Title: The Ladder to Success
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: November 13th, 2015
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

Amy Harrison has got a chance to show people what she really is capable of. Will the critics still be around if Amy Harrison was to defeat three other people in a ladder match and become Prodigy Champion? Well, it is Amy Harrison, after all. Amy knew she needed to get serious, and needed to get ready. But even when training, she still needed to run our mouth just a little bit more.


Amy has been training at one of the local dojos in Tokyo to get herself ready for the match. She takes out one of the ladders, similar to one of the ladders that will be used in the match, just to get an idea on what to expect in the match. Amy gets to the top and looks around.


Harrison: It’s pretty high up here, isn’t it? Good thing I’m not afraid of heights.


Amy laughs a bit as she looks down.


Harrison: A lot of people like to use the metaphor of ‘The ladder to success’, saying that ‘the higher you climb, the more successful you are’. You’ve got to love wrestling sometimes, this is the only business that would turn a metaphor like that and turn it literal.


Amy then starts to climb down the ladder.


Harrison: I’ve been hearing what all of you have to say. And I must say, it’s pretty interesting to hear your opinions on me. Usually I wouldn’t give a damn what you’ve got say, but since I’ll be pushing you all off of this, I thought I’d give myself some encouragement.


Amy gets to the ground.


Harrison: Let us start with the Cowboy, shall we? Oh, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie…….


Amy rolls her eyes


Harrison: Still trying to come up with excuses, are we? That’s fine, it just goes to show you that you just don’t know when your time is up


Harrison: You like to hold on to every little piece of your past glory, just so you can find a way to get yourself over again. Do you really think that if your little friend there didn’t come in, that you actually would have been able to win that match?


Amy starts to laugh


Harrison: You should start being a stand-up comedian, because you have some killer material. In all seriousness, though. You should just get out of this match while you can, because at your age, you’ll probably break something if you slip off the first rung of this ladder.


Amy shakes her head at the thought.


Harrison: Then we have Lew Smith, and to be fair, he seemed a bit more “safe” with his little reaction. I don’t know if he’s trying to be the “goodie two shoes” of this whole event or he just isn’t good with insults.


Harrison: Either way, I know that we haven’t crossed paths yet, but for you, that would be a good thing. It was nice of you to put over my record and all that, but let’s face it, if you did face me one on one, you would have been apart of the win side of the record. So at least for now, consider yourself lucky.


Then Amy gets a bit angry, knowing who the third person is in the match.


Harrison: And then we’ve got Ms. Van Claudio. Where do we begin with you? Ah, Marie, the constant thorn in my side. It’s like the fly that just won’t go away. Oh, and you in the right mind decided to call me “delusional as hell”? Wow, you’re one to talk.


Amy shakes her head.


Harrison: First off, I didn’t have to get on my knees or anything like that to get to where I am. Although, I’m sure there are a few guys here who wished they thought of that before you brought it up. Oh well, too late for them.


Harrison: Then you say that if I go as far as win the title here, then everyone would just walk out? At least I actually deserve to get a shot at the title, but what about you? Do you even remember what happened a while back?


Amy pretends to be thinking of something.


Harrison: Weren’t you given a title shot a while back? But lets face it, you didn’t deserve that shot. Was it a free drawing or something, like you won the lottery of getting your ass beat by the World Champ?


Harrison: I wouldn’t have been surprised if a few people left if you won that. Unlike you, I actually deserve to get this shot, I deserved to get that Tag Title match, and if it wasn’t for YOU, I would be champion now, even if you were the other half.


Amy shakes her head.


Harrison: But, there’s going to be a bit of an ironic twist, because you have been holding me down for as long as I’ve been in the UTA, but now it’s my time to hold you down. Well, more accuratly, my time to pull you down off this ladder again, and again, and again.


Amy starts climbing the ladder again


Harrison: You see, I may only have been in the UTA five, maybe six months, but I’ve gotten higher than most people have in that time period. I’ve seen guys and girls in other promotions not even last six weeks. I’ve even seen some no show their first match.


Harrison: But me? I’ve proven myself. I keep going up the ladder rung, by rung, by rung.


Amy gets to the top of the ladder


Harrison: And I’m not going to stop until I’m at the top, and at International, I get my chance. I’m going to be the one to get to the top of the ladder, look up to get the title and then look down at all the people who just aren’t as good as me.


Harrison: Lew Smith, Ron Hall, Marie Van Claudio, I hope you three aren’t getting your hopes up, thinking that you actually have a chance to win this, because when it’s all said and done, there will be a new Prodigy Champion, and her name is Amy Harrison!


Amy then poses at the top of the ladder as the picture fades.

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