Title: It's time.
Featuring: Chris Hopper
Date: 11/13/2015
Location: .
Show: International Affair 2015

The scene fades up and shows a large pack of wolves gathered on the side of a snow-capped mountain. It really is a picturesque scene, as we hear a familiar voice over the viewpoint. The deep voice of UTA veteran, "Too Cool" Chris Hopper.

Hopper V/O:  There are many laws in nature.

We see one young wolf try jumping over a large bush to playfully attack another pup, only to have his back feet get caught up in them and end up rolling a few times on the landing.

Hopper V/O:  Newton discussed many natural laws regarding actions, force, physics and the like....but he is not the favorite son of the scientific community.

Then we see the largest wolf ascend a rock on the hillside and bellow his howl.

Hopper V/O:  That honor belongs to Darwin.

The other wolves seem to fall in line as the leader howls.

Hopper V/O:  The idea that there is always an evolution to a species and the fittest find a way to survive and advance. This law has been a staple of the scientific community for decades and present in the sports world for nearly as long.

In our scene, we notice another large wolf step from behind a bush with his head bowed not in a subservient posture, but in a menacing attack mode.

Hopper V/O:  And that means that the future will always try to trump the past. Youth will always strive to overthrow the old, deeming it weak and inferior. It is then that the older, wiser animal must make a choice...

The wolf on the rock looks at his aggressor.

Hopper V/O:  Does he ignore the youth or does he fight for his position?

The older wolf slowly turns his body and bows his head, bearing his teeth slowly.

Hopper V/O:  The choice is never in doubt....even if the outcome is not certain.

The two wolves lunge at each other in mutual growls and begins rolling in a scratching, clawing, biting battle.

Hopper V/O:  No animal in the top position will surrender it easily. The same goes for people. Survival of the fittest is a true fact and a natural law.

The scene immediately fades from the battle scene we are witnessing without showing the victor. We are transitioned into a view of a street from the days of the Roman Empire. From one of the large doorways, obviously coming from a palace-like building, steps Hopper wearing a toga and the wreath crown of a Caesar of old.

Hopper:  I know it's a bit over the top, but think about it....

He looks around as he walks into the street, surrounded by guards.

Hopper:  When  you think of the hungry, young man taking down an age-old relic....this is what you think of first. You think of the great Julius Caesar and the man who betrayed him, Brutus.

He stops walking.

Hopper:  I could have said President Kennedy...

He snaps his fingers and the scene becomes Hopper dressed in a suit sitting next to a bouffant-haired beauty in the back of a black limo as it follows a parade route.

Hopper:  I mean there was the greatness of that being a play on Kendrix's real name, but the story isn't as clear cut, is it.

He points up ahead with his right hand.

Hopper:  Besides, they never found out who was on the grassy knoll up there anyway, so it is hard to play off of.

He snaps his fingers again, and the scene switches back to the streets of Rome with Hopper dressed as Caesar.

Hopper:  So Caesar it is.

He grins.

Hopper:  We all know the old story of Brutus and Caesar. Caesar was the ruler....the one man who stood on top of the Roman empire. While Brutus...

He looks around.

Hopper:  Yes, that's him way over there...

He points and the camera pans over to a man who could be a look-alike for Kendrix standing near a corner with an evil look in his eye and a sneer on his face. The screen moves back to Chris as he continues.

Hopper:  Brutus was not necessarily a bad man. In fact, he is described, like many of the Senators and members of the ruling class of Rome as honorable and upright. Caesar and Brutus were good friends for many years, so there was never any true issues between them. But Brutus......well he only had one problem.

He pauses with a questioning look on his face before speaking again.

Hopper:  Well it was more than one problem, if we need be entirely honest.

The screen moves back to "Brutus" and several men walk around him and they begin talking. We cannot hear what they have to say as the only thing audible is Hopper's voice.

Hopper V/O:  A group of those who hated Caesar gained his ear. They begin to bend his will to their way of thinking...

At first "Brutus" shakes his head, but begins to nod slowly after what seems like very vehement speaking from a couple of the other men in togas.

Hopper V/O:  "Caesar is bad for Rome," they whispered. "He only wants power for himself and all the talk of a republic has no root in him." Eventually, a plot was hatched that Brutus would lead an assassination.

After the discussion, "Brutus" begins walking over to Chris and "Caesar" welcomes him with a handshake and a wide smile.

