Title: Meditation is great for the soul part 1
Featuring: Xander Hayes
Date: 11/19/2015
Location: Flying dragon crouching daggers Dojo
Show: After Hours ep.1

The camera fades up in a small family operated Dojo, we see a Mountain Dew bottle holding up a plank of wood with a face drawn on it and the sounds of someone screaming. The camera pans around as we see X jumping around and making kicks as he falls onto the ground. X quickly stands up and cleans himself off as he throws a forward thrust kick and screams again. X snickers as he turns to the camera and bows.

X: “Hello folks it seems that as of right now I’m in a match against one Kimono Dragon heh.. Er what was that Fluffy…. Kodo Dragon. So wait he’s a Dragon? Well how is that possible? I thought they were all mythical creatures like Sean Jackson or Perfection? Hmmm yes Fluffy I understand… Ugh, you know Teddy wouldn’t have said that.”

 X sighs as he shakes his head and walks over to Fluffy and looks down at the bottle and shakes his head again. X nods as he smiles a bit and turns back to the camera.

X: “So this one Kodo Dragon fought against a Jarvis Valentine.. oh my darling valentine, oh my darling Valentine, he was lost and gone forever, oh my darling Valentine hehehehe.. I could of gone the route of Jarvis as some AI unit from some Comic but that would have been redundant hehe get it?

X laughs at his own joke and looks around waiting for a smack from his friend but X is alone in the dojo except for Fluffy.

X: “Now Kodo, I see you had a problem with some random ass wanna be. Now you step in the ring with me hehe. Now Kodo, I don’t know much about you and well we get to step into the ring and have some fun yesh? You being a mythical creature that is so none existent that I highly doubt you’ll even show up for our match. I mean I am the semi world famous X hehe, OK fluffy that was a lie but come on!”

X snickers as he attempts to hit the plank and stops as he flicks his finger at the board of wood and starts to scream..

X: “AHHHHHHHHHH, stupid splinter… ugh so annoying.. Look bottle I am trying to have fun here and you are destroying my vibe here… God I want Teddy back.”

X looks at his finger and puts it in his mouth as he sucks on it a bit and looks at the camera and forgets what he was doing.

X: “Kodo, I think you should take a look at us now heh. You really need to stop with this and face me bottle to human. Cause you take my breath away. But.. Look Fluffy.”

X then grabs the bottle and tosses the bottle across the room and sighs as he shakes his head. He jumps up and down and starts to focus a bit.

(( To be continued ))

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