Title: Meditation is great for the soul part 2
Featuring: Xander Hayes
Date: 11/19/2015
Location: Flying dragon crouching daggers Dojo
Show: After Hours ep.1

X: “Kodo, I wish I could come out here and have some fun with you. I mean I know I’m the laughing stock of the UTA. I know that I couldn’t win a match even if it was against a wet noodle, But we attempt to give the fans a show they will enjoy, I’ll be happy. I haven’t done this in so long I feel you’d be the right choice to defeat me, but…”

X taps his head and starts to laugh. He then stops as a wicked smile appears.

X: “Ok. UTA you are all notice as of right now. Especially both Jacksons. Kodo, you’ll have to forgive me here but I think this needs to be addressed. Sean Jackson, you are one your first warning give back the brains of this outfit. Give back Teddy or I will bring something you wouldn’t like. See Sean you and I have met once and well the outcome was to be expected. I like toying with people. I like being the loveable goofball, but you sir went too far with stealing Teddy. I had to go away so I wouldn’t attempt to hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before. But now I’m back, and when you are done playing with the idiots upstairs, why don’t you come on down to the lower level and let’s dance hehehe.”

X starts to laugh as he walks over to the side of the dojo as he drops into the lotus position.

X: “Lisil Jackson, Samedi hahahahahahahaha”

X looks up to the camera again after laughing a bit at his last comment.

X: “Sorry Kodo Dragon, see this is my problem, I go off wild tangents and I forget what I’m going to do and what I will do, but make my words Kodo when we face each other or one another you are in for a world of insanity, you think you can get into my head good luck, you think you have what it takes Kodo? Hell you might, but as of right now it looks as if I will come out with the edge cause I’m me hahahaha. Don’t worry Kodo, you are who you are and I don’t hate you, I just wanna give you a giant hug and love you and squeeze you and call you George hahahaha.

X smirks as he looks around and noticed Fluffy rolling along the floor as the Dojo master walks in and kicked the bottle.

X: “Don’t kick the baby hehehe”

The master shakes his head and points as X frowns. X stands up and grabs Fluffy and plank and makes his way to the master and bows. X then turns again.

X: “Kodo, turn the crank and choose your fate. Come After Hours the insanity will come and I’ll show you and everyone why I’m the creepy uncle. Hahahahahaha.”

X then turns to the door and opens it as he walks out with a small wave and heads out into the city.

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