Hopper:  Oh hello there.

"Brutus" motions for him to walk with him.

Hopper:  Sure, my friend. If you need to talk, I'm always here for you.

They begins walking down the street and Chris turns to the camera.

Hopper:  I think we all know what happens next.

He no sooner finishes his words than we see the group of men that gathered to speak with "Brutus" skulking up behind the walking pair. They have several more friends with them and they all seem to be trying to conceal knives in their tunics.

Hopper:  You would think Caesar would have stopped this immediately. Perhaps he saw nothing but potential in Brutus, his friend, and never had a clue. But inevitably, power....and the quest for it, corrupts.

Chris no sooner says these words than the group of men all rush toward him with knives extended just as "Brutus" is whirling around with a knife of his own to be the first to strike in surprise. The scene freezes just before any knives make contact.

Hopper:  I think we can stop this now. I don't want to make too many people excited out there.

He snaps his fingers and the scene is gone around him. In fact, he is left standing there in his usual Armani suit with a black background, grayed out around him due to come lighting. He takes a breath, acting happy to be away from what was turning to be a gruesome scene.

Hopper:  I make no claim to be Caesar in UTA. I'm not the champion. I'm not the one standing on top of the heap. But I believe that I do hold some of the strings to the heart of its fans. Those whose heartbeats will me to victory when I step in the ring. In that way, through the sheer backing of our amazing fans, I do stand on a mountain.

He raises an eyebrow.

Hopper:  My fans....all of them make me something of a target. I know that the same way Caesar had to know there were those who wished him ill.

He points to the camera.

Hopper:  And that makes you the Brutus they sought to use, Kendrix.

He clasps his hands in front of him as he calmly speaks.

Hopper:  When you arrived, I saw potential in you. I even tried speaking to you backstage. You had it all.

He cocks his head to the side before straightening it up and speaking again.

Hopper:  Yes, you were brash and green. You had a lot to learn, but I told everybody who would listen....everybody whose heads were stuck in the clouds over the likes of "Brother Simon" and "Doozer" that the real future just may be this kid Kendrix.

He grins.

Hopper:  I told them at some point he was the one who could turn out to surprise the world and be one of the top guys in UTA and I never strayed away from that idea.

He holds his hand up.

Hopper:  Then came the influence of Dynasty, much like the Senators in Rome they sought to have you be the one they put out there to strike first. They wanted you to be their henchman to go after one of the most vocal and authoritative figures to standing their way from day one......

He takes the hand that he had held up and makes a gesture pointing his thumb back to his chest.

Hopper:  Me.

He again takes a deep breath as he clasps his hands together again.

Hopper:  And you went to work, bemused and turned by their words. You said things that were utterly false and demeaning, but I knew you were just trying to get under my skin. But then you began attacking me physically and threatening my family.

He pauses.

Hopper:  And enough is enough.

His face remains very serious as he continues.

Hopper:  This won't turn out the same way it did for Caesar. I'm not going to be sneak attacked by one man and fed to dozens. I'm not going down the way he did.

You can see his jaw clinching as he pauses.

Hopper:  My eyes are wide open and my will is clear. To take down Dynasty is to begin one piece at a time and the first piece is you. You are younger and have began showing all of the ring prowess that I assumed you would. It makes it an uphill battle for an old veteran like me.

A grin comes across his face.

Hopper:  But I like challenges. I like having the deck stacked against me. I like when it is me and the fans against the world.

A slight nod.

Hopper:  And that is exactly what it feels like going into International Affair, Kendrix. You have momentum. You have a stable of men ready to aid you in some fashion at some point. You have become the budding menace I predicted you to be....the dragon beginning to emerge from the sea of fire and smoke. And me?

He chuckles once before continuing.

Hopper:  I'm just an old dragon slayer ready to play my role. The time will come when you one day look back and begin to wonder why things didn't go as so many predicted in UTA. Why your momentum was stopped short and the stable around you began to crumble. And it will all point back to what is going to happen this Sunday at International Affair...

The grin disappears.

Hopper:  When my arm is raised in victory and Dynasty's evening starts going south very quickly. You could have been one of the true greats, kid.

He smirks as he speaks.

Hopper:  But now we'll never know, will we?

The smirk becomes a grin.

Hopper:  Because Sunday, it all will come to an end for you, Kendrix. I look forward to seeing you in the ring.

The screen fades to black as he walks off the camera's view.


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