Title: The Words Of Lisil: Samedi Arrives
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 11/13/2015
Location: Japan
Show: International Affair 2015

The scene opens inside of a dimly lit dojo. The camera pans around to show off the many oriental art on the walls and various scrolls. Sitting in the middle of the dojo is Lisil Jackson sitting cross legged with the tiki statue of Samedi sitting in front of him. Sitting in front of the statue is a cup with what is assumed to be blood in it. Jackson is dressed in a pair of black sweat pants and his face still has the skull face paint on it. 

"Yaaaaaaaaaa Mooooooooon.........." 

Jackon says before he looks into the camera with a sinister smile. 

"Brudda Judas.... I hear what ya mout piece dat Reverend had ta say... I find it pretty sad dat ya can't even speak fo yaself but I come ta expect dat... Ta be honest I don't even know if ya even are physically capable o' talkin!" 

Lisil shrugs his shoulders letting out an amusing chuckle. 

"But ya know what mon ya made tings very difficult fo me in dee UTA! Ya cost me victory against Greer..... Ya beat me up and put me trough a table... But most o' all ya had dee nerve ta mess wit dee spirits!" 

The Jamaican shakes his head disgusted. 

"Ta go in and just take tings dat don't belong ta ya? Dat is low.... I doubt HIM would approve o' dat! But den again what is HIM? I mean I hear dat Reverend bellow on about HIM and HIS love and all dat kinda stuff. But what is he?" 

Jackson looks at the idol and smiles shaking his head. 

"Ya say I worship false prophets... I find dat pretty amusin considerin Brudda Judas got pretty spooke ova a tiki's presence! So really Judas if dee spirits don't exist den why were ya scared huh?" 

The Jamaican looks at the camera with a smirk before bowing back down to the statue. 

"Dis is a battle tween HIS wrat and dee anga o' Samedi... And lemme tell ya somethin bruddas... Ya blame all dis on me?" 

He shakes his head disgusted. 

"Naw mon... Dis all just started when ya tried ta push ya crooked agenda on Quinlan and I wasn't bout ta sit back and let dat happen! Ya see dee difference is dat unlike ya I don't push ma beliefs on othas and expect dem ta start followin dat pat!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration stands up and stretches. 

"Go ahead and try ta drag me inta dat abyss... But lemme say dis mon... I already walked in dat abyss! And I already know dee mon who runs dat abyss... Dee difference dis time he's on ma side!" 

Lisil Jackson grabs the tiki statue and points it directly into the camera. 

"Look at it Brudda Judas! Look inta dee eyes o' dee bringa o' deat!!! Look at ya fate at International Affair!" 

Jackson lets out a laugh. 

"Cuz o' ya I will have a lot of repentin ta do but ta get vengeance fo dee spirits I tink it's well wort it!" 

Suddenly a rumble is heard.... 

"What da...." 

The ground starts to shake... 

"Is dat...." 

Pictures fall off the walls. Lisil Jackson sets the statue. 


The ground rumbles violently as Jackson laughs. 


Jackson jumps up and slams his fist into the ground. 

"What I felt.... What I know.... Sick and tired I stand alone.... Samedi.... Will ya be dere cuz I be dee one who waited fo ya... Or will I be unforgiven too?" 

 Lisil Jackson closes his eyes trying to channel the spirit. Part of the roof falls besides Lisil who doesn't budge an inch as the camera suddenly fades to static. 

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