Title: What a strange bastard
Featuring: Luke Dibbins
Date: 11/20/2015
Location: The Dibbins Trailer
Show: After Hours ep.1

The scene opens back up to the middle of the sticks, where all the cowboys and hillbillies kick it. Yet again, the Dibbins trailer can be seen parked in the middle of this wasteland of America, but this time, neither one of the Dibbins boys can be seen sitting or standing outside. In fact, there are shadows that can be seen inside the trailer through a dirt, grime crusted window.

The scene pans inside the trailer. There is dirt and filth everywhere, with clothes, food boxes from pizza to Chinese are all over the floor, and to top it off, there is a ratty ass couch, holes and springs exposed, in the center of the living room. That is where both Luke and Duke Dibbins are seen sitting.

Directly in front of the couch is an old, black and white television set with rabbit ears and enough tin foil wrapped around it to use up an entire roll. On the television, an After Hours promo can be seen playing. Both Luke and Duke Dibbins turn towards one another as the TV video ends.

Duke: Ah didn't even see thet fella say but a few wo'ds. How is ah supposed t'be intimidated eff'n he only says our last name, then calls a who'e a bitch, an' then shoots his pig sperm while shoutin' Vicko'y. Whut in tarnation kinda dumb ass promo was thet?

Luke takes off his LUKE trucker hat to reveal a rather large bald spot, wipes his forehead and shakes his head. He then puts the hat back on and shrugs.

Luke:Ah doesn't haf enny fine god dadburn idea whut we jest sar. Whuffo' did he say our name an' then nothin' else about us? Whuffo' did he git mad as a weasel in a blender at thet who'e fo' bein' a who'e? An' last, whuffo' did he shout Vicko'y? ah jest doesn't git it bruz.

Duke: Mebbe he is jest one of them purdy fellas wif their fancy clo'es thet like t'reckon ev'rybody kin read their minds. Ah see a few of them folks like thet. They is like thet guy on TV thet kin talk t'ghosts an' shit.

Luke: Yeah he prob'y is. ah wonner eff'n he kin tell us eff'n daid Uncle Zechariah Dibbins is happy wif us? Yo' know, it's been tough on account o' he passed on last week an' ah knows thet we haf been tryin' t'do him proud, cuss it all t' tarnation. Whuffo' doesn't we ax Sexin Hardon eff'n he will talk t't'other side fo' us?

(Duke shakes his head at his brousin.)

Duke: Hell naw, ah w'dn't bother thet guy. He seems like a real kooky one, like an Obama voter, one of dem dadburn tree huggin' liberals. Whut in tarnation we is gonna does instead of show him how t'intimidate varmints. We is gonna whip his ass ten days until Sunday an' take him out t'th' sticks af'er th' Af'er Hours an' show him how t'pow'ful scare varmints

(Now Luke grins at his bruz, a big wicked grin that can't be a good thing.)

Luke: Take thet fella back hyar t'th' sticks af'er we beat his ass? Dukey, yo' allus haf th' bess ideas. ah doesn't knows whuffo' ah evah even made it through life this hyar far wifout yo' bein' aroun'.

Duke: Ah knows brother cousin ah know. Don't yo' wo'ry about it, ah got us a plan thet ah reckon will less keep th' herdco'e tag titles an' also less fu.. ah mean tear his ass apart.

(Luke now leans in to listen to the plan as the scene fades out)

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