Title: You want to be hardcore?
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: November 18th, 2015
Location: Somewhere on the Road in Alberta
Show: Proving Grounds ep.7

Set back after set back, loss after loss, and doubt after doubt, this could be the last straw for Sabrina. She won her first match and had everything finally going in the right path until El Trebol Jr. comes and wins his first match. She wasn’t happy about losing the match and it put her right where she didn’t want to be at. The losing end where she had to start once again another streak.


Everytime she comes on this show, she has to end up losing these matches. She should be competing with the higher talent because she’s on the same level of everyone here, but nope. It’s always putting her on the lower stuff. She needed to change that and it needed to change…QUICK


Sabrina was driving on one of the routes that were leading into Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The site of where Proving Grounds Episode Seven was taking place at. She had no clue why they had to drive there, but if it was a task for her to get to the place to kick someone’s ass.


Baker: You know what, I’m getting pissed off!


She keeps her eyes on the road and seeing some idiots driving.


Baker: I’m pissed off at the fact that every time I get to a place I want to be, something ALWAYS has to go wrong!


The people are passing by her as she looks at them with an annoyed look.


Baker: And when I mean go wrong, I mean losing matches. This is not one of the accomplishments I want to be known for! This is not the way I’m supposed to be treated! I shouldn’t be facing off against these “newbies” knowing that they won’t last!


She slams her hands on the wheel.


Baker: That green jumping bean got LUCKY last week on the cruise for our match, but the next time around. He won’t be so lucky!


She goes back to places her hands on the wheel while watching still watching these idiots driving.


Baker: Act all nice because the next time around, you’ll find yourself like a football tossed around!


She smirks at the comment. Being the “nice girl” wasn’t working for her. She knew that she had to let the vindictive side out.


Baker: Once again, I’m stuck on this stupid show where I should be on the main show proving that I belong and working with the higher ups. I went from starting a winning streak to being on Proving Grounds.


Sabrina shakes her head until someone cuts her off, leading her to slam on the breaks.


Baker:  Son of a BITCH!


The driver on the other just speeds off leading to Sabrina getting angrier at the comment.


Baker: See what I mean? This place has been cutting me off from  where I want to be!


She keeps her eyes on the road.


Baker: This week, I once again have to prove myself by against Jarvis Valentine.


She pulls over to a rest stop because she’s been driving for so long. Sabrina gets out of the car and sits on the hood.


Baker: You made your debut last week and seemed happy to be in a place like this. Trust me, once you get the feeling of being here, it will drive you nuts, like it has been doing to me.


She bites her lip before warming up her hand. It’s kind of chilly out.


Baker: I have to say, I was impressed with your first match last week against Kodo Dragon. It seemed like you were having a good match against someone that really didn’t show up for it.


She holds up her thumb.


Baker: Really impressive, Jarvis.


She winked with a little bit of sarcasm in her voice.


Baker: Here we are to this week. Proving Grounds episode seven where you’re going to have go against me!  I look forward to facing off against you!


She has a “fake” smile across her face.


Baker:  But at the same time, I look forward on showing why I don’t play around!


Her “smile” fades out.


Baker: Are you going to be like that green bean that said that I was too “sweet” to be mean and that I should be the “girl next door?” Are you going to end up saying those things?


She stands up on the hood of the car, trying not to put a dent in there.


Baker: Or are you just going to be that one that’s going to say “Oh, She’s easy to go against, I can win over her!” Well, you know what Jarvis, you’re going to be in for it.


She jumps off the hood of the car before turning back angry.


Baker: I’m coming into this match pissed off and ready to kill. You happened to be in my way of getting back to where I WANT to be. I also find it kind of funny where you said “UTA’s going to get hardcore”.


She shakes her head at that comment.


Baker: You don’t know ANYTHING about hardcore. Hell, half of those TWERPS like Jack Hunter, The Dibbins Brothers, Sexton Hardon and many other of these morons in this company are more hardcore than you. Hell, my brother named himself “the HARCORE HIGH FLYER”!


Her face turns red as she’s beginning to turn into her brother.


Baker: You want to be hardcore? I will show you hardcore! I will show you that I don’t take kindness to anyone calling themselves “hardcore” when they didn’t prove!


Her face is still hot with the burning passion inside.


Baker: That’s what you haven’t done!  You got one win over someone that didn’t even look like he was ready for his match!


Her eyes flare with fire


Baker: This week you’re NOT going to have it easy! You want to make OUR match hardcore than let’s make the match, hardcore!


She bolds up her fist as she’s doing an air punch.


Baker: Let’s give that Dibbons boy something to look into  when it comes to the hardcore title. Give him something to watch!


She kicks the left wheel on the car.


Baker: Once I make this “hardcore”, it will be nothing, but pure violence and anger that I dished out on you, Valentine!


She goes back to her car and starts it back up again.


Baker: Seeing you at Proving Grounds!


The car begins to warm up as she goes in. Something clicked in Sabrina that made her snap inside and this fired her up.

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