Featuring: Jack Hunter
Location: SILOS
Show: After Hours ep.1

(*&^%$£$ the scene FADES IN!!!! n we find the STREET FIGHTER HASHTAG new UNDEFEATABLE HARDCORE CHAMPYUN jack hunter he is outside and it is sunny but the sky is made of flames and rats and rotating skull gifs and he is in a field and in the middle of the field are some sylos full of whatever you put in silos and they all have the letter j on the ^&£%^$W£$

Jack HUNTer: "HAHAHAHA"!!!!!

$%*&@@ some lightning happens and jack catches it then eats it yum yum

jack hunter: "it is me jack hunter and I am back again HAHAHAH!!! and i am now the UTA HARDCORE CHAMPION after I hardcorified Skydog mountgoober and the dibbinzes just like I said I would hahahaha!!!! and the HASTAG NEW STREAK continues and I am 13-0 which is more than Odell BECKMAN JUNIOR when she lost to LFB!!! HAHAHAHA!!"""

oh yeah Jack is also with his woman and new wife who is cool too like jack

Jack Hunter: "and this is my wife JACK HUNTRESS and together we will STREET FIGHT EVERYONE until you have all been street fighted and there are no streets left to fight but next it is the blue scorpion who will be street fighted!!!! and that is bad news because scoprions live in the desert not the street!!!!! they cannot live in streets because there is no sand only rats and trash and rats and fights and rats and that means you will lose blue SCORPION because i am undefeated and I am going to destructionate you!!"""

The STREET FIGHTer and his wife look very scary and his hair turns blue and he decides to do a ddt on a cow because fuck cows but its no ordinary DDT its a spinning 953 degree inverted hurricanrana double spike springboard leg drop balaclava big dog ddt and the cow dies so jack cooks it and him and his wife have steaks

jack hunter: I am blue just like you scorpion look at my new hair and you can see from the move I did that I am very hardcore and very wrestling and very tough and i have also done MMA because i am good and tough and good!!!!


Jack Hunter: "so you will die at the next show when I beat you and we street fight!!! because i am not just the best!!! i am not just the SUPER...........I AM THE SUPERBEST!!!! HAHAHA!!!"

the cow that jack ate does a sad face its dead now so its sad you see

Jack hunter: "HAHAHAHA!!!!"

Jack goes shopping and buys a goblin THE END

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