Title: A History of Success
Featuring: Perfection
Date: 11/18/15
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Victory XLI


We are in the luxury home office of Perfection, a staple for when he talks to us. His desk is clear except for a cigar that sits in an ashtray and a glass of champagne, a celebration for his victory at International Affairs. His feet are kicked up on the desk and black dress socks distracting the camera focus. He wears a beige suit pants and a black dress shirt and his hands are tucked behind his head.

“History is what defines us isn’t it Ungratefuls?”

Leaning forward in his chair, with his feet still up, he grabs the cigar from the ashtray. One hand is still behind his head.

“It’s our past and our accomplishments that paint the picture of the person we are. Granted, every past has it’s ups and downs….we fall short of our goals at times...but it’s how we recover from the down times that is ultimately remembered. In the end all we have left to our name is history...may it be a history of success or a history of failure, we can’t change it.”

Pulling the cigar to his nose he waves it around while inhaling the smoke and scent through his nose.

“I’d be lying to you which I if I told you my entire career here in the UTA has been a shining rainbow of complete success. It has been riddled with success for the most part, don’t get me wrong...but it’s also intertwined with the times I didn’t get it done, the times I should have gotten it done!”

Perfection sets his elbow on the arm of his reclining desk chair, propping the cigar upwards.

“Take my next opponent, the ever rising Will Haynes. I’d say he’s an example of a history of failure, but that wouldn’t be true. He’s had his moments of success and lately he’s been on a journey of becoming a real UTA talent. The man has climbed up the ranks here, has gone from a laughing stock to a legitimate opponent in the UTA- he’s a legitimate challenge to ‘Yours Truly’.”

He tilts the cigar examining it before taking a small puff, the smoke creeping from his mouth as he speaks.

“I can say that about only few, Ungratefuls, with a straight face. He’s really brought his level of potential up dramatically...does that mean he is better or even equivalent to me? Of course not! However, Will did something I wanted to do...beat me to an accomplishment I wanted the glory of having. Can you imagine that, Ungratefuls? Will Haynes doing something I wanted to do?”

James shrugs his shoulders and his face is really of shock.

“It’s unfathomable, isn’t it? But he did...Will Haynes ended that useless piece of trash the Spectre! I’m grateful for that...truly, I am. Hell, I’m sure the entire industry plus you Ungratefuls can appreciate that he put to sleep that hot garbage!”

Kicking his feet off the table he sits squarely with his desk.

“ was after my former friend and tag team partner La Flama Blanca decimated that purple haired idiot and broke his will to compete...but Will ‘the Thrill’ Haynes put the nail in the coffin. He beat a UTA Hall of Famer and from there went on to defeat the former UTA World Champion Sean Jackson. I lost a lot of money on that match, Ungratefuls. That night Vegas bookers celebrated when Will Haynes shocked the entire UTA by beating ‘The Mental Rapist’ and I was immediately impressed.”

The UTA’s Number One Contender to the World Championship gives us face of a disbelief, his head looking down at the surface of his desk before looking back up at us.

“Hell, Will Haynes even beat a certain extent…when I was pulled over the top rope at All or Nothing.”

Setting the cigar back in the ashtray he then turns his finger towards himself.

“I SHOULD have retained my UTA World Championship...maybe even have been the Legacy Champion...but no...Will put a stop to that didn’t he, Ungratefuls? He outlasted me and I made MYSELF carry around a third tier belt not a single person gives a damn about!”  

Perfection begins to rub his forehead before reaching over to the champagne.

“That happened NOT because Will Haynes is better than ME...but because I slipped...I messed up! Oh you heard it right, Ungratefuls...”

Taking a small sip Perfection sits up completely straight, his free hand slapping off the desk pushing himself up out of the chair.

“I made the mistake...of trusting Sean Jackson!”

Perfection lifts his hand off the desk and points it at the camera, his entire body leaning over the desk.

“I made the mistake of thinking someone else had my back! Hence my denial to rejoin Dynasty. Why trust the snakes that throw you overboard...I wouldn’t! Once the knife has been planted there is no turning back, you have to accept that who you thought were your friends are truly your enemies. Which is why I can also give a little nod to Will Haynes, Ungratefuls. He saw Mikey for the snake he is and did what he had to do by entering that 'I Quit Match'.”

James sits back down setting the glass down. He interlaces his fingers and lays his hands on the surface of the desk. We are receiving a type of sincerity we rarely see from Perfection.

