Title: I Will Leave Flowers At Your Grave.
Featuring: La Flama Blanca
Date: November 13th, 2015
Location: Church.
Show: International Affair 2015

We now bring you a message from La Flama Blanca.


We open up on what looks like the inside of a church. The pews are barren but the candles around the hall are all burning. An all wood podium stands dead center on the stage. The high hats inside the ceiling shine down a yellow light. A door is heard opening, and some footsteps follow its closing.

None other than the UTA World Champion, La Flama Blanca, makes his way towards the podium, center stage like he always is. He is dressed in a black suit, looking his best as a large statue of Jesus on the cross hangs behind him. An ominous mood is felt.

“I am here today to pay my respects…”

Cameras zoom out to show an oak casket on the floor, underneath the UTA World Champion.

“Pay my respects to the career of one, Eric Dane. A legend in this sport. A bona fide ‘institution’ in this business.”

Blanca paces himself, pausing for a moment of time before continuing his eulogy.

“Eric Dane has been around, he has been a part of this business for almost two decades. He always talks about his LEGACY, all his past achievements, where he’s wrestled, who he has beaten...

La Flama Blanca leans in as he puts his hands on the edge of the podium.  

“In Eric Dane’s lengthy wrestling career he is one of the few wrestlers who is a part of multiple Hall Of Fames. A stunning fact in my opinion.”

The camera in front of La Flama Blanca makes a tilt up toward him and the podium.

“He’s done it all in his career. Held every World Championship in every place he called home. He’s done everything except win the UTA World Title.”

Blanca lets out a little laugh. He knows Eric Dane will never be UTA World Champion.

“As someone in this business for some amount of time, I know what it takes to make it and I know what it takes to truly succeed.”

La Flama Blanca much like everyone in Dynasty is the definition of success. Look it up.

“I know what must be put into this craft in order to achieve such stellar accolades. The time… in the gym, in the ring, on the road, and meeting the fans. The tax it takes on your mind, your body, as well as the ones around you.”

All very true. It’s a sport that’s not made for everyone.

“It’s hard for people in this industry to live normal lives. Relationships are put to the test, the strain of being away from home has destroyed many a family. Why do you think many wrestlers are on their second or third wives?”

Blanca holds his hand out, making a slight fist as he continues to preach.

“All the adulation comes at a price. Mind, body, and soul. But it doesn’t just end there… many are jealous of other’s success. Many try their best to sully the good names of others. Twist their words as best they can and use them against you.”

Much like Eric Dane has tried to do to the UTA World Champion.

“People talk; that’s always a constant.  All that time spent in the game and word spreads, rumors go around. Some are shit and some are fact. Sometimes you don’t know what to believe.”

LFB drops his head. He taps that hand balled into a fist on the top of the podium.

“At one time, Sean Jackson and I were great friends… We went across the country in jet planes and cruised in limousines. Being around a former great like him taught me a lot. I always listened to Sean’s stories of his coming up in the business.”

You can tell he enjoyed all the time spent with his former friend.  He may even be cracking a smile under his mask.

“I always listened to Sean go on and on about people from his past. I learned a lot about men like The Spectre, his mortal enemy Mike Bell, Jason Cashe and especially… one Eric Dane.”

The UTA World Champion raises his head high and barely shakes it from side to side.

“Sean is no stranger to Eric Dane, this I know. These two men have known each other for a long, long time. Sean Jackson was a former employee of Eric’s. I can only assume those two have had many opportunities to shoot the shit and relive their pasts.”

Bunch of old geezers talking about the good ole’ days, back when wrestling was wrasslin’.

“When they used to be good…”

That too.

“Now I don’t know these stories to be true or not. These could have just been anecdotes, trying to impress me and the rest of the boys. Regardless…”

Blanca puts his left hand to his mask, trying to recall something about his opponent at International Affair.

