Title: A Call Away From Home (Post-Deadline)
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 12/11/15
Location: Lew's Tokyo Dome Hotel Room
Show: International Affair 2015

The camera fades in from black following Lew pace up and down the room whilst a laptop is perched up on the middle table. The laptop displays a connecting Skype call to Jordan. It continues to ring.

Lew: Come on guys...where are you...?

Lew addresses the camera across the room.

L: See what professionalism I have to deal with?

The call continues on for a brief moment before it connects to Jordan and Hayley on the other end.

Jordan: Hello? Lew?

Hayley: Lewis!

Lew releases a sigh of relief.

L: About time guys.

J: It must be the connection, mate.

H: How's it going in Japan!?

L: It's going alright so far. They've set me up a camera guy to follow me about.

J: How exciting.

H: So you up for dicussing this Sunday's match? International Affair.

L: Yeah, I'm looking forward to going against people within my power ranking bracket.

J: Amy Harrison, Ron Hall and Marie Van Claudio.

H: Where to start?

L: I suppose we could start off with Amy Harrison?

J: Ah yes, a "dark horse" in other's opinions. Four wins, three losses. She's doing incredibly well for herself.

H: She's fought both Ron Hall and Marie Van Claudio and has beat both of them. Despite losing in a tag match prior to her win with Claudio against Team Danger.

L: Ah, it makes sense as to why us four are in this match together. We're all connected it seems through one way or another.

J: Such as?

L: Well, there was that time myself and Hall went up against Team Danger and lost. Which I do put blame to myself. A Hall of Famer should never have that shame dragged down with them. Claudio and I have had a match at the start of the year which I had won at, but our mutual grinds with Blanca and his crew got us closer together in terms of team work along with Chris Hopper. The only lost tie I have is with Amy, but it seems that mutuality has me corrected there as Amy is linked both with Marie and Ron.

J: And so?

L: Maybe I'm just thinking too far into it in that respect, but I can only imagine that Amy will have Ron's and Marie's attention on Sunday.

H: It seems more likely that way...but hey, you never know about the other two.

J: Yeah, they may still hold things against you.

L: Like?

H: Well, Hall may not be too happy with your contribution to your tag match. He may want to snap you back into your place and show you what it takes to be a Hall of Famer like himself. He has skill whereas...well, you do too but just not as much.

J: And Claudio may not be happy with the early start to the year you got over her still...adding more onto the situation of Dynasty, she may be upset with you that nothings come from you're behalf in aiding her with them. Seeings as it was a bigger deal with them at her match for the UTA World Championship than yours. Don't you agree?

Lew nods and paces again.

L: Quite. Ron Hall is beyond experienced. He's the very man who was able to make every face's dreams come true, by taking James Wingate out of the picture of tampering with matches. If only this was a raised issue beforehand I would have been UTA World Champion. Ha! He's had a few run ins with Dynasty also. Nothing with MVC just yet but I can almost see some sort of post-match agreements with those two.

H: And what about Marie? Do you think she has unfinished business with you?

Lew hums.

L: It's always uncertain what some wrestlers think. Deep down I know that something's there for team work's sake. She's a great wrestler and deserves more than what she's given. Much like that title shot for the UTA World Championship, I'm sure she would've got it if it weren't for Blanca's goons.

Lew turns to the camera.

L: It seems that we all have an equal chance at this title...a ladder match. It'll definitely test our skills amongst wrestlers who have some history with one another. We all strive for each other to go for gold aswell as that want ourselves...but it's just a shame thatwe're also their obstacle, like they are to me.

J: Indeed.

Lew turns back to the laptop.

L: Well, you guys. I need to shoot, training and all that.

H: Be careful!

J: Keep your head down and focus. We'll be watching you live.

L: Cheers guys, see you in a few weeks.

Lew closes the skype call and waves to the camera to turn it off. The camera fades to black.

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