Title: The Fence
Featuring: Chance Von Crank
Date: 11/16/2015
Location: Brownsville, TX
Show: Proving Grounds ep.7

November 16th, 2014

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

La Arena Kalaka


The scene is hectic. Chance Von Crank has just broken a fellow wrestler’s nose out of spite. The Juarez hometown hero is still flat on his back in the ring being attended to by the ring doctors. Crank meanwhile is ushered by security towards the closest door to the ring. The crowd is coming unglued. Crank continues to incite the crowd even further while being ushered away to safety. A riot is looming as cVc is shoved through the door and hidden in a unisex bathroom.

What a shit hole.

Crank looks around the bathroom in complete disgust. Busted porcelain litter the floor all around. The long trough looks disease ridden so Chance heads for the five bathroom stalls. Two are missing doors and the others aren’t much better. Crank walks into the closest stall. He notices a used condom draped across the seat. Chance chuckles to himself,

I bet I can get it in the bowl.

Chance is blind to the true danger he is in. He urinates on the seat and condom pushing it into the bowl with his stream. This pleases him immensely. The sound of many distant sirens eases his mind a bit. Suddenly the stall adjacent to his shakes. Movement indicates he is not alone. Chance swings around still pissing as a fan rushes in and stabs him with a piece of the broken porcelain. Chance clutches his gut in pain as blood hits his wrestling tights. He falls back on the toilet as the young fan looks at him with real hate.

“Morir Escoria!” the young man screams.

Crank watches on as the young man bails out the door. Security just misses grabbing the man but shuts the door back to keep the crowd out. Chance sits on the toilet bleeding from his appendix. The piece of old porcelain he was stabbed with is still stuck in his abdomen. He reaches down and wraps both hands around the piece of broken toilet. He carefully pulls it out causing the blood to squirt. Chance welcomes death but passes out instead.


One Year to The Day

Brownsville, TX

Border Fence


A set of headlights hit against the border fence. The open field is vacant besides the lone cadillac with its brights focused on the fence. Chance Von Crank comes into focus standing out from it. He has stopped using brown hair and beard dye. The mullet is now gone replaced with an expensive hair cut. The natural black hair and stache to match set a whole new look for cVc. He turns to face the headlights showing off his old hole filled Kodiac Vic Creed shirt.

It’s been a year since I been back across that fence. One of those savages attempted to kill cVc the last time I did.

Chance raises the shirt to show off the scar. After the doctors removed his appendix it took five months to completely recover. The horrible memories of his long recovery causes him to wince in anger.

I will never forget that night. It planted a seed of hatred for the Mexican people that has took root in the Trailer Park Prodigy. I do not fancy myself a racist but in this particular situation… Maybe.

Chance turns back towards the fence facing away from the headlights. He kicks dust up around his feet. He grabs ahold of the fence using it to balance himself.    

I am evolving and changing all the time. I am human and even Chance Von Crank has flaws. None that I can think of off hand, but sure why not? I refuse to mention my next opponents name because he is a walking contradiction. A practicing catholic that uses the hebrew jewish spelling of “Jesus” for a first name? You must be new at this.

Chance pops his knuckles as he turns back towards the car. He continues shaking his head laughing at the very thought of his silly opponent.

Injecting religion into what we do for a living is total bullshit. Hitting both knees for a week straight won’t stop this train of pain headed your way. That is why I am here at the border fence. You have only one chance to escape… Just one. Go back to where you belong before it’s too late. You can cross this fence and be out of danger but only if you hurry.

Chance turns around and hits the fence with both fists. The rust off the fence cuts his fists up. He continues hitting the fence until his fists are bleeding. Now breathing heavy he turns his gaze away from the fence.

If you think that I am bluffing just ask Santa and his hot whore. cVc had him quitting before shit even got started. Respect is earned and I am yet to see anything out of you, Catholic-Jewish- Jesus-Named-Guy! You lose then lose some more. It’s a trend that will continue.

Chance sits down on the ground just out from the fence and begins digging in the dirt with both hands. Crank uses the headlights to keep his hole square.

Do you feel that? That insecurity you feel right now is all too real. Hold on to it. Use it. That is all that confidence you had fading into a distant memory of something that never was real in the first place. I will teach you new things using pain in such a way that you will later find it beautiful in hindsight. I want to break your will and hear you call out for your God. I want you to beg for him so I can watch the promise and hope leave your eyes in his absence. I want to take those beliefs away from you because then I will own a piece of you. 

cVc continues digging the shallow hole. Whoever was in the car gets out and shuts the door out of sight. Chance continues digging while expressing himself.

There. This looks good enough to me.

Chance admires the shallow hole he has dug out. The hole stretches about six feet long and around three feet wide. He stands up dusting off his jeans pointing at the hole.

There it is. The only other option you have, slick. You can either cross this fence to escape or just come here now and lay down in this hole. I will take care of the rest.

Crank spits in the shallow grave. He laughs pointing at the hole and mouthing “or” then pointing at the fence.

These are your choices. You have two when most people don’t have one. Choose wisely. You are facing the more dangerous, new and improved, Chance Von Crank. Not whistles and dicks like before. I have to make an example of you before I take off up the proverbial ladder. Your luck is such shit to have to face me for the first step of that ladder. So if you do decide to show up, bend over for a double dicking.

Chance bangs his fist up against the fence once more. The unidentified man is revealed to be Joel, cVc’s agent.

Chance, the old man has arrived at the airport. We need to get going to get this all taken care of before we fly to Canada.

Chance looks at Joel with pure anger. Joel slowly fades from the shot under intense scrutiny from the Shock N’ Rolla.

These are dire times we live in. We should have a wall like this surrounding america. Keep the scum out that use welfare to fund a rabbit like reproduction rate. We need another mexican wrestler here in America like we need a syrian refugee. We don’t. I am going to savor this beating. Is it a hate crime if I am paid to do it?


To Be Continued.      


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