“I wish I could remember all the tales Sean told me about Eric. I think there was one where he attacked another man with a shovel. One time Eric even burned someone’s house down just because he could. I don’t know how much of these accounts I even trust.”

At the time, Sean Jackson didn’t seem like a liar but now Blanca doesn’t know what to think about what he was told.

“I remember these couple of stories Sean told me, just after Eric Dane signed with the UTA. I don’t remember the circumstances involved, just that Sean said Eric was down in a dark, dark place.”

The Champion takes a moment, pondering what could have been the cause.

“I can only wonder as to why Eric was in this kind of mental state. Maybe Eric was dealing with an injury. Maybe he felt his time on top of the business was coming to an end. Eric could have tried a comeback, but to no avail.”

Something that seems to be the norm with Eric Dane. Multiple failed returns to the ring, and he never gets the hint.

“Eric was also in the downfall of his career, just trying to hold on to a job. The bottle got the best of him and Eric put a gun in his mouth… but he could not pull the trigger.”

Blanca stops, thinking about the scene. Maybe tears rolled down his cheeks as he tried to do it. He snaps out of it and continues the eulogy.

“Such a brave, strong man on the outside. The guy who put me through a table on Victory and ran his mouth for months… tried to blow his own brains out because his life was crumbling around him. Maybe that TV deal fell through and he was going to lose it all. Or maybe…”

Blanca lets out an audible laugh.

“Eric is just weak. He was at the end of his rope and he couldn’t deal with life, couldn’t deal with not being THE MAN anymore… so he tried to end it, but he wasn’t man enough, strong enough… to pull that trigger.”

Blanca looks down at the podium and then raises his head back up. He looks right into the camera lens.

“Sean also told me that one night on tour, Eric got incredibly drunk and tried to take his own life again. Sean wasn’t one hundred percent on the details, but I believe it could have been about Eric’s first wife… maybe his second.”

Who knows, La Flama Blanca continues to speculate about the stories.

“That night, possibly in his hotel room or in his home down in Louisiana… Eric downs a bottle of pills and washes it down with a bottle of Scotch in a suicide attempt.”

Blanca leans back, standing straight behind the podium. He knows how pitiful his opponent has seemed in the past. Not much has changed.

“It’s sad to hear that about someone who on TV and in the ring seems to be 'put together'. A man that had the world at his beck and call for so long. Eric Dane is broken, a parody of himself now."

Blanca turns his head and looks at some of the glass windows showing saints of his faith. 

"Maybe all those times getting dropped on his head has caused severe damage to his brain.”

The UTA World Champion makes a terrible joke but seems serious in his remarks.

“I really don’t see why he still goes out there. Eric Dane is on his third or fourth comeback tour. He’s even said so himself, he’s only wrestled a handful of matches in the last three years.”

Those old timers… their hearts are bigger than their brains sometimes. They try to write checks with their mouths that their body’s can’t help them cash anymore.

“Eric does what a lot of the over the hill, still hanging on, sad, pathetic bozos do… not go away. He just doesn’t know when it’s time to quit.”

A side view of the casket on the church floor and La Flama Blanca soon transition into a behind the back shot of the UTA World Champion, looking out into the unpopulated church hall.

“Eric has a passion for this sport that is ingrained in him. Maybe it’s passion or maybe it’s stupidity. His legacy seems to take hit after hit with failed comeback after failed comeback.”

One would think someone so wrapped up in their past, their legacy would do everything in their power to keep it in tact. Not make a once great career a punch line.

“This isn’t Two Thousand-Five… this is Twenty-Fifteen. This isn’t your time anymore, it’s mine. You are a step slower and your body is your achilles heel.”

Blanca stands defiantly behind the podium. He’s a methodical man, he’s no doubt been thinking about this match since Eric won the Number One Contendership.

“I know exactly what my game plan is… work your knees. I’ll break them if I have to. Make sure you can’t walk and do what it is that I do… and that’s win. Make you tap out in front of the entire world.”

