Title: jack street fights some SCORPIONZ
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: 17th novembur
Location: the sahara DESSERT
Show: After Hours ep.1

The scene fades in!!!! Hack Junter and his wife jack huntress are in the dessert in Africa and they have a camel with them and both dressed like Indianapolis Jones and they are walking while wearing clothes

HunteR: “HAHAHAHA!!!! You have found me the street fighter HASH TAGS NEW STREAK 14-0 undefeated hardcore champeen and I am here in the Sahara dessert!!!!!

Suddenly some scorpions fly in on little helicopters and Jack gives them little bruises with magic and shit

Jack Hunter: “you might be wondering why am I in the Sahara dessert well I will tell you I am in the dessert because scorpions are in the dessert and I am fighting the blue scorpion and I am training by street fighting scorpions in the dessert because this is where they live and they are scorpions!!! HAHAHAHAHA!”””

his wife is scared because scorpions are scary but its okay jack is tough he does some moves on the dead scorpions to show this!!!!! Then a big scorpion the size of cat rides in on a camel OH NO

scorpion: “”hello jack I am the scorpion king you street fighted my friends now I will sting you okay”

Jack HunteR: “HAHAHAHA!!!”

The scorpion king tries to do some stinging but he cant because jack is the SUPERBEST and when ur the SUPERBEST you never lose so jack does a hadouken like ryu and it kills the king so jack takes the crown then puts the king in an armbar except with its stinger lol

Jack hunter: “HAHAHAHA!!!!11 even the scorpio king is no match for the SUPERBEST”

The camel does a pee

Jack hunter: “listen blue scorpion you will get some advice from me now okay.”

Jack is being very serious

Jack hunter: “okay here is the advice I advise you to not turn up because you will lose!!!!! I have street fight all your friends in the dessert including your king who is the strongest scorpion because otherwise he wouldn’t be king!!! I have street fighted him in the natural scorpion habitat THE DESSERT so how will you fare in the ring which is not your natural habitat silly scorpion you are a scorpion you should be in the dessert!!!!

“””you will be street fighted by the superbest just like skylar mountgopher and I am now 15-0 because I beat the king and after I beat u I will be 21-0!!!! HASH Tag NEW STEAK”: jack hunter

Jack does illuminati logos then goes in a pyramid and boogies with pharaohs then comes out and street fights the sphinx who gets dead quick the scene fades with jack huntress and jack hunter catching a magic carpet to HELL!!!!!! Which is where they live because they are TOUGH


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