Title: The long road
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 11/23/2015
Location: Outback of Texas
Show: Wrestleshow #49

(The desert, a harsh baron wasteland. It offers little rain, little life, but lots of riches if you can conquer the harness it offers. When the comes on we see a paved highway. Each side of the road is nothing but rocks and brown brush. The highway is full of cracks from the sun beating on it day after day.  Off in the distance we can hear a vehicle getting louder and louder as it comes closer, then stops. The vehicle is a tan Jeep Wrangler. The camera zooms in showing the tires as well as the lower portion of the jeep.)

Click- the door opens, it sounds like somebody stepping out and we see brown cowboy boots step out onto the side of the road.


Zip- What that? It sounds like somebody unzipped their jeans! Now we are forced to watch as a stream of water hits the dry desert soil. As it hits the ground a small cloud of dust rolls into the air.


Voice: Ahh that is nice.


(A puddle of water forms, then the stream stops. A small river is now starting to flow in the direction of the camera.)




(The camera raises up over the hood of the jeep, and we see the back of an individual looking off into the distance. We see the back of a simple tan leather vest, and a very large brown cowboy hat. He turns around and looking at the camera with a smug look on his face is Dan Benson.)


Dan: Here we are today in the outback of Texas. So much wrestling history has taken place here, such as Mike Bell vs Matt Tulio, and myself against BloodBath. This is the territory where my career began with my professional debut which ended with success. This is also the stomping grounds of my rival Jason Cashe, as well as Scott Stevens.


Now, once again I am here to mark my territory and issue a challenge


(Dan raises his hands to his mouth and yells from the top of his lungs.)


Dan: JASON CASHE! You want me COME GET ME!


(Dan places his hand to his ear trying to listen. All you can hear is Dan’s voice echoing off in the distance.)


Dan: I thought you are EXTREME! Come out and face me!


(Once again Dan pauses and we hear nothing but silence. The camera pans, and a tumble weed crosses the road.)


Dan: Just as I thought. He will once again cower away. You know, I am ok with that. There is somebody who may be within earshot, Scott Stevens.


Ahh, the great Steven’s family legacy. And much like me, they are known right here in Texas. Most cases I wouldn’t know if I should refer to you are brave, a fool, or maybe just a Texan hard ass.


Now, I saw your little number one contenders match at International Affair and missed a great opportunity for a crack at the UTA World Championship. That was sure a tough break for you.


(Dan walks around to the front of the Jeep. He kicks up some of the dirt raising a trail of dust.)


So, who came out on top at the end? It was a Perfection of a match wasn’t it?




But you know, it is ok. You don’t have to be a world champion to be the best. There are many talented stars in this great sport who has never been a world champion. How about your daddy? Was he ever a world champion? Or was he nothing more than a local hero?


Now before you start rubbing in your previous so called.


(Air quotes)


World championships we are now in the UTA. This is where the road ends.


(Dan stops and turns looking down the long road that stretches as far as the eye can see.)


UTA is where the road ends, and as you can see, it is a long way to the end.


(A scorpion scampers in from behind the brown bushes. Dan spots it and walks up to it.)


Dan: Look at this scorpion here. Thriving in the desert heat. This little creature thinks it is the toughest thing in this desert. Many who approach this creature will fall to it’s might sting.


(Dan starts to tease and taunt the scorpion with his boot. The scorpion strikes at his foot, however the leather boot is too tough and thick for the stinger to penetrate through.)


Sometimes though the tough creature will take on more than it can handle. It will start to panic and flee to safety. However, by that time.


(Dan raises his boot then smashes down on the scorpion.)


SPLAT! It is too late.


(Camera zooms in on Dan’s face)


Then somebody will ‘Shock’ their world.


British Columbia. I will see you there.


(Fades to darkness)

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