“To be frank, I never thought that I would say you were an actual worthy opponent, Will. I never thought I’d have an actual challenge to put your lights out. Miraculously, you’ve proven me wrong. I have to tip my hat to any man that can go to hell and back against a snake like Unlikely. I can appreciate someone who puts friendship aside and allows his ruthlessness to take control.”

He smiles a bit from the corner of his mouth.

“That’s the type of ruthlessness I feed off of, that’s the type of opponent I want in MY ring, Will! I want a person who has nothing to lose and is willing to go the distance...I want a challenge! I want to beat people that will fight until their last breath! You took yourself to the brink and ALMOST made Dynasty’s meat-filler say the two words no man in our industry ever wants to say…”

James leans forward over his hands.


Shaking his head he leans back, his hands coming off the desk as he begins to clap. His face of sincerity has turned to one of sarcasm as his clap slows down.

“Well done...but I don't almost win, Will, I win without a shadow of a doubt! There is no Perfection that doesn’t want the ‘double-you’, or will half-assely get it done. guys didn’t want it bad enough...I DO! I want every single win I can take! I want to beat the ones fighting to be best because, let’s just be honest...I AM THE BEST! I’m not La Flama Blanca, I don’t cherry-pick my matches and face the gunk at the bottom...I don’t pad my record, I face whoever the next big name is and put them down!”

Licking his lips he grins.

“It’s management’s way of trying to contain me, it’s my way of showing them I’m the goddamn greatest wrestler bar none! In fact, I signed this match with you, Will, because I want to be at my prime before I put Dane down in the same fashion I put you out for three.”

Perfection smirks.

“A Photo Finish for the, Ungratefuls.”

He takes another drink from his champagne.

“I’m not Perfection from All or Nothing when it took a REAL man to throw me over the top rope...something YOU couldn’t do! You didn’t eliminate me then...and you damn sure aren’t eliminating me from the spotlight now! Not after I had to go through three other people and put one wrestler on the shelf, you sure as hell aren’t.”

Witherhold swirls the glass around before taking another small sip and setting the glass down.

“I’m a man that wants to destroy every single person they put in front of me until Dane has no other option than face what THEY’VE created! I’m the man that beat your ass in the Chamber match, Will! I’m the man that planted your shoulders down on the canvass for three because there was something BIGGER than Will ‘The Thrill’ Haynes on my mind...the UTA World Championship!”

Standing up from his desk he grabs his cigar.

“And just like then, the big prize is what’s on my mind! Eric Dane is who I have to look forward to in the future, Will...beating you around that damn ring AGAIN is what I have to look forward to at Victory! I get to make an example out of YOU for Eric Dane, I get to wrestle one of UTA’s rising stars and break him in front of thousands in Montreal!”

Perfection turns and begins walking on to the side of his desk while puffing from his cigar.

“As impressed as I have been by you, it doesn’t amount to jack when it comes to me and MY ring!”

He pauses next to his desk and sits against it.  

“This is MY time, Will, I’m the number one contender to be biggest belt in our industry! The fact I am the number one contender regardless of the outcome of our bout doesn’t mean I don’t want the win- it makes me want it MORE! I’m going to beat you BECAUSE I have that title shot, because beating Will Haynes, a legitimate opponent in the UTA, shows that I’m everything I say I am!”

Nodding his head he takes a large puff from the cigar. The smoke billowing out and covering our sight of Perfection briefly.

“Trust me, there’s no one doubting it either! There’s not a single Ungrateful that see’s me on their screens that doubts I am the greatest damn wrestler of our era! Hell, we should be the main event of Victory, Will. The fact my name is there elevates us to that level. We...well...I...should be headlining it. The only name brand star, Perfection, versus the rising Will Haynes.”

James walks to the front of the desk, the camera following him and pulling back to get a great shot.

“Regardless, main event or not, your loss will be a part of your history, Will and the win will be a part of mine. A class wrestler to challenge my skills before my eventual UTA World Championship match! This is what I live for Will, this is what I enjoy about my job...being able to face class competitors and beating them- THAT’S what will be in my history!”

He slams the cigar, cherry down, into the ashtray.

“I’ll have another chapter of winning against some of the best UTA could produce after Montreal to add to that history, Will! I’ll show you..the Ungratefuls...and THEM what it looks like to be the number one contender and TRUE UTA World Champion!”

Perfection does the thing we want most, smiling that pearly white smile.

“Take notes, Thrill. The free clinic you’re about to recieve might lead you to my level...someday.”


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