since we was down in Nashville."

Haynes is waxing nostalgic about the HUGE flat screen that used to hang on the wall at Casa de Thrill. It's not there anymore.

Haynes: "We used t' throw a few t-bone steaks on the grill, crack the top off a' some beers, get some a' that hand rolled action on n' settle in for Sunday TV. Was a tradition unlike any other."

Just like the Masters.

Haynes: "Followed us down t' Athens. We used that thing for everythin' from Super Bowl parties t' Wire marathons. Hell I remember stayin' up crushin' Friday Night Lights episodes with Mikey till two AM. Laying on that gorgeous wrap around couch, chattin' 'bout what the future would hold. Like a couple a' school girls."

Haynes is on an exercise bike in the gym at his hotel. The Land of the Rising Sound has been good to him since arriving. He got in on Wednesday. Barely made his flight out thanks to the sale of the WTFC Fight Club.

Haynes is wearing red athletic shorts and black tank top. Sweat beading on his neck as he pushes his legs forward. The idea here is cardio, and lots of it. As much as he can take. Get him ready for his toughest battle to date.

Haynes: "But we can't do that no more, even if we wanted to. You know why? The wrap around couch is gone. The flat screen - GONE! Both a' them were sold off for cash so I can pay hospital bills. So I can pay for gym time. So I can pay for trainin' sessions. So I can pay for all the stuff I had t' do in order t' get back in that ring. You got any idea how hard it is t' come back from a punctured lung? Any idea a' the crap you cough up durin' that recovery?"

Haynes shudders just thinking about it. He looks around the gym is empty. It's either too early or too late. The time change has him all upside down.

Haynes: "N' while I'm sitting here downsizin' my life, while I'm here sittin' on the THRILL equivalent a' the bread line, you know who's reached out t' me, try t' help me with some a' the cost?


Haynes shakes his head. 

Haynes: "After all I did for you, Mikey. After I took you in, let you stay at my house, eat at my table, drink my drinks, smoke my smoke n' you can't offer me a blood red cent. Can't offer t' cover any a' the bills? I know you ain't hurtin' for money. You're a Hollywood phoney. You're underwear is lined with hundred dollar bills.

"It's bullshit, Mikey. Pure, unadulterated bullshit."

Haynes closes his eyes trying to take a deep breath while he keeps pace with his program. He leans forward trying to take weight off his thighs. 

Haynes: "It ain't that I even would take your money, Mikey. Ain't that I even wanted it. It's that you didn't offer. Ya didn't see someone in need a' help that used t' help you n' try to repay the favor. Instead ya turned the other cheek. Good one, Mikey. That's a gesutre I won't soon forget.

"Ya know everyone has a tippin' point. A point where they can't take any more abuse. A point where they gotta turn to action. N' that's where I was on Victory, Mikey. That's why I had to lay my hands on you. I was pushed to my tippin' point.

"I shouldn't have done it. Should've spun that negative energy int' somethin' positive. Shouldn't have beaten you all over the damn arena. Should've saved some a' that for the fine folks that are gonna pack the Tokyo Dome on Sunday Night, Mikey."

Haynes says this with determination in his eye.

Haynes: "Never know when I'm gonna need a little somethin' extra on one a' the many fists I'm gonna throw. N' I plan t' throw a lot of 'em, Mikey. I plan to knock you silly. N' when your winded, when you're searchin' for that second, third, hell even fourth gear, you're gonna know that you only got your self t' blame for what's happenin'. You could'a avoided this, Mikey. This didn't have t' be your fate.

"You could'a just been yourself, Mikey. Not some Hollywood douchebag who only cares about yachts, A-listers, n' parties. You could'a been the kid sittin' up nights with me drinkin' brews n' talkin' 'bout how we wanna change the industry. Instead you played right back int' it's hands.

"What the hell changes through you, Mikey? What's different than every other thing going on in this business? A bunch a' dumb ass dudes standin' 'round watchin' each other's backs but never realizin' their own talent. Never breakin' through their self imposed glass ceilin'. 

"Yeah lemme tell ya somethin' that's real original. That's real ground breakin', Mikey."

Haynes doesn't stop there, he takes a quick and easy low bow.

Haynes: "Just like your damn movies. Remakes Mikey, cause ya ain't good enough for a single original thought."

Haynes shakes it off and keeps peddling. 

Haynes: "This is it. There's a good chance one or the both a' us don't come outta this without some sorta injuries. This is gonna be brutal. The two a' us are gonna work stiff as hell. It's gonna be brutal.

"N' don't get any ideas a' your boys in Dynasty comin' down the ramp t' play the numbers game. First thing I'm gonna do when I get to the Dome is find Lorenzo n' get Dynasty banned from ringside. 

Haynes says this direct to the camera. He means it, he doubts that Mikey still has a spine. He said something once about Hollywood just ripping it out of the World's Greatest Entertainer.

Haynes: "You wanna prove something, Mikey? You wanna prove somethin'? You come n' you beat me one on one, without the help a' those cats in Dynasty. You come n' you bring everythin' you have n' you watch as I soak it up n' deal it back t' you ten fold. 

"You bring your best, Mikey. Bring your best n' you'll still come up short in the end. Cause I won't be stopped. I won't be beat. This has been a LONG time comin', Mikey. A long time."

The program ends and Haynes heads into the cool down.

Haynes: "I'm motivated. I'm conditioned. I'm dangerous, Mikey. You wanna entertain, go head. I just wanna make you say I quit."

That's the end.

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