Title: The Words Of Lisil: Repenting
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 11/21/2015
Location: Kingston Jamaica
Show: Victory XLI

The scene opens inside of a dark room where Lisil Jackson is sitting in a chair. He is dressed in a black skin tight shirt, a pair of black track pants, and a bandanna with the Jamaican flag on it. Sitting in front of him is the tiki statue of Samedi.

"I neva was supposed ta eva channel ya Samedi... Ya be nothin but evil... Dee harbinger o' deat!"

Lisil says looking down at the statue sitting down in front of him.

"What I did was reckless... I lost ma way... I lost who I really am! And most o' all I disgraced dee spirits dat I been followin fo so long!"

Lisil Jackson says shaking his heads almost disgusted with himself.

"Samedi it's time ya go back ta where ya came from!"

Lisil says standing up. He walks over to a locked trunk case and opens it up with a key. He grabs the tiki statue and sets it in there and shuts the trunk and locks it.

"May ya neva be released again Samedi! Ya be nothin but trouble!"

Lisil says as he walks out of the room and walks down a flight of steps. The camera follows him to outside where his training equipment sets in the sand.

"Much betta!!! I already feel like maself again!"

The Jamaican says taking a deep breath just taking in the fresh air of Jamaica.

"Now dat is outta dee way...."

Lisil clears his throat before turning to the camera.

"Ma bruddas! Open ya ears fo dese are dee words o' Lisil Jackson! Right now ya can say I be repentin... Fo I did a terrible terrible ting... I brought out a dark spirit and I promise dat he won't be returnin... At International Affair I was not dee Lisil Jackson everyone knows... I was a mere shell o' him. I let dee darkness consume me...

Jackson says clearly disappointed himself.

"Now as I go inta dis comin Victory I face a much bigga monsta bein Yoshii... A forma UTA World Champion! I already know dat dis won't be an easy fight fo me. I know full well o' what Yoshii is capable o'!"

Jackson says as he walks over to to his punching bag hanging up on a hook from a tree.

"Yoshii I be practicin in dee arts o' combat! I know bout dee style o' sumo! Sumo be a traditional style... A style dat results in a burst o' speed wit dee force o' a mountain behind it ta push ya opponent outta dat ring! Most sumo matches last merely seconds… Very rarely do any matches last ova a minute!"

The Jamaican says as he starts to throw some punches into the bag.

"Dose first few seconds be what ya got! Ya got ya size, dee force, and dee strengt... But I got dee speed and dee stamina ta outlast ya Yoshii! I be trainin out in dee sun any chance I get! I be trainin till ma body is screamin at me ta stop but I keep goin!"

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior says as he continues to throw more punches into the bag at a much faster rate now.

"And most o' all ya may be bigga den me Yoshii... But ma heart and ma determination is a lot bigga!"

Jackson continues punching the bag before he throws a kick.

"Ya see brudda dis is dee match I need ta win! I need dis victory ta open eyes and let dee UTA know dat Lisil Jackson is worthy o' a title shot. Whetha it be dee hardcore championship, dee Wildfire championship, or even dee Prodigy championship! I don't care! I want ta bring gold back ta Jamaica!"

The Jamaican kickboxer says throwing another combo into the bag followed up with a knee.

“I look at ya and I don't see a mon dat is of his own bein! In otha words ya let Jed Dye run ya life!"

Lisil Jacksons steps back and takes off his his shirt and throws it onto a chair nearby.

"Jed Dye does all dee speakin fo ya Yoshii... He does everyting fo ya! All while he makes ya look bad and acts like a total bumbaclot in front o' dee camera! Ya see mon Jed isn't tryin ta help ya. He be tryin ta help himself. He tinks dat he's dee reason why Yoshii is a success..."

The Jamaican Inspiration shakes his head.

"Naw mon. I know why ya be a success Yoshii... Ya be a success cuz dee UTA neva had someone like ya in dee company! A big sumo monsta who leaves a path o' destruction! But lemme tell ya somethin Yoshii! I know ya be beatable! And don't tink I don't rememba dat Frank Dylan James knocked ya out!"

Lisil smiles a sly smile.

"And I will give ya credit... Ya did manage ta beat Perfection but ya know what? Ya neva faced someone wit dee combat background like me! And one ting I know is in dee world o' martial arts sumo isn't dee best form o' combat! In fact dat yokozuna Akebono faced Royce Gracie in MMA and got submitted!"

Jackson laughs amusingly to himself before he walks over and grabs his bottle of water and takes a drink from it.

"Jed Dye is makin a huge mistake dat he be tryin ta tell ya... He is makin it out ta be dat I be an evil bein! He tinks dat dee voodoo spirits are a horrible ting when really he simply don't undastand. Lemme tell ya somethin... I channel dee spirits ta help me believe in maself! Ta help me stay positive! Ta help me believe dat one day I will be sittin on top o' dat mountain wit ma people chantin ma name!"

Lisil says before he goes back to the bag throwing some more punches into it.

"Yoshii I don't want ya ta even tink bout' Perfection goin inta dis match cuz brudda I took dee top champion o' dee UTA ta dee limit and guess what mon? He could not beat me cleanly! He has ta resort ta cheatin ta beat me! I opened Eric Dane's eyes up! He hit me wit everyting had and I refused ta go down! Yoshii I'm not gonna be anotha body in dat pat o' destruction ya be pavin mon!"

The Jamaican Inspiration jumps up and nails the bag with a kick so hard it becomes dislodged from the hook it's hanging on and drops onto the ground in a heap. Lisil stands there nodding his head.

"Yoshii.... Ya don't need ta worry bout dee spirits. I won't be channelin any dis match. Dee reason is simple. I need ta do dis on ma own! I need ta prove ta dee spirits dat I am still worthy!... I need to repent!

Lisil is growing more serious.

“But most o' all I need ta prove maself dat I can do dis... Not just maself but dee great people o' Jamaica!"

Jackson sits back in his chair and smiles.

"I took down one monsta in Tokyo... Now it be time ta take down dee monsta o' Tokyo! And I don't be talkin bout Godzilla eitha!”

Lisil smiles relaxing in his chair.

“Today is one day but tomorrow is anotha! Betta must come! Keep one eye in dee sky bruddas! Dis tropical storm is a brewin! Yoshii ya best get ta higha ground or ya gonna be washed away in dee waves!”

And with those last words said the scene fades to black.

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