Blanca nods his head up and down, knowing that would send his opponent over the edge. Making an already unstable man, more unpredictable.

“Where Eric has already peaked many, many moons ago… I’m still on top of the sport. It is I who is the envy of the rest of the roster and Eric… just hates it. Eric much like the entire UTA Universe, hangs on my every word.”

Eric Dane is jealous of La Flama Blanca but then again… the whole wrestling world is.

“He sees me and where I am and he wants it. Eric is stuck in the past… when he was a big deal. When he was the talk of wrestling, when it was the last time he actually mattered.”

Harsh words from the UTA World Champion. He doesn’t stop, he continues the onslaught.

“Eric Dane hung up his boots for a minute and went to signing checks, promoting his company. Not content with growing young talent and improving the sport as a whole… Eric comes out of retirement, fails and then goes back to signing paychecks.”

Blanca shakes his head as he leans in on the podium. His arms prop him up.

“I hope I’m not like him. I hope I’m not like the Chris Hopper’s and Sean Jackson’s of the world. I want to go out my own way and when I say I’m done… I’m done.”

La Flama Blanca isn’t going to tarnish his reputation. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

“I don’t want to be like Eric Dane, forced to lace up my boots again and again because of some gambling debt or because my company is hemorrhaging money faster than Bobby Dean engulfing a foot long…”

Blanca shakes that image out of his head and fast. Back to the topic at hand.

“Maybe he truly does love competing in the ring. Maybe it isn’t all just for another prize at the end of the fight. I think it’s just a desperate attempt to make the fans remember someone who died five years ago.”

Blanca is feeling it. He continues to attack his opponent from every angle.

“A man who should have succeeded the first time he tried to end it all.”

His words echo inside the empty church.

“Tokyo, Japan… the site of International Affair, will be witness to the last and final match of Eric Dane’s long storied career. The comeback will end in defeat much like ALL the times before.”

La Flama Blanca extends his arms and brings them up towards his chest, showing himself off to the world.

“I’m at the pinnacle. I’m in the heart of the best years of MY career. I’ve beaten every big name in the UTA… I won every title that means a damn in the UTA and I’m a bona fide Hall Of Famer in the UTA.”

A fact NO ONE can take away from the Luchador. Not even Eric Dane.

“I know you can’t pull the trigger and get the job done. I’ll do whatever I have to to get what I want. Whether it’s turning on my best friend and joining his enemies. Whether it’s beating another best friend into a pulp and taking away what he treasured most…”

That’s what separates those who want to just get by and those who want to make a name for themselves.

“I’ve shown time after time, that I will do what it takes to win. No matter who I’ve faced, I’ve still walked away as champ. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.”

No matter what, La Flama Blanca has survived. It might not look pretty but the end result is what it’s about. That’s what GREAT champions do, they keep their titles.

“Now unlike Ring King… when I was moments away from making Alex Beckman tap out in the middle of the ring, LIVE on Pay Per View and Sean Jackson took that away from me… There will be no interference. There will be a pinfall or a submission.”

La Flama Blanca’s tone of voice gets more stern. You can feel the raw emotion in his words.

“I will walk out of the Tokyo Dome with my UTA World Championship title and get that marquee win my opponent says I need… then maybe when Eric goes back to his hotel room, he might look hard at that bottle of booze."

LFB speaks slowly with intent in each word. 

"He might look hard at that bottle of pills or hold that loaded gun in his hand.”

LFB makes a “gun” with his right hand. He holds it out to his side and looks at it.

“Maybe that depression from another failed attempt to go out on top sends him over the edge. Maybe this time he will pull the trigger and end it all. Maybe you will go out with a bang after all.”

The UTA World Champion stands in silence. He taps his hand on the podium again. He turns his head and looks down at the casket.

“Eric, I promise you… I will leave flowers at your grave.”

La Flama Blanca takes a few steps back from the podium and exits the stage. The camera zooms in and tilts down towards the casket.


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