Title: Main Event #2
Featuring: Jarvis Valentine
Date: 11/20/15
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Show: Proving Grounds ep.7

Raxall Place, the home for the next UTA Proving grounds. But tonight home of the NHL very own, the Oilers. The sun is about to set, and people are out side of the arena with their Oilers jerseys on and their foam fingers. Talking amongst themselves about the season and about their match up tonight against the devils.

Inside there's people scattered through out cleaning seats, or setting up their stand to get ready to take the money of the fans outside for a hamburger and fries. 

With everyone moving around some how getting ready there is a man setting in the middle of the lower bowl, center ice. That man is Jarvis Valentine. 

Jarvis: You want to know a neat fact? Fact, this arena we are about to compete in is the second oldest hockey stadium, behind Madison Squared Garden. 

It's just simply amazing to me how this place is going to be rocking with sixteen thousand plus people for a hockey game and just a few days later there will be even more in here to watch UTA's Proving Ground number seven. 

Neat fact number two....In my second match with UTA, I will be headlining the show in the main event match with Sabrina. 

I know that I would never hit a female in my life. But this is for the start of my career. To show the fans and the roster that I, Jarvis Valentine can compete and climb that ladder. I have been in many matches that meant nothing just to try to get to where I am today. I am a stand up man, but I am also addicted to hardcore and pain. 

Sabrina, I know that you are on a little losing streak and you are wanting to end that. You want to end that with me...not only that but you want to go at me about hardcore. Yet I think I am almost the true definition of hardcore. 

You said you want to make this match hardcore, So powers that be, make this match hardcore....I will not let you stand in my way. I have one goal in mind and that is gold. The shows that have been lined up has me on a path to the big boys of UTA, and Sabrina you are second on that path. 

Not only am I main eventing in this great arena, but I am also scheduled to main event UTA's After Hours number two as well with Duke Dibbons. Then after that I take on UTA Hall of Famer Ron Hall on Wrestlershow forty nine. 

So Sabrina, I have to do what I was told not to do, and that is to hit a woman. You are just a stepping stone to my success here in UTA. 

By this time people are starting to file in around Jarvis. People are heard cheering and chanting for a win tonight. Jarvis looks around and smiles before reaching down and picking up a beer. He takes a couple big drinks from it before leaning back in his seat to get ready to watch some Edmonton Oilers Hockey.

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