Title: Main Event #1
Featuring: Jarvis Valentine
Date: 11/17/15
Location: Denver
Show: Proving Grounds ep.7

A knock his heard through the filled apartment. The apartment is clean with windows wide open to let the fall light in to help warm the rooms. A woman walks over to the door and looks through the peep hole. She instantly gets excited and starts to jump up and down as she opens the door. 

The door opens to reveal Jarvis Valentine standing on the other side. The lady jumps up on to Jarvis as he wraps his huge arms around her to hug her back. 

Woman: Jarvis! 

Jarvis: Hey Jocelyn, how's my little sis doing?

By this time Jocelyn has let go of Jarvis and back up a few paces to let Jarvis through the door. She now starts walking in to a big room that looks to be the living room.

Jocelyn: It's been going great. What brings you to Denver?

Jarvis: Well actually I just got back from taking a cruise...

Jocelyn: That's great, must have been really relaxing...glad you are doing well you can do that Jar Jar.

Jarvis: was paid for.

Jocelyn: Very nice, you have a girl then?

Jarvis: Well, not really. I work for UTA now as a professional wrestler. And they paid for it as I had a match on it.

Jocelyn smiles and leans over on the couch they are now setting on and hugs him.

Jocelyn: That's great Jar Jar! Did you win your match?

Jarvis: Yes.

Jocelyn: That's great!

Jarvis: Yes, but now next week I am facing a woman...

Jocelyn: Oh...

Jarvis: Yea, you know I have never hit a woman before, and I never will, but this is making me have to do it. 

Jocelyn: Forfeit?

Jarvis: No, I can't do that Jocelyn. I won my debut match on this amazing ship in front of the best fans you can ask for. I am not going to lay down or forfeit this match if I want to continue my winning and be the best that I can be. 

Jocelyn: Well that's understandable.

Jarvis: Yea, so I don't know what the hell to do. Dad thought us two things that I never planned on not following and that is one, respect others, and two, never hit a woman. And now I have to go against that.

Jocelyn looks down for a moment while there is silence before looking back up.

Jocelyn: Well Jarvis, I know you don't want to, but you have to do what you have to do. Just shake her hand before and after. 

Jarvis: Yea I suppose. I have my eye set on the Hardcore Championship. And she knows this, so she said why not make this a hardcore if that did take place I would have to show her that I know hardcore.

Jocelyn: No you don't. Just fight her normal anyways...

Jarvis: No, she said she would show me what hardcore is. So to prove myself to the staff of UTA and my desire for the hardcore championship I will have to show them my hardcore. 

I grew up loving hardcore wrestling. That is the wrestling that got me into this business. When I was young I did a lot of back yard wrestling and all of it was hardcore. Then I found a school....

Jocelyn: I know the stor....

Jarvis: Then I found a wrestling school and attended that to get real in ring experience. Once I learned the sport of pro wrestling I went straight to the hardcore scene. 

You see my eye sis?

Jocelyn: Yes I kn...

Jarvis: That was a giant chunk of glass that sliced my eye. I have very poor vision out of that eye because of that. I got thrown off a twenty foot cage onto a table of one inch thick glass. I have scars on my back because of this as well. You have seen them sis.

Jocelyn: Yes, I remember that match. I was very scared for you. I thought I lost my best friend. 

Jocelyn gets a tear in her eye as she says that. 

Jarvis: Oh, sis, you don't have to worry about that. I am not going to try to get to that point. But I want gold, and the Hardcore Championship just seems to be a good fit. 

Jocelyn: So I'm confused, you don't want to hit her, but you want to show her hardcore?

Jarvis: Well, that's why I'm confused. Because really....I have to do both if  I want to continue on a good path to start my career. 

Jocelyn: Yea. You will do fine.

Jarvis looks at his sister and smiles and leans over and gives her a kiss on the check. 

Jarvis: You have any plans right now?

Jocelyn: No, I was just going to get dinner and settle in for the night.

Jarvis: Not anymore. Go get ready, we are going to go out. Been awhile since I have been able to take my sister out. 

Jocelyn smiles as she gets up to go get ready to go